Why do hurricanes mostly hit Florida and not other states with big coasts like California?

  1. The Gulf Stream along the east coast provides a much warmer ocean surface level which helps maintain hurricanes. The west coast is much colder in comparison.

  2. West coast gets earthquakes, east coast gets hurricanes, middle america gets tornadoes, take your pick.

  3. Hurricanes need warm water to sustain themselves. There's a current in the Atlantic ocean (the Gulf Stream) that brings warm water to east coast. Nothing comparable exists off the west coast so waters off the west coast tend to be cooler and can't sustain hurricanes. Furthermore, hurricanes in the northern hemisphere tend to move Northwest. In the Atlantic, this brings the storm to the east coast. In the Pacific, this pushes hurricanes further away from the coast

  4. All of the states on the Gulf Coast (best coast) get hit by hurricanes. I think it has to do with the winds blowing fronts off of Africa (east to west) and California being on the West coast. If you look West across the Pacific from California, countries like the Philippines and Vietnam get hit by hurricanes (typhoons).

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