How much damage is weed “really” doing to my lungs.

  1. Man, you're inhaling hot smoke and particles. These aren't even supposed to go past your nostrils, let alone into the lungs.

  2. This. Plus theres been some studies that show that smoking weed can put 4x more tar in your lungs than cigarettes(amount varies depending on the study but your getting tar in your lungs nonetheless). Weed just hasn't been popular long enough and studied long enough to show the adverse health effects in the general population.

  3. Don't kid yourself, you're inhaling burning plant matter. I say this as a daily weed smoker and an ex cigarette smoker, it's not something that I feel like we should gives us some moral high ground over cigarette smokers.

  4. As an ex-smoker, current weed smoker, and a witness to a loved one’s horrific lung cancer death… it’s not the same. Cigarettes are worse, full stop. You want cancer that moves to your colon and splits it in half? Smoke cigarettes! Weed ain’t gonna split your colon in half.

  5. I’m a respiratory therapist! Yes it is bad. Your airways naturally humidify and warm the ambient air you breathe in. Your nose is the main humidification zone, and most people don’t smoke through their nose…Once the humidified, warmed air reaches a certain point in your main airways, called the isothermic saturation boundary, it is at body temperature (37 degrees) and 100% relative humidity, and stays that way deep into your alveoli.

  6. My understanding was that vaporizing avoids the actual burning of the plant matter, and therefore the bulk of the carcinogens (but, I’m not a doctor).

  7. Hypothetically, wouldn't vaporizing be doing the same damage, albeit on a lesser level, simply due to lower temperature?

  8. The carcinogen aspect with more recent vapes is the part that always confuses me. I regularly vape my flower at 395*F which means zero combustion period. How are carcinogens being introduced if the only thing being inhaled is activated trychomes removed from the flower…? Honest question!

  9. This! I'm a doctor and the biggest think you can do to improve your health, quality of life and lifespan (probably, unless you base jump or something) is stop. Cannabis burns a lot hotter than cigarette smoke (according to ICU consultants I've worked with in the past) so the damage hits harder and earlier than a cigarette smoker. Think COPD (smokers lung) which can lead to long term disability, constant o2 requirement and death.

  10. Have you ever looked at a chillem or bong after you've used it two or three times? Even more? All that same shit ends up in your lungs. I'm not a doctor but I switched to edibles because fuuuck.

  11. I'd like to switch to edibles, but they don't give me a high that I find nearly as enjoyable as smoking a pipe. I feel kind of high, but also very drained and just want to lay around all day, which isn't generally what I want to get high for.

  12. Basic science tells you that's false, yeah your lung are getting filled with particles but nowhere near as much as what's hitting your bong.

  13. If you wanna keep getting high but don't wanna damage your lungs get that oil stuff you can put on food. You can literally have your cake and eat it too

  14. The only problem with edibles and stuff like that is that they are pricey , I can make flower last week , the same amount of money in edibles will barely last me any time at all

  15. It seems that just like with cigarettes, smoking marijuana is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Better to eat your edibles, in my opinion.

  16. the problem with these studies is most people who smoke weed have also smoked cigarettes. the best study would be a long-term study of people who only smoked weed and nothing else, people who smoke cigarettes and nothing else, and people who never smoked, and also take environmental factors into consideration. especially with cannabis being a schedule 1, its really hard to get accurate studies.

  17. inhaling concentrated smoke is not good for you, it doesn't matter if it's tobacco, marijuana, or dehydrated lettuce. if you're worried then eat edibles instead.

  18. Are you telling me I need to stop freeze drying and smoking chipotle burritos??? That’s fucked up bro.

  19. Guy I used to date was a heavy heavy weed smoker. He breathed so fucking loudly like the way you breathe when you’ve just ran 10k and not the way you should breathe if you have heavy lungs.

