We are BRRRRTING to ground!

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  1. I would love to see that canon mounted like a GU23 on steroids. Probably flip the vehicle when firing but man the morale value

  2. I actually have a VERY credible design for a remote vehicle with not ONE but TWO of those cannons mounted with independent gunner control. May or may not have dual auto loading 105mm short range mortars on the rear and loading sleds for ammo drone resupply in the field.

  3. Forget mounting the GAU/8 on a vehicle, make the GAU/8 INTO a vehicle. Slap a motor, a seat and 2 wheels on that sucker and ride it into battle. YEEHAW!

  4. Take Abrooms chassis, put new turret with GAU, boom. Would probably work because you’d only need a 2-3 man crew instead of 4.

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