Coinbase Listing

  1. I heard that Sunny specifically told a CEX something to the effect of "If someone wants osmo they can come to osmosis" when asked about listing

  2. Another good point I haven't seen mentioned yet is that if you just bought osmo from a CEx, there's a good chance it'd be nothing more than a holding investment and not actually utilized at all as it was intended. If you can't figure out how to use Osmosis for trading, staking and LPs then you don't need to be buying it in the first place because that's not contributing to the liquidity, swap fees or anything if it's just bought from an exchange that bought a huge chunk to resell.

  3. The "Coinbase listing effect" days are long over. CEX is where things get panic sold by paper handers and stop loss hunting bots during volatility. I hope OSMO and JUNO stay off CB.

  4. Likewise. Last thing I want is a moon hunters, algo trading bots and CEXs front running trades causing the price to detach from reality. Osmo and Juno should stay Defi.

  5. Many projects offer cex the opportunity to buy into the coin presale for future listing. This give the exchange liquidity with very little skin in the game. Most cosmos ecosystem projects have not done this and will not facilitate selling to an exchange at below market price.

  6. I don't understand the question? No? They sell Atom already and there's no reason they couldn't coexist in any market space other than the fact Osmo really doesn't need or care to be listed. They're two seperate things that just work really well together and share a major software backbone and user-base.

  7. If you receive a private message from someone claiming to be Support/Mod Team/ or Osmosis: it is a scam. Please do not engage. Someone will be with you in the public chat shortly.

  8. A ton of platforms listed them at once. Just check out My guess is they could promised volume which is what exchanges care about (for their transaction fees).

  9. Specific to Coinbase (well actually nearly all exchanges) you have to pay to get listed. In the case of $APE, it’s a money grab (fees) for CB with the hype, so it gets listed.

  10. Listing on exchange means, you are more vulnerable to the trading bots on exchanges that manipulate price depending on BTC movement. OSMO is not something that needs an exchange listing in first place. What will you do with the OSMO, you have to get it to OSMOSIS to do anything. Then why not buy from OSMOSIS itself..

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