  20. Regularly putting particles of ANY kind inside your lungs isn’t exactly good for you, whether it’s sawdust, coal dust, or smoke. You already know this instinctively. Now you have to decide whether getting fucked up is worth fucking yourself up. For me, the answer became no, especially as I got older.

  21. It's not good for your lungs, I've smoked it for over 30 years and all I do is cough all the time I swear it's hard to breathe I wake up in the middle of the night coughing, if I could go back in time I would of never smoked it I would of ate the edibles instead.

  22. I remember putting a paper towel over the end of my bong and taking a hit through it, was shocked at the amount of brown I saw on in after only one hit. Quit shortly after for unrelated reasons but glad I did.

  23. As someone with Crohn's, too, I agree. As per usual in the healthcare branch, you make a cost benefit analysis. I haven't had a single inflammatory relapse in over 10 years, at 26, and I've been smoking since ~21. So far I haven't had any issues, my lungs are fine actually, at least the last time I was checked. For me, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks, so here I am. Can't complain.

  24. This is my thinking. Yes there’s accommodations I have to make to account for weeds side effects (memory especially) but if it weren’t for weed I’d literally be unable to do anything. I’d be bed bound with pain. For me it’s my best choice (though I am trying to find other things that help that aren’t bad for me so I can be sober more often).

  25. Do you know much about vapes? I’ve found that my breathing is immensely better since I switched from joints to vape, but I don’t do an awful lot anyway and it might just be that it’s less bad than smoking. Either way it’s been a really positive change (and a much more economical way to consume weed anyway) and is definitely a better option, but it all seems relatively new in comparison to what we know about actual smoking

  26. I’m 28, have been smoking for about 10 years. Pretty often I’d say. I am very active, play in multiple sports leagues, bike almost everywhere in the urban city I live and don’t have a problem even when stoned. More of my fatigue nowadays is just from naturally being more out of shape compared to high school and college. I truly believe everyone is different and is affected differently by certain things.

  27. Anything in excess is bad. Smoking is not good for you. And you need to take into consideration how it's affecting your goals. Not saying any of what you are doing is over the top or wrong for you. That's for you to decide. But those are the things to remind yerself bout when it comes to weed. My outlook is everything in moderation unless you find that even in moderation something isn't working toward the best you. Thats why I no longer drink. Cause it made me be an asshole no matter how much I drank.

  28. I smoked chronically from 14 - 48. YES IT WILL FUCK UP YOUR LUNGS. Again, I smoked one hitters all day long, so that was excessive. Moderate, occasional weekly smoking will probably not effect them the way a million hits a day did for me. By my 40s I had to take a big breath like every 5 breaths. Like, trying to “catch my breath” even if I was just sitting around. Even with regular cardio exercise. This was like pre-COPD. And I always had constant heartburn. Once I stopped smoking all these symptoms went away.

  29. Dude, if you like to smoke then smoke. Smoking in any form is going to hurt your lungs. Vaporizing is better but will still damage your lungs. If you don't want to vaporize and minimize lung damage switch to joints. Blunts contain tobacco. Joints take the tobacco out of the equation but you are still inhaling smoke. Smoke is smoke.

  30. you literally can't smoke for years and not damage your lungs. It's possible that the damage just doesn't bother some people but it's still there.

  31. Smoking anything is bad for you. If you dried out lettuce and smoked it harm would be caused. Your lungs are meant for oxygen. It's best not to listen to people who enjoy smoking weed regularly on the health effects of consumption. Not just weed smoking, but people who enjoy something like taking drugs will erroneously proclaim it's harmless as well as fun.

  32. Easy answer: you're inhaling something your lungs are not supposed to inhale. Hard to pinpoint how much damage it does, but it fucks up your lungs in the long run. Just a week without smoking makes my lungs feel cleared out.

