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  1. In retrospect, I think Love and Thunder would have been a more interesting movie if it had focused on Thor embracing his godhood rather than on just love or whatever. There's a part in Jason Aaron's run where Thor responds to people's prayers, and that would have been a cool thing to introduce to contrast him with all the uncaring gods like Zeus (maybe he starts hearing voices and doesn't figure what out they are until near the end of the film or something).

  2. I felt they gave that to Gorr’s character - in the end, Thor became the God that he trusted to look over his daughter.

  3. He's going nowhere lol. He (apparently) just signed a new contract in February and has been talking about how excited they are about the next decade of the MCU.

  4. Part of the reason Feige is so good at what he does is that he gets the inner politics and business side of things - tbh I can't imagine he'd let that information get out there if it wasn't an intentional move on his part. I think he'll be staying around, he's just sending a message

  5. Beside DC to where he will go? Replacing Alex Kurtzman over at Star Trek? There aren't a lot of franchise runner positions "open". I guess that Microsoft can hire him for something like Halo or any of the Blizzards IPs once the buyout is done as Overwatch really need to answer what they are bringing to the table after League of Legends did Arcane.

  6. Challenge for those who choose to accept it: You are given complete creative control to make a movie/season of television about any Marvel character who has NOT yet been introduced in the MCU but you have an extremely limited budget. Enough for decent costumes, sets and filming locations but you must be very, very minimal with CG and special effects. What character is it about? What story do you tell?

  7. -Millie the Model: this would be a romcom, like a funnier version of the Marvels run or “Turn Left” if you’re a Whovian, a POV of the MCU through an influencer/actress; Millie’s in a movie that recaps lore for in-universe public/ new MCU viewers who don’t have time to watch 100’s of hours of content; Millie falls in love with the photographer/cinematographer, Clicker; and cameos in movie posters in other MCU projects or is used in promotional materials; it would be very meta- a version of the 616 Bullpen, Marvel Parliament, and Kevin Feige would appear. There would still be a background arc with breakouts at The Raft or other superhero prisons setting up other projects.

  8. Squirrel girl. I'd aim for a campy, silly tone, so a practical costume would be great. Try to use trained squirrels for the most part, and only use CGI for the squirrels every now and then.

  9. A Power Pack animated series, make it Marvel's equivalent of Teen Titans and give it the X-Men 97 treatment of having the series be in its own continuity.

  10. I'd do an adaptation of Kurt Busiek's "Marvels" with the character Phil Sheldon, revolving around the events of the Infinity Saga.

  11. i’d take mockingbird, with the excuse that hey, mcu agent 19 is laura, not bobbi morse! they’re different characters! i’d probably go with a lower-stakes spy show so the budget isn’t as much of a constraint. think hawkeye but episodic rather than the disney+ formula of splitting a movie into 6 parts.

  12. Not my best idea but Dazzler: the story would be about how she's struggling with today's modern music industry, sells her soul to Mephisto for fame, then ultimately becomes famous because people hate-watch her. Ends with SHIELD recruiting her as a spy because no one takes her seriously

  13. Mr. Immortal- I'd make it a fairly somber but comedic series, mostly chronicling Craig and his quest to die while also finding good in living and using his "curse" to help others. Through his quest to die, he would find himself becoming a hero in his small town (stopping a bank robbery, saving a family from a burning building, and preventing the murder of the mayor's son, etc.) in the process of these good deeds he'd find himself dying a lot and becoming close with an aging ex-hero, Dynaman* who shares in his feelings of disregard and regret, especially in terms of having powers.

  14. Is it just me or does it seem like Maria Hill's line from the leaked Secret Invasion trailer seems to hint at the fan theory that Maria Hill isn't actually a real person and that she's been a Skrull (probably Talos' daughter) the whole time?

  15. Ive always been a fan of that idea. That the real Maria Hill IS Skrull Maria Hill. There may have once been a random woman named Maria Hill, but it's been the Skrull as long as she's been with SHIELD, and Fury knows that.

  16. Strange and Wong get high. Might be extra-dimensional cyttorak Kush but close enough. Sam Wilson smokes every once in a blue moon with an uncle at the cookout when he goes home to visit. Bruce Banner tried it out to calm down but had a panic attack, wasn’t for him. The guardians feel to me like the types to eat Molly.

