Meanwhile, there’s been an update to Coconut Mall…

  1. Choco Mountain makes your wheels dirty as well. And Toads circuit has more texture on the ground. Looks like they really listened, even for smaller details

  2. Went from Miis just happening to be parking, to stationary Shy Guys, to Shy Guys intentionally trying to style their driving skills on you.

  3. I was pretty adamant Nintendo would not be updating the first set of courses. Turns out I was wrong, this is a nice surprise.

  4. Hopefully by the end of the pass everything looks more in line with base MK8D. Wistful thinking, I know, but it’d be great.

  5. If they’re will to update existing maps in future updates I hope they make the second segment of Waluigi pinball an anti grav section. They implemented the camera angle changes from DS, but making it an anti grav section just feels right, even if it’s a big ask.

  6. Is that really necessary though? Its purely a visual difference and strictly speaking makes no sense for go karts because they can't drive on stairs. What we have now functions exactly as it did before, just visually different.

  7. Ramps or escalators don’t make a difference to me but I actually like the arrows. Makes the track better for kids and new players :)

  8. I got downvoted to oblivion on this sub saying they should fix coconut mall because people thought "that would ruin speed runs and nintendo never has done a change like that before".

  9. A murderous shy guy doing a spin upon oncoming traffic ( was previously a stationary car that was boring and easily avoidable).

  10. I dunno, I think this is more fun and something a bit different. I think it’s okay for the dlc to take a few liberties, as the original versions of these tracks still exist

  11. Now all the need is the make the track a bit wider and add the speed boosts and ramp after the jump (should we also ask to return the item box's on top of the fountian?

  12. It's so weird, I saw this post then went to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe without thinking. It's not letting me play any of the courses? You have to purchase them? ☹️

  13. For single and local multiplayer, yes. They are like $25ish for all 48 tracks that will be coming out in waves of 8 between now and the end of next year.

  14. Is that escalator part fixed, too? I think on the Wii if the arrow was going down then it would send you backwards, but on Switch you just drive up fine no matter which direction the arrow was pointing

  15. Did they also rebalance the items? Like I feel like I’m getting hit with WAY more Boos and if you are in first the only item you get in a box is coins, and you can now get double coins out of the doubly item boxes.

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