  33. My ex-roommate smoked weed daily. I could hear him hacking up a lung every night and sometimes to the point of vomiting. I have a family member who also smokes occasionally and she seems to have a strange chronic cough. I'm no expert but my logic says it's not great. That being said, I know people who smoke weed who don't seem to have the cough problem so maybe it's frequency, lung strength, etc.? My gut is also that the impact is maybe better than cigarettes. It seems it causes the lung damage but not the same widespread cancer concern (although I know there's not a lot of research about this just yet).

  34. I’ll tell u this though before I started smoking I was on point… I feel like I got dumber as I kept smoking like I wasn’t processing stuff as fast smh I had to stop that shit on top of having very bad panic attacks

  35. In my state medical is legal and I tell my doctors I smoke and vape it. I was a cigarette smoker for 10 years 10 years ago, and doctor always shrug off my marijuana use and are more concerned with past cigarette smoking. And by doctors I mean a cardiologist and an allergist.

  36. I’m 69(F) and have been smoking weed daily for most of my adult life. 3to 6 joints a day and no probs as yet no cough or shortness of breath

  37. Only about 15% of cigarette smokers end up with lung cancer. About 20% develop COPD, many of whom will get emphysema. Of course, there is a lot of overlap in these two groups. Most people don't develop either of these groups of diseases until they're in their 60's or later. I'm intentionally leaving heart disease out of this because the data is heavily tainted by our obesity problem.

  38. Yo 15% lung cancer? Guess I better truly quit nicotine (i keep going off and on ~cig a day for a few weeks, no cigs for a few weeks), that is insane I had no clue it was that high.

  39. It’s not good for you at all. Dry herb vaping is probably the safest inhalation method, but jury is still out on if it affects your lung health over a long period of time. If you’re concerned I’d suggest making the switch

  40. Yes, it causes damage. If you don't want to give up smoking, I'd recommend picking up edibles. Vaping your weed also isn't as bad compared to smoking it, but it's still not ideal.

  41. I'm 55,smoked since I was sixteen. When I was 25 I was diagnosed with COPD and in 2012 I was diagnosed with 2nd stage emphysema. I smoked cigarettes for 37 years. In 2013 I quit smoking cigarettes. Still smoked weed and still do. Couple of years ago I had a complete respiratory exam and the Dr. Said I was mildly asthmatic. I was acutely asthmatic as a child. So for me smoking weed has done no damage. The doctor even said he would have never known if I hadn't told him I was an ex cigarette smoker.

  42. Have you ever put meat in a smoker? The heat and carcinogens put a black crust on the outside and cook it all the way through. You're doing that, a little at a time, to a very delicate living organ. It doesn't matter what's causing the smoke (weed, tobacco, wood, charcoal), you're BBQing your lungs. All the evidence I've seen is that weed smoking hits your lungs harder than cigarette smoking (possibly because you hold it in longer?).

  43. Inhaling smoke directly into your lungs is bad for your lungs, in all its forms. If you wanna get that weed high there are ways that don't involve smoking

  44. Well there is the same lung damage associated with smoking regular cigarettes as well as the fun brain damage it causes over time.

  45. Do this next time you smoke out of a water pipe: place a paper towel over the mouthpiece and inhale like you normally would. You won’t even need to take a big hit to see the tar and soot that the paper towel caught. It looks just as disgusting as the filter on a smoked cigarette.

  46. In terms of damage to your lungs, It’s worse than cigarettes, you’re inhaling deeper and holding it in longer. Smoke is smoke. There’s evidence that THC suppresses the immune system and leads to more respiratory infections. I haven’t seen anything that suggests weed is any less carcinogenic either.

  47. I think the answer you're looking for is for your 20's you're pretty much fine. Once you reach 30 you lose your invulnerability/regeneration factor and negative effects start piling up.

  48. You’re most likely going to find out there’s a lot wrong with you at 60 anyway so don’t let that be the reason. A lot of things we do in our daily lives will have some negative effects over time that may not be noticeable til we’re older anyway.