  17. I just realized that at the end of Phase One, The Avengers had multiple protagonists, ended with a big battle, and in the post credits scene revealed a larger player (Thanos) who was manipulating everything off screen the entire time.

  18. Iman Vellani teased Kamala feels Fear and Excitement when she sees where she ends up in The Marvels after switching places with Carol. Can't wait for this film.

  19. I talked so much crap about MoM when it first came out, but it's been aging like fine wine. Some good food!

  20. Same tbh, my only complaints about it now are that ridiculous memory lane scene and the fact that Wanda’s ‘transformation’ happened off-screen. Everything else is top tier Marvel/Raimi.

  21. For me, the good parts of the movie get better, but the bad parts of the movie get worse. The directing is phenomenal and I think the acting, overall, is great. But the writing suffers greatly imo.

  22. Do we expect the Eternals to factor into Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars? The remaining Avengers and Guardians are basically locked in, and the Fantastic Four are highly likely. But given how Eternals ended, and that the sequel probably won’t be out before these Avengers sequels, how big of a role, if any, do we expect them to play?

  23. I would think that at the very least Thena, Makkari, and Druig (and Starfox and Pip) will be, since they weren't abducted by Arishem.

  24. I’d forgotten about Eternals. I’d say I enjoy it more than most. I like how different it feels from the MCU but it also falls short because of that. It feels a little disconnected. And if a sequel doesn’t happen until after avengers idk how I’m supposed to feel

  25. It’s possible. Isn’t there a few projects that Feige didn’t announce at Comic Con ? It’s posible an Eternals 2 could happen.

  26. After watching John Krasinski’s interview at Fallon, one interesting point made was that if he’s not Reed Richards, he would come off looking like a massive dick to whoever’s actually playing him with the way he’s teasing the fans. It’s not really saying anything major. I mean he could still be not Reed, but something to think about.

  27. I've been pro-Krasinski-as-Reed this whole time, but I watched some of Barry last night and now I'm also on Team Bill Hader.

  28. Honestly I feel John is not main Reed but knows he’s coming back for multiverse shenanigans (Council of Reeds/Secret Wars) which is why he’s playing coy about his future.

  29. I’m about 1/3 of the way through Kang Dynasty for the first time. The story is… big, sometimes exhaustingly so. (But the art is consistently incredible.)

  30. Yeah I started reading it myself the other day and I agree. I didn’t realize the story encompassed like a years worth of Avengers comics when I started it. That said I am still really enjoying it.

  31. Help me understand why everyone thinks White Vision is going to Thunderbolts? I’m at a loss here.. is it comic book based? Help!

  32. Wasn't he working for the government in WandaVision? They sent him into Westview. I heard The Thunderbolts in the MCU is a US government thing. Maybe that's why, they think he's still working for the army or whatever

  33. I'm so excited for She-Hulk, I feel like it's going to be such a fun watch (not the typical MCU fun, but a refreshing kind of fun, especially Jen doing her classic 4th wall breaks and the Fleabag inspiration).

  34. Someone in the main MCU sub said that Matt Murdock is already too overexposed like Tony Stark...mind you as of right now all we have as Matt content in the MCU proper is 90 seconds of screentime in No Way Home. This year we get him in probably 2 episodes of She-Hulk. Probably 2 episodes in Echo next year. Then his own show in late 2024. But somehow to some people that's already the same level of exposure as Tony who had a solo trilogy, was the lead of 4 Avengers movies, co-lead of CA: Civil War, and a significant role in MCU Spider-Man.

  35. those who believe Matt is going to "overshadow" She-Hulk and Echo are being pedantic and those with the "im only watching She-Hulk and Echo for Daredevil' mentality are going to be disappointed

  36. I feel awful for Cate Shortland, the director of Black Widow. I enjoyed the movie, but it seems like Hollywood hasn't asked her to direct anything anymore. She had a decent track record before Marvel.

  37. I wander how Black Widow have ended up if that director who walked of because of what Feige said that "they will take care of it" in term of the fight scenes.

