JUST ANNOUNCED: Marvel Makes an Epic Return to D23 Expo with a Thrilling Lineup of Panels, Events, First Looks, and More

  1. I think we will definitely get a director, cast could happen even if they haven't chosen their actors yet, they still have time because Simu Liu was literally cast and then flown out to SDCC I think lmao

  2. Yeah. Just because people want that casting news, doesn't mean we'll get it. These events are entirely for shareholders and marketing purposes. I wouldn't expect a lot from Marvel here aside from featuring projects in production that didn't get too much attention already.

  3. No they know the cast and plan to announce the cast at D23. That’s what I have heard from someone who works with Marvel. I don’t care if you don’t believe me that’s the truth.

  4. I don't think they've ever announced the director on their own at events like these before. Usually they pair them with actors.

  5. I disagree. Most of the time we hear about announcements a month or two after they actually take place. I’m sure by the time they announced Jon they were already in talks with the new director.

  6. I feel like Young Avengers would make sense between Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Something could happen to the Avengers in Kang Dynasty that then leads the YA to step up and form the group.

  7. I am not sure if it is an age thing, but I have zero interest in a young avengers movie/show. No problem with them being within other films as supporting characters as the mcu has already done, but a dedicated thing just isn’t interesting to me, all I can imagine is extreme amounts of teen angst whilst they are together.

  8. I would say Young Avengers could be the February 2025 title, but I feel like 3 movies with the Avengers title in one year would be too much.

  9. I like the theory thrown around here that Avengers Kang Dynasty is actually going to be Young Avengers: Kang Dynasty, with Secret Wars being the full on Avengers. The Young Avengers taking the lead in Kang Dynasty for whatever reason before the full Avengers proper rocking it in Secret Wars.

  10. If Young Avengers happens before 2025, thrown in this Saga, I think it's a 100% confirmation that it will be a D+ series. Which just sucks imo.

  11. If I Strange 3 or Young Avengers isn’t announced before the Avengers films, then I’m curious how that’ll work since that’s a bit confusing isn’t?

  12. I think they will make a separate Sony statement, but I don’t expect the announcement at D23. Who knows though… that’s the only one here that I think won’t happen.

  13. I would LOVE for all the Defenders to come back. I really enjoyed all of them, especially Jessica Jones. Def wouldn’t mind more. Just hope they don’t water it down for the sake of it being on Disney+ now.

  14. The main things I'm hoping for are confirmation of the X-Men/Mutants film (July 2025?), as well as the Fantastic Four cast & director being announced. Fantastic Four will start shooting sometime next year, so I don't know if we'll have another major expo for Marvel to announce them before filming starts.

  15. Good predictions, except no way they change the Secret Wars release date less than 2 months after they first announced it. It might change later.

  16. My understanding of the situation (which could be wrong) was that this only applies to characters that have actors with long-term contracts attached to them right? So there should still be a few decently big names available, like Rogue, Bishop, or anyone from Generation X.

  17. Crazy how Marvel has so many advertising opportunities (SDCC, D23, Disney+ Day, Investor's Day) and DC only has Fandome, which they aren't even doing this year.

  18. At this point all I want is the announcement of returning Marvel TV characters. The Defenders, Cloak & Dagger, and at least Nico and Karolina from Runaways.

  19. Last time Marvel was at D23, they expanded the Phase Four slate with Black Panther II, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. I think they'll keep the same general scope:

  20. I kinda hope they don’t do another Black Widow. The slate is already packed and it’s not something that imo needs to be expanded on all that much.

  21. "Stephen, I have a confession to make. Westview wasn't the first time I changed reality. I was angry at my father and....."

  22. We more or less have a general idea of who's gonna be on the Thunderbolts based on what the trades have said and what the MCU has shown us of Val and her interactions with certain people. For F4, the hype is bigger because it's a shot at getting the team right on the big screen by a studio that cares for the characters.

  23. They should 100% sign on all of the people involved in that movie, just to spite Discovery. Brendan Fraser needs to be in the MCU.

  24. Calling my shot Bryce Dallas Howard will be named the F4 Director and John and Emily will be on stage as well finally casted.

  25. Manifesting Fantastic Four director + cast, a Young Avengers announcement, and Nova announcement. Anything else is just exta to me.

  26. One thing I would love and hope tets announce is having 2 Defender actors returning for Daredevil Born Again which are Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) & The Punisher Jon Bernthal! Which both have been rumored hopefully that happens

  27. I know this kind of announcement is not going to be most people's top thing on their wishlist of announcements, but I hope we get more information about an Eternals-related project. I really enjoyed that movie and I think the whole cast of characters is really interesting and has a ton of potential. I just want to know when/how we're seeing them again.

  28. I hope they will announce a Shang Chi 2 and cast of F4. And my secret wish is F4 has some relationship with Spidey.

  29. In terms of what I really want, I want season 2 announcements of Hawkeye and Moon Knight. I'd also take more sequel confirmations (most notably Doctor Strange 3). I'd also love a Disney plus series called Valkyries which explores both Valkyrie and maybe Jane Foster. I don't expect all of these, but would be quite happy with them.

  30. Bought tickets off of seatgeek for d23 and had a question. Do I have to get there extremely early in order to wait in line for the marvel panel or do they let everyone who has a ticket for Saturday in for the panel?

  31. Feige may not be able to control exactly how these movies turn out but I am 99% sure he knows who he wants to direct FF and who his cast is. He's been building up to the FF movie for years and years. He's got his stuff figured out.

  32. It would've been fun if they'd used FANTASTIC return instead of epic. But yeah, I think a Fantastic Four announcement is a safe bet.

  33. My guess and hopes for movie announcements are Nova,WWH, Deadpool 3, Doctor strange 3, and Spider-Man 4

  34. Really hoping with my fingers crossed that Deadpool 3 is announced at the D23 Expo's Marvel Studios presentation as the untitled MCU film in Phase 5 coming out February 16th, 2024.

  35. I don't get why Disney (and San Diego Comic Con last month) doesn't show these panels online. I'm unable to travel half across the world for the Marvel Studios panels, but I am willing to pay a few bucks to watch the thing from the comfort of my couch here in Europe.

  36. Marvel has yet to announce the February 2024 film and the 8 Phase 6 projects (two films in February and July 2025, and 6 shows).

  37. I believe that Marvel will present at this conference new things related to new series on D+ such as Wonder-Man and Nova and the upcoming specials (Werewolf by Night and Guardians of the Galaxy). And of course a new details about the next projects like Black Panther 2, Quantumania and She-Hulk. They already made their big announcement at SDCC, so I don't think there will be a Fantastic Four casting or a full reveal of Phase 6.

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