  49. Yeah, I know cigarettes have a billion chemicals in them or whatever but at least they have "filters". When you're smoking a blizzy or spliff, everything goes into your lungs. Just remember lungs are only meant to inhale air, and you're deliberately inhaling smoke into them. Not good for you.

  50. Ultimately, the main issue is smoking period. Your lungs are delicate. If it isn't air, your lungs aren't designed to deal with it. Water, Sawdust, Coaldust, doesn't matter, overtime it will damage your lungs irreparably.

  51. Frequent Smoke in your lungs is future problems regardless if weed. If you're worried that it's better to switch to edibles

  52. No stupid questions...unless OP only wants to confirm their biases, and ignore common sense from other commenters.

  53. I like your question, the answer is basic. Lungs are designed only for air, not smoke. Therefore there is risk! I would guess it could take years for it to truly mess your lungs up but the thing here is you can't really fix lungs, once damaged that's it. Hence COPD etc. I would moderate use of edibles because even liver could be susceptible to damage over time. Be careful!

  54. Mate , your lungs are made to breath in air and nothing else. I live in the largest industrial city of South America and i have no ilusions to what the passive pollution alone might do to my lungs by the time i am old. You are actively inhaling ash and smoke , if you think that you will be somehow better off because weed is suposelly "better" than regular cigarettes you are mistaken or delusional. I doubt i could offer you a medical standpoint you cant easily find with 5 minutes of googling

  55. I started smoking weed at 13 and aside for a few short breaks here and there, I remained a dedicated weed smoker til this year at 31. I stopped because I was coughing up crap everyday and wheezing on the reg. I also have asthma ( not from smoking but since I was a kid) and obviously mixing smoking with that didn't help. I think everyone's body will handle smoking differently but for me, I called it quits on smoking weed and now just use edibles and tinctures.

  56. Putting smoke into your lungs is never a good idea; whether it is pot or cigarette smoke. I am more concerned about the impact that marijuana has on the brain. While there is nothing conclusive, some studies are showing long term use can impair cognitive abilities and memory.

  57. You. Are. Inhaling. Smoke. Yes, it damages your lungs. Don't be stupid. It can lead to a lot of the same shit that smoking cigarettes can.

  58. Doesn't matter what you're smoking, it's still hot air with impurities going into your lungs. The damage is being done to your alveoli regardless of whether you think smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes

  59. It's not like every user experiences the same damage. You can smoke for years and feel fine, you can also smoke a couple years and get cancer or COPD.

  60. You could get a vaporizer it will save you money because it's more efficient and it's much better for your lungs. I've been meaning to buy one for a while

  61. My daughter psychiatrist got her to quit weed and it causes psychosis with daily and long term use. She is a different person now since she quit. Her apt is spotless, clean and organized 😜

  62. When you're smoking weed it's unfiltered smoke. On a per-joint basis it's worse for your lungs than smoking cigarettes and you're at an increased risk of developing bullous emphysema through regular use. I used to work a respiratory job and I've had a 30 year old fella with a pneumothorax (popped lung) most likely due to bullae from smoking weed. I'm a fan of weed, but it's a rare indulgence for me, and people shouldn't kid themselves into thinking it's healthy. Switch to oils or edibles if you're able to.

  63. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 years and she is a regular smoker and believes there are no negatives to it. Is there even a good way of approaching her about that with having her get all defensive and say “this is who I am”? I believe it’s became an addiction for her. Also how harmful are the 2nd hand smoking effects?

  64. It's not just the lungs you're damaging. It is the vascular constrictors as well. The vascular constrictors over time can either expand and contract so much you wind up with aneurysms in various locations, as well as the collapsing of small vessels in your feet and hands. This can eventually lead to problems like wounds that won't heal that can then lead to amputations. Organ damage as well because they don't get enough blood to do their jobs.

  65. The only advantage smoking weed over tobacco has for your lungs is that you’ll normally smoke less. I highly doubt you’re smoking enough weed to be equivalent to the 1-2 packs of cigs a smoker goes through.