  38. The rumors that Echo will involve Native American mythology are hilarious because of how believable they are. Marvel Studios can’t do street level. At this rate, I’m expecting Jesus to appear in Daredevil: Born Again

  39. I'm gonna say the plot is: character visits another dimension or realm while digging into their past, character faces their past trauma, learns a personal lesson, obtains weapon or armor, and then character returns to fight their enemy (with a cameo)

  40. If anyone wants to know what the MCU is going to do with a character they just have to read the most recent comic runs and the most iconic comic runs.

  41. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but that was one of the worst movies I’d ever seen in my life. It was neither fun nor funny, I think I chuckled once the entire time. Glad you enjoyed it tho

  42. Really disappointed people don't seem to care about casting a Roma person as Doom, whose backstory has a lot to do with being Romanian. Same with Magneto.

  43. Most MCU fans don't care about Liz Olsen invoking "gypsy" to describe Wanda even after it was explained to her why her use of the term was a slur. Why would they all of a sudden care about Romani representation?

  44. Oh my god... I wouldn't be able to handle that. Henry Caville is so god damn hot, and I've always had a crush on Beast since I was kid, so...

  45. Considering these current phases are called the Multiverse Saga, there's actually a common denominator within the so-called "aimless" Phase 4. For one, each movie or series involves "incursions" from or into other realms, dimensions, realities etc. (except for maybe FATWS, BW and Hawkeye). Shang-Chi visits Ta Lo, Kamala gets educated about the Noor Dimension and time travelled, Loki visits various timelines, Moon Knight in the Duat, Wakanda gets invaded by Talocan, the Lang Gang will visit the Quantum Realm, MoM & No Way Home obviously. The list goes on.

  46. I agree but not so sure on Black Panther - I feel like Talocan is just a technologically-advanced nation under the sea rather than another metaphysical realm or dimension that you "enter" (like Tao Lao, for example).

  47. Watched The Gray Man yesterday. For a movie tried to be like the Winter Soldier and from the directors of The Winter Soldier, the movie was so bad. Action was Ok, there are parallels to the Winter Soldier, but lack of the real thrilling factors and emotional punches.

  48. The "Infinity Cones" ice cream parlor "joke" really tics me off the more I think about it because it's an ice cream parlor themed around the Infinity Stones and Infinity Gauntlet which Thanos used to genocide half of all life in the universe. It's like having a holocaust themed ice cream parlor. It was a dumb joke that only has comedic value to the viewers and makes no sense in universe.

  49. Since Daredevil and make their return to the MCU I really hopeing that Cloak and Dagger can come back too they were soo fun to watch their show was underrated

  50. I have a good feeling that Ryan Coogler is directing Avengers Secret Wars, he has an exclusively contract with Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios and Black Panther 3 is going to be ages away.

  51. Man I think Strange 3 has gotta release before secret wars, it would be really…strange….for it to revolve around dealing with incursions after the event caused by them already happened. Hopefully it doesn’t take another 6 years

  52. If David Cronenberg or any other body horror film director was in charge of rebooting the X-Men, how do you think it would go?

  53. I’ve been meaning to post something here about the Marvel Studios Parliament and how they’ve been shaping Phase 4. Seeing all the doom and gloom on this sub today about idea of a Feige-less MCU, I thought this would be as good a time as any to tell people about who would be left steering the ship if that were to happen.

  54. Finally been rewatching the marvel D+ shows, and I’ve come to feel that they work a heck of a lot better as a binge.

  55. Excuse me but how about Rhea Seehorn as Invisible Woman? I know they're allegedly casting younger actors but she would be great opposite Krasinki if that ever happens

  56. Even though I enjoyed it despite its flaws, the fact where we live in a world where a Doctor Strange movie made more money than a Batman movie is crazy.

  57. The Russo brothers have not done a good job since directing Endgame. Their Oscar bait movie Cherry got terrible reviews, and now their Winter Soldier esque thriller The Gray Man has had gotten bad reviews by critics.

  58. It was more fun to be a Marvel fan before because I wouldn't go online to see what people thought of something. I would just watch anything, enjoy it, and then move on.

  59. No offense to fans of the old movies, but I remember watching Fantastic Four in 2005 and thinking, "Wow, this Doctor Doom... sucks. Too bad it's the only version of Doom we're ever gonna see."

