We're making a rogue-lite shooter. What do you think?

  1. I came here to say this. I hope it will be easier than Borderlands 2 as I could not finish it. Borderlands 1 was ok.

  2. I'll request of you the same thing I request of every dev: please make a VR version of Halo 3's Rocket Race. It would be the most fun VR experience available.

  3. I feel like this should be called Murder Train, and the rider should be in a wheelchair. You know... to promote sit down playing

  4. This really should only be played sitting down, going backwards will probably help some with the motion sickness people will get but they should definitely be seated while playing it, I'd also recommend a mode with completely flat terrain for those that get particularly motion sick

  5. I want to know what other features of a rogue like, it has. Because all I'm seeing here is a generic shooter with one life?

  6. Looks nice, art style especially, but I'm not sure it can be that successful nowadays. I feel like it's the kind of game that you would get bored with after a couple of sessions, especially considering the advanced, complex and content-rich games that are becoming more and more available to VR. This is basically an arcade rail shooter. Not sure how much future there is in it. Maybe if you target kids and very young gamers?

  7. I just can't get past them calling it a rogue like. Like, it has all the features of a arcade shooter, rather than the exploration and confusion a rogue like is

  8. I still play combat coaster regularly for the past 2 years 🤷🏼‍♀️ sometimes I like something a bit lighter and easier on the brain

  9. Are you heavily inspired by Cel Damage, cuz i get the art vibes from that and some slight design ideas that might have come from there, super awesome

  10. I have no clue as to what you guys have in store. Love the art style. If there was one thing I'd suggest, based solely on this clip: make the back of the train a barrier to allow ducking for cover

  11. Just give it a lot of testing and see if every single part is funny to play and not tedious. Some new vr games get ruin with 10 of dialogue while you are standing still doing nothing.

  12. I like the design are you planning to put it on sidequest for testing purposes to the general public? Also, what's the primary goal here? I assume since it's a rogue like it has the standard upgrade xyz to help you do better every time. What does that look like?

  13. art style is great! tbh I think this is the main thing holding back quest games - it’s not so much that the headset is underpowered, it’s that devs don’t have the time/money to employ proper, creative artists that can come up with interesting visual styles that work within the hardware’s limitations. good work, keep it up!

  14. Visually, it looks nice. But this genre is way too oversaturated and has a tendency to get boring fast. Games with substantial story, characters, and exploration are what's really missing from VR.

  15. Our game will have characters and story elements. We love to play these types of games ourselves, and we know that some of them can get boring if not done correctly. That is why we're taking time to fine-tune every element to make it as fun as possible.

  16. And a lot of other music genres! We can't wait to release some more tracks. Our sound designer is fantastic. We're fortunate to have him onboard.

  17. It looks like a pretty fun game ngl but one thing i noticed is that enemies just disappear when they are dead? Some vibration to the controllers and explosion sounds mixed with some more scraps and gibs flying around would make it feel much more satisfying to kill enemies imo

  18. Could use some verticality, hills etc. Maybe some parts where your train goes in a wide circle do you can see how long it is and kill enemies that attack the front. If that even is a train. Maybe multiplayer with different shooting positions. Will be hard to add variations to not be bored fast.

  19. Looks fun I would like to be able to adjust the speed of the train/cart I think that would be a cool addition that could possibly link to more game play mechanics such as needing fuel or having to go slow for some reason like to avoid worms idk I think it looks fun.

  20. holy shit.... I had this exact same idea for a game, exactly the same look. I'm kind of flabbergasted right now but cheers man, in my head, always felt like it would be an amazing ass concept for a VR game, especially if you can play with friends and there's boss battles

  21. Please stop saying; Rogue-lite, rogue-like, and rogue type. It makes 0 sense especially since most of them aren't at all and there are games from 10 other genres that get called this when they arent

  22. Indie devs throwing up the terms rogue-lite rogue-like in order to serve half baked game to the public and will clutch pearls if you call them out

  23. We can assure you that our game will be rogue-lite. Indeed, a lot of people use them as a term to get attention.

  24. This isn't a rogue like. There's nothing about this so far from what I've seen of the gameplay that doesn't put the game solidly in an arcade shooter catagory

  25. It seems like your gun’s projectile design is really boring. It’s basically a pistol. Your base weapon should be something like the Hollowseeker from returnal, and get crazier from there

  26. This is the gun with all the basic elements. You'll be able to change every part of the gun during your run. We have a lot of combinations! We'll show them in an upcoming post.

  27. Rogueslike/lites are all about risk and reward, what are the risks that you can choose to take or leave in this game?

  28. You can change elements of the gun during the run. These will give you advantages/disadvantages during battles with certain enemies. There is also an item shop during your run where you can choose to use specific boosts. We'll post more about these elements in the next few weeks.

  29. I like the art style. Any plan to make arcade version of the game so VR centers owners can run the game through a PC to customers?

  30. The art style Is great. The Red triangles warning on screen Is maybe too much but it's hard to guess how It looks in VR from here.

  31. It isn't an endless runner. We'll post more about the rogue-lite elements in the following weeks. I've explained some of the details in the comments of this thread. Have a look.

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