  66. I haling anything besides air isn't good. But aside from edibles the other alternative is dry herb vaping. Still using flower, no oils/liquids/or anything like that. It's still not healthy, but it's significantly healthier than smoking/combustion. You don't have tar or carcinogenic combustion byproducts when dry herb vaping. Because the flower never catches on fire, it just heats the resin inside the trichomes to no hotter than 440F or lower to make vapor containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes. It tastes way better too, and generally people who switch stop coughing, don't have breathing issues that they were having with smoking, and overall don't feel like they're out of breath later in life (although we only have 20 years of anecdotal data for that last one).

  67. My grandfather has been smoking (and growing pot) since he was a teenager. He’s well into his 60’s now, he is still fixing motorcycles, motorhomes, cars and whatever else in between. He usually uses a bong tho bc of the water acting as a sort of filter. No lung problems as of yet (and my grandma is the same). But I do think that tolerance breaks are healthy (from experience) especially if you’re messing around with dabs and whatever the heck else pure 1000% THC kids are smoking these days. Honestly I think my grandpa is more fit than I am haha, but again, what’s healthy for one person might not be the right fit for all. That’s just my personal experience with weed ☺️

  68. My cardiologist is ok with me smoking weed. I had to have emergency open heart surgery a few yrs ago. Almost didn't make it. All my organs were fucked afterwards. I could barely breathe because my lungs almost died. I have lost some lung capacity. They thought I might need oxygen for the rest of my life.

  69. I’m 28. Smoke all day everyday. And play rugby. I’m in the top 5 guys when it comes to conditioning. That being said, my lungs feel thrashed in the mornings. So, I’d say it’s definitely doing some harm.

  70. Lungs aside, I have a friend who has smoked daily since he was 20 and he’s 38 now. He’s been trying to quit for years and when he tries he has crippling insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, and gets depressed.

  71. I will say most people smoking cannabis are smoking a significantly smaller amount than a tobacco user. I’ve used for 15 years and have almost no breathing problems.

  72. You've probably started coughing every morning by now, if not you will. That resin is inside you just like a dirty pipe or bong. I am 40 been smoking since I was 18. The coughing is really rough. Giant green and black things coming up. Also can't breathe as good feel like my throat is closed up more then it used to.

  73. I know they used to say this in the past but this was back when weed was grown pretty much naturally and cigarettes are grown with a shit ton of chemicals nowadays weed is hydroponic and grown with chemicals so I don't know if it's any different.

  74. Your lungs evolved to work with air naturally. Anything not in usual air is an irritant to your lungs and causes inflammation.

  75. Smoking ANYTHING is going to damage your lungs. Weed is less harmful than tobacco, but that’s really not saying much, especially when you hold the smoke in so much longer than you do with a cigarette.

  76. I'm a chemist and I can tell you this: combustion chemistry is crazy. Free radicals are formed during combustion and this allows lots of possibilities for the products that can be formed. To the point where it is impossible to predict every outcome for a system where there are already a large number of combustible and non-combustible compounds. So, when you burn plant material of any kind, you produce an enormous range of organic compounds from the small VOCs right up to huge polyaromatic hydrocarbons and everything in between. Thousands of compounds are formed in this process. Some of these will be irritants, some of these will be carcinogens (known and unknown to studies as not every one of the billions of possible compounds formed during combustion of plant matter have been the subject of this kind of study), and some of these are going to have interactions we don't fully understand simply due to the overwhelming complexity of biochemistry. There is no situation where this is going to be a good thing overall as far as your respiratory system is concerned to begin with. You're inhaling smoke. Smoke contains particulates. The size and composite of those particulates will vary enormously too. Most of them will harmlessly broken down and removed from your lungs via mucus and/or the bloodstream (more potential fun biochemical interactions there). But some of those particulates will be too small, or too insoluble, or of just the right size and shape to lodge themselves there for the long haul.