  60. So remember how some sources claimed that Secret Wars was so big they were considering making it a trilogy?Avengers: Kang Dynasty would be the firstAvengers: Secret Wars would be the middle filmAvengers: (Blank) would probably be the final film?

  61. That’s a cool theory, but a more plausible theory is that the untitled film releasing between Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars is movie 1.5 in all of this.

  62. Definitely agree with the Batman on top, Boys season 3 ending was disappointing but the season was still very solid. Still haven't been able to see Peacemaker, no HBO max here...

  63. If the rumors of Daisy Johnson/Quake showing up in Secret Invasion Are true I am hopeful that Melinda may and Phil Coulson come back too

  64. If you want to know how much Garth Ennis hate superheroes The Boys took the tongue of the Billy Batson stand-in so he won't turn into the Shazam stand-in.

  65. Yes, but only to the extent of The Incredible Hulk or Batman v Superman. Open with a quick montage, then get on with the real story.

  66. Loving that 4th wall break in the She Hulk commercial. I really hope Deadpool and She Hulk interact. I want to see them address their mental disorder and try to justify it.

  67. It's weird to hear people say that they want Punisher to stay a R/MA property (no duh there) but want him to join Thunderbolts.

  68. So i always tought that the mcu toxic fans was a internet thing, but this week I lost a friend just because I say I didn't like Love and Thunder and Eternals. And I didn't even say It to him but he told that people love the movie and It wasn't okay for me to bring the movie down and that he didn't think I was one of those haters. Wtf. I only said that i hate the screaming goats. I tought the movie sucked but im not bringing anyone down for liking It. In fact im gonna watch It again with a date. Like seriously im sad lol

  69. I don't get why everyone is making such a big deal out of Campea's moronic tweet. Like, I keep seeing people bring it up and I'm left wondering if they even know who John Campea is lmao. It's such a non story.

  70. Did Marvel really think Eternals would be a big awards player or was that the trades hyping it up? Because I never understood Campea saying Marvel felt like this was the best film they ever did up until that point. Idk if it's true but there was a sense of delusion there if so. Sometimes I wonder if they watch some of these films and actually think that they are good.? We need an honest documentary like the Star Wars prequels gave us back in 1999. I know it would be chaotic watching a REAL Marvel studios BTS making of.

  71. Watched Nope in a test screening a while back and just watched it today again and here's what changed. The Gordy scene is shorter and cuts out a sub plot in that segment. It involved a fan (who looked kind of like Paul Walter Hauser but definitely wasn't) obsessed with the girl in the show, to the point that he cuts out pictures of her from magazines. He goes to the studio where the show is filming, brings a gun, and watches the chaos unfold on a TV screen at the studio. He ends up being the one who shoots Gordy.

  72. Tinfoil hat time, i think they’re gonna revisit that one thread in Multiverse of Madness in which Chavez states she’s the only variant in the MCU multiverse. And have her be a key role in Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Since for the most part the movie was about her finding her confidence and controlling her powers.

  73. I’m not sure the plan was for SHIELD to permanently fall in Captain America 2. Agents of SHIELD, which was closely tied to the MCU at the time, showed how it survived. And you can see SHIELD operations continuing in the new Avengers base at the end of Age of Ultron.

  74. I rewatched Ms Marvel. I can confidently say that Ms Marvel is one of Marvel’s series and I can certify that the Karachi episode was one of Ms Marvel’s episodes

  75. Is there any possibility that fake plot leak of Quantumania becomes reality? I really liked 3rd act and post-credit scenes there. Felt kinda interconnected and surprising, while latest MCU content is disconnected for me. I don’t want cameos, but it doesn’t feel like same world anymore for me.

  76. There's this friend of a friend who is supposedly "in the know" somehow, and my friend says he's been right about everything before. He's not a scooper, just some guy in the movie industry.

  77. Ok I have seen Ant Man and GOTG 3 trailers. Now only footage left is secret invasio. Where tf is it lol? Seems like nobody shot it

  78. God, looking at those comments is just horrid. Yeah, the joke didn't land, but some of them are just going out of their way to make fun of the guy and calling for him to banned from Comic Con for the rest of his life.

