Biden administration declares monkeypox a public health emergency

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  1. Does anyone else find it odd that this news isn’t trending on Reddit? It hasn’t even been posted to the worldnews sub like a lot of US-related news stories.

  2. Yes. I’ve found it weird it’s only been on a handful of subs since we found out about it- largely conspiracy or medical subs. I thought for sure I’d see more back when I first heard about and started researching.

  3. I posted it on my IG and people don’t even know that there are vaccines. Our school nurse sent out an email that it is most often “lesions on the genitals” Um what

  4. Why would worldnews sub care about this? They're busy jerkin it to the conflict in Ukraine and China-Taiwan tension.

  5. The same thing happened with COVID. CDC and FDA couldn't coordinate to allow private companies to test. So the virus was transmitting and nobody was testing.

  6. Wolensky is a nonce. When she announced her first “masks off” while Delta was ravaging India, I knew she was incompetent or just didn’t care.

  7. I mean…. This disease has been around for 30+ years. Whatever happened over the last 2 months is a drop in the bucket compared to abject negligence, of almost all nations, to study and prepare for a monkeypox outbreak before now. And in fact, it had been spreading differently, faster, in Africa for the past few years, but suddenly it hit Europe and the West, and now it’s finally a problem.

  8. US should use the small pox vax on hand. I was vaccinated in the military along with thousands of others I was deployed with no one got sick like we did with the covid vaccines.

  9. Headline would be more accurate if it read, ‘Biden administration admits monkeypox a public health emergency ‘

  10. Any news on what they are actually going to do with said emergency? More vaccines? Social distancing? Contact tracing?

  11. Most likely expanded funding for state and local agencies. A lot of COViD money is still being used for contractors, but they haven’t been green lighted to help with MPX contact tracing and the like. Hopefully this declaration will allow for more financial streams and cut down on some time.

  12. Don’t think the latter two are particularly necessary for this, and it’s not the federal governments call on that either way. It’s mostly a money release for federal agencies.

  13. Does this mean that healthcare workers can get the vaccine now? I work in healthcare, and have been turned away because only close contacts or MSM are only eligible and it's very frustrating.

  14. The vaccine is still in short supply and will remain so in the foreseeable future. However, the FDA is expected to authorize smaller doses of the vaccine, so more people can receive what is available.

  15. Healthcare workers have PPE and should theoretically be wearing masks and gloves whenever interacting with patient lesions. They are not high risk for infection here.

  16. So far it’s been a mix of they acknowledge it’s real and are glad it’s affecting the gays, and the usual “jUsT iN tImE fOr eLeCtiOns”

  17. What are you some sort of communist? They are doing the best they can. What do you expect them to do let other companies produce the vaccine? Think of all the money they invested into making it.

  18. With the likelihood of zero safety nets, don’t be surprised if some employers fire openly gay employees under the guise of “public health emergency”.

  19. As people have been saying for weeks, this will be our generations aids epidemic. The gay community will be targeted and at risk for violence and many will ignore precautions because they ignorantly think they can’t get it if they are heterosexual.

  20. "that article going around regarding San Francisco parties telling people to cover up anything that looks like Monkeypox, and still attend"

  21. thats exactly what people are going to do though, they're not wrong they'll just say it's chickenpox, its just that it wont just be gays doing that.

  22. Millions of miles away now actually. It will come back and be it’s closest in 2026. It’s apparently moving so fast they said if it made a sudden move it would only have take 50 something hours to hit earth on the 3rd.

  23. Very doubtful. You’d have to see a fundamental change in the dynamic of spread- the vast majority of cases are caused by intimate contact, even now. You might see a couple of cases in schools but MPX would struggle to sustain an outbreak in that setting like Covid can.

  24. Too little too late. We've seen people being denied testing, we've seen people being denied vaccination, and we've done practically nothing to bottle our stocks of the 3rd gen vaccine Jynneos for distribution. Our response has been mired with homophobia, some transphobia, and ableism. I am absolutely worried, especially with the start of school coming up and our ignoring of the other pandemic going on.

  25. Exactly, I am going back to my high school next week and I know that no one will be taking the infection seriously. At this point I might just go back to online schooling.

  26. I need some practical advice. I'm going on a 7-day cruise in 2 weeks, so I'd like to know what I can do to minimize risk. Since this virus is more about touching than breathing, would masks even help with this? If you do get some virus on your skin, does hand sanitizer kill it? If I wash my hands every time I touch something that other people touched, would that most likely be sufficient?

  27. Get the vaccine if you can. The sad thing was to watch the cashier in Atlanta get it doing her job and her beautiful face destroyed, so it is not just one group. I work to deliver food on delivery apps, so I got vaxed. There is a arm swelling, but another person I know did not get much of an arm bump it goes away

  28. There is no way Republicans (and Manchin) will play ball on any financial assistance or checks this close to the midterms so hopefully zero chance. Probably on our own, as usual, in terms of protecting ourselves but I’m sure I speak for a lot of those of us living paycheck to paycheck that I’d rather not be homeless because of lockdowns with no help.

  29. If this was pre-covid, I'd say "moderate" but now everyone's exhausted from that other pandemic that I don't see them doing anything as severe as lockdowns even if things turn out really bad.

  30. That depends on your state. Florida, slim to none.. California & NY definitely may impose a lockdown in the bigger counties.

  31. No. This administration would never do that. Hopefully we can get more testing, treatment and tracing on deck ASAP to help alleviate the pain for those currently diagnosed and curb the spread.

  32. No, it is not nearly as transmissible or as deadly as covid. An emergency, yes, but a shut down wouldn't make much sense politically or from a public health perspective.

  33. There are literally millions of virus and bacteria that can kill you ,can't believe people already forgot that the government took our constitutional rights for 700 solid days, this will definitely decimate the USA and watch as the masses of morons fall for it again.

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