Armor Wars to start filming this Fall in Atlanta

  1. It’s funny that projects that were announced after 2020’s Investor Day started filming before Armor Wars, like Echo and Loki Season 2.

  2. Does he tho ? i don't think that just because he's robot he fits into this show. He doesn't have connections to War Machine or presumably anyone that will appear in this show.

  3. I don’t think it was in hell at any point. Probably just planned to be one of the later releasing of the planned series combined with phase 4 not starting when planned.

  4. It was never going to be cancelled because Ironheart and cap4 has nothing to do with James. . Don is a big actor. The only way they cancel it is if he does not want to do it. He been with the MCU for 10+ years. The only reason it's taking this long is because Don is busy.

  5. It could be ready for October/November 2023. But they also have to release Echo, Secret Invasion, Loki S2, Ironheart, Ahsoka, The Acolyte, Mando S3 and possibly Agatha/What If S2 next year. If there's too much overlap it could be pushed to early 2024.

  6. Ngl I was starting to worry about this show. I’m really excited for it and have been hoping for a War Machine project since Phase 1. I was really disappointed when he didn’t get a D+ series during the Phase 4 announcement at SDCC 2019 since he’s been around before Cap, Thor, and Hawkeye

  7. People were worried about armor wars? Why? It was always going to be after Ironheart, idk why everyone expected it so early.

  8. This was one of my most anticipated when it was announced. I always imagined a more fleshed out character. Bet Tony’s death hit him hard fr

  9. I don't recall any of these usual suspects who regularly report Atlanta filming saying anything about this. I'm inclined to think it's a mistake until like Lizzie Hill chimes in about it.

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