Is now a good time to re-allocate TSP holdings out of Lifecycle Funds?

  1. If you’re changing your allocation because you’ve changed your investing philosophy or you’ve realized your current investments don’t fit your risk tolerance, just do it. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a good time. If I knew that I’d be the next Warren Buffett, not discussing personal finance on reddit.

  2. Just do it because you want to do it based on your age and risk profile desires. Don't do it "because it went down 10%".

  3. I switched to 20% s fund 80% c fund until I ets next June. Also almost maxing my retirement while I am deployed bc I won’t need the money. Nows a good time to accumulate the market is low and it will probably keep plunging downwards for the next year or two before we start to see a recovery. I’m willing to take on the risk right now the way I see it this is 2006/2007 and the big short 2 is coming. I’d rather be buying up shares with my Roth and losing money short term than losing money long term by not investing. As always it’s up to you and this is not financial advice.

  4. Just move it to the farthest away lifefund. 2065 I think it is now. That's what I do. Keeps that level of risk while still becoming less risky if you don't wanna keep changing it every number of years.

  5. Yes it's a great time to do this, for the reason you stated. You're moving away from the bonds and buying the C and S essentially at a discount.

  6. If you're investing every month then you're dollar cost averaging and timing is relatively unimportant. If you're looking to also rollover your previous investment then that's on you.

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