  77. OP, if you are using marijuana for medical effects (or even not) don’t forget that edibles can give you all of the positive effects of THC and CBD without ANY of the downsides (save for the munchies).

  78. You need to look at your daily regular habits to answer this. Are you lazy or not ? Are you active ? Do you have genetic predispositions ?

  79. You’re going down a path that’s not going to end with the answers you want. In short, if you don’t stop smoking before age 40, you will likely end up with cancer. However, weed smokers don’t really know how much they smoke because they smoke less but they don’t use filters and many mix it with tabacco. So the absolute best solution is to stop smoking and go for a chest x ray. The doctor will tell you if you are in trouble. You probably wont be unless you are over 40 and have been smoking since you were a teenager.

  80. You made your own evidence when you had to ask; does anybody out there know any "old" pot/blunt smokers with no ill effects. I rest my case. Admit what you already know to be the truth and do the right thing.

  81. From weed lung damage will take many years even decades to become an issue. What you should be worried about is your BRAIN. My issues with my brain started happening after only a couple years of smoking, and the effects have been permanent even 4 years being clean of a 10 year weed smoking habit

  82. Weed has a little bit more tar, and generally if you’re already out of shape & have mental issues it can compound certain problems. While medicinal uses are possible, generally it hurts your heart health because it unnecessarily raises heart rate & blood pressure. For some people with cancer, Parkinson’s, chronic pain disorders and a few more serious issues, it can really help quality of life by reducing pain & other negative side affects. Generally this is not most of everyone who smokes. Again how much you use depends on it’s overall effect on your health, if you’re high nearly 24/7 it’s going to affect your brain. You’ll find you’re not as sharp & quick thinking as you used to be, and generally this can have some affect on motor skills. Being an illegal drug most places & not knocked down to a schedule 2/3/4 in the US means that most scientists can’t study its effects, and very few are given grants/special approval by the government in order to study its effects. What early studies have shown is that it’s likely bad for your heart & brain, but less so than some other “harder” drugs like meth & other narcotics, and regular use may have similar health problems to smoking & drinking. There are ways like edibles that are slightly better (we think) however until major studies are done by the governments’ approved researchers, we don’t know the full effects on the body & mind.

  83. i know that the question was about the lungs but im glad someone brought up the effects of binge stoning

  84. Heya. Icu nurse here. I see a few patients every year dying from cannabis use. Often they smoke bongs and the filthy bong water grows contaminants that get into their lungs/blood stream when they smoke it and it makes them so sick they die. Sometimes their lungs are just really fried from smoking it generally. All weed smokers have copd and their lungs are filled with brown muck on deep suctioning of their lungs. Their teeth are stained and yellow. It’s gross. Also, kissing someone who smokes weed is foul. My ex used to smoke and it was disgusting. I highly recommend you use edibles at most, maybe socially and not habitually.

  85. I’m 28 and my lungs are fucked. Your smoking it’s no better than if you’d been smoking cigarettes this whole time. I’m a daily smoker and have been for a long time.

  86. Well, when you smoke weed you usually inhale deeper than smoking cigarettes, and you hold it more. This is proven by studies that makes significative more damage to your lungs. Sorry if I don't present those studies, I read it long time ago.

  87. I don’t smoke spliffs , which is putting the tobacco into the joint , but I do smoke blunts , which is wrapping the weed inside a cigarillo which is a tobacco wrap ( like what they use to wrap a cigar )

  88. I'm 66 years old, in great shape, an active jujitsu brown belt and I've been burning flower since I was 19 years old. Do the math.. :)

  89. Objectively, its not healthy, but i was a pothead in high school and smoke a joint and vape on occasion today. Im 37, ive done 6 Spartan races and 3 half marathons and the heavy weed smoking didnt knock me down. We might pay in our later years but we all gotta die of sonething eventually. You could just as easily die in a car accident tomorrow ot drop dead of a heart attack. Gotta live ur life, you only get one.