  79. Something about World War Hulk getting canceled just doesn’t sit right with me, not just because I really want the film to happen, but because I can’t imagine why it would get canceled. Supposedly it’s supposed to be directly set up in She-Hulk, so unless so major reshoots/edits happened to She-Hulk, then I guess that set is going nowhere, which doesn’t make any sense. My best guess is that WWH possibly got pushed back, so it’ll now come out after Secret Wars.

  80. With She-Hulk revolving around a superhuman law division, I’d really like to see some sort of reference to Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz, the pioneers of that field of law in the MCU. Just something small like citing a precedent they helped set would be super cool.

  81. Hulk’s biggest mistake was appearing in Ragnarok. It’s entirely sidelined the essence of his character. I realised this after watching back his introduction to Black Widow in Avengers (which is a very well written and directed scene)- he is a complex human who is frighteningly clever and also frighteningly strong when he least wants to be. Though he was fine in Ragnarok, it set him off on this comedic route which simply does not work if they ever want to make a great Hulk solo feature (which I realise isn’t possible thanks to Universal)

  82. Even though he was funny, Ragnarok still took him seriously, both as a character and as a physical threat. The de-transformation in the quinjet is still one of the best Hulk scenes in his cinematic history IMO. To see Hulk violently panic about turning into Banner was amazing, a perfect mirror to all the Banner > Hulk transformations we’re so used to seeing. It’s the Russos that dropped the ball, not Taika.

  83. The only reason I can think of on why Chapek is still CEO is because BlackRock like how ESG the Walt Disney Company do

  84. How do you guys think they will explain Bruce’s arm being healed from his Snap? (I feel like it is something that should’ve been impossible to heal due to how much it meant to the overall MCU and how powerful the stones are)My hope/theory is he just jacked up the gamma radiation and he starts to revert back to not being able to control the Hulk/Banner relationship as much and that leads us into the rumored World War Hulk project. Hulk has always been my favorite and I has always been meh on Professor Hulk, but if they do this right, hopefully they can redeem my boy. If not my theory, hopefully the jealous line in the recent she-hulk trailer gets Bruce back in the lab and something goes wrong. What do y’all think?

  85. Theory The Reason Matt Murdock is wearing Daredevil red and yellow suit is because of Dex wears Daredevil old suit in Season 3 of Daredevil

  86. Besides the stuff announced at SDCC, Marvel has revealed 6 new release dates for untitled projects. Those dates are February 16, 2024 (in between Blade and FF), February 14 (in between FF and Kang Dynasty), July 25, 2025 (in between Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars), as well as February 13, May 1, July 24, and November 6, 2026. Here are my predictions for what those dates are for.

  87. Despite how mediocre phase 4 has been, one thing that I like is how they are introducing lots of new characters and expanding into different territory’s. Even movies like dr strange 2 and love and thunder managed to build new lore in the mcu like with the illuminati and more godd being introduced.

  88. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11062437/Harry-Styles-signs-five-movie-deal-Marvel-Studios-worth-100-million.html

  89. I started reading the comics and now I like the MCU less they butchered characters like Hulk, Thor and the Guardians. I still like the MCU but compared to the comics it’s worse

  90. After watching Everything Everywhere All At Once, which I highly recommend, I think the directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert should direct Secret Wars.

  91. I think it's just a "soft reboot" in a sense that the next saga will focus on Mutants and any new heroes. I feel like Secret Wars will be different than what we expected, we all thought it will be "the end of MCU" but now I think it will more like ending of Kang story and set up Doom as the big bad for phase 7 and onwards.

  92. We actually have some idea on how they would have handled the Skrulls. Years ago Fox planed a Civil War adaptation, but only the characters they own (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Daredevil). From what I can remember, Johnny Storm accidentally goes super nova in New York and the Super Hero registration act is passed. Other then that, we don’t know much about it other then some fight scene ideas. That film would have ended with a post credits tease of the Skrulls, setting up the sequel, which would have been Secret Invasion. I imagine they would have been one dimensional bad guys used in just that film.

  93. I want to know why they called Captain Marvel 2, The Marvels if Captain Marvel made a billion. Is it because the merch didn't sell?

  94. I think it is simply because it is a team up movie with Carol, Kamala and Monica, all of them got Marvel in their name (Monica used the title Captains Marvel before)

  95. The missing projects get revealed but still no Latino lead solo projects so Marvel is really late to the game after El Muerto and Blue Beetle release

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