  90. Sounds like your into some kind of fitness while your smoking. I used to exercise a lot , I’ve been thinking of getting back into it

  91. Im 33 yo, female , I’ve been smoking weed almost on a daily basis since I’m 15… atm I don’t have health issues , I exercise regularly ( cardio and weights ) and I’ve never been out of breath .to put u in context , I smoke pure , joints , and I’ve never smoke tobacco in my life . I’ve tried vape but I’m old school and I like to smoke my js. This is not a medical advice , I understand that smoking indeed cause harm , but I’ve chosen my poison. Sorry for typos , English is not my first language .

  92. Everyone is different. I’ve been smoking weed daily for about 15 years now and it doesn’t impair me in any way. I do a lot of physical exercise and sports though, not sure what your lifestyle is like but weed makes me enjoy sports more and doesn’t impair my hand eye coordination. All I can tell you is that weed has zero negative effects on my physical and mental health.

  93. I agree with this. Usually I smoke before I play sports with my friends or workout and it seems like its not having many negative effects on me

  94. I do think cigarettes are much much worse. I’m sure you can find plenty of stories of people who have been just fine smoking a lot of pot. I’m sure you can find people who have had a lot of serious consequences too.

  95. I work in healthcare and have a husband who is california sober. In an attempt to make the habit a bit healthier, we got a Volcano vape after reading a study that supported its use for cancer patients. It essentially vaporizes the THC before combusting the stuff that gives you cancer, which may make it safer.

  96. I'm almost 40, non stop smoker since 16 (in fact smoking right now). I run 6 miles a day and workout regularly, lift weights, got a great job etc. I smoke blunts. Not as much as I used too but still. Physically I'm in great shape, better than most I know but short term memory is bad. That might be genetic but who knows. Outside of that I'm in picture perfect health says my doctore. But I've never been a lazy smoker so I usually read study or workout or just do anything after I smoke and I've always done that so idk maybe it's lifestyle too.

  97. No stupid questions, but a lot of stupid answers. Smoking cannabis is much less harmful than tobacco and is not linked to lung cancer and no good evidence that it causes emphysema. Not saying smoking cannabis is perfectly safe, but far less harm than cigarettes and even less than vape pens which can cause severe lung damage. In fact marijuana is one of the least dangerous substances a human can abuse. Far less damaging than alcohol, ecstasy, meth, heroin, coke. If you must get high, then cannabis is the best, safest, least harmful. Oh yeah, by the way, it also has volumes of good evidence of the medical and industrial benefits. CBD and THC both found in cannabis, both have multiple conditions that they can treat and they reduce risk of cancer. It’s not perfectly safe, it’s not perfectly healthy and smoking anything routinely is bad. But smoking marijuana almost definitely certainly and confidently will NOT kill you.

  98. Currently there is NO accepted medical value for “weed”. That should tell you everything you need to know. It’s funny how you don’t want to listen to the government because you are “getting a high”… imagine if you didn’t get vaccinated and wear a mask… you would have died from covid. Now take that same logic and apply it to marijuana, again which the federal government says has NO accepted medical value

  99. It's terrible for you. My wife works in forensics. Weed has caused mouth, throat cancer, and COPD from the tar. Not sure about lung cancer. It has caused someone to lose their entire bottom jaw. Don't think anyone wants to go through any of this and end up talking from a voice box with a whole in their throat. The really strong weed does cause an overdose. Weed has gotten so strong that people are hospitalized for smoking too much causing the thc to become toxic. I don't know if anyone has died from overdose. While it may not inherently be bad, it does cause many other health issues from smoking.

  100. I don't know the exact science but I am going to assume some damage at the very least. Even smog from dirty cities are enough to do damage to the lungs so any smoke is prob not good for u and that is if u don't smoke

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