RUMOR: Live-Action 'Captain Carter' Project in Development

  1. I’d much rather they didn’t make this. I personally feel like I’ve seen enough of Captain Carter - albeit it’s only been in a cameo and animated capacity.

  2. I feel like this could lessen the chances of having a Captain Britain solo project too right, since she is essentially a Captain Britain of sorts

  3. Same. I love Peggy but I'd rather see stories that push the existing narrative forward over stories from alternate realities. Unless this is a continuation of Agent Carter, in which case I'm down.

  4. I kinda feel that Marvel Studios are just making shows for the sake of it now. We certainly don’t need an Agatha Harkness show, and I don’t personally think we need this.

  5. I feel like Sam will scratch the Captain America itch for a while, and Sam is a thousand times more compelling. That being said, Sam's been here for 10 years, and Captain Carter had one bad animated episode and meh live action unrelated version. I don't quite care until I see the spin they'll give her.

  6. I don't see why they can't do both at once. What other characters (aside from a headliner like Strange) have something to do in the multiverse? The two are both grounded morally, but have vastly different personalities, which could be good chemistry. Carter could be the mature protector, there to solve problems, fight bad guys, and dispense adult wisdom; and Chavez could be the precocious young do-gooder who, despite her age, has more experience in the multiverse than Carter. I'd watch it.

  7. Of all the spin-offs they're doing for female side characters, I feel like Captain Carter is the only thing I'm even remotely interested in.

  8. I hope this is true. With the rumors of Howard the Duck being in She-Hulk, maybe that means I'll one day get a Howard the Duck standalone movie.

  9. It’s a good strategy to keep people subscribed to Disney+. I don’t care for any of the non-marvel content on D+ and will probably ubsub if run out of things to watch.

  10. I'm guessing some of these may not get beyond plot-outline stage and story lines from projects not put into active development may have some story beats incorporated into other projects.

  11. That would be amazing! The writers had some super interesting plans for future seasons that we never got to see, including time shifts like in The Crown to show the creation of Shield and

  12. Same same! I love her as Peggy, I think we still need some “just” human stories and she is so great in Agent Carter. That show made her one of my favourite characters because of how strong and clever she was, without any enhancements. I really wanted season 3 too. There was still so much story to tell and I’m still interested.

  13. Ngl—I don’t care a ton for this. Other multiverse characters/stories that would be way better IMO (give me my live action Zombies)

  14. She doesn't really exist in the comics. At least not her Captain Carter version. Her first appearance was like two months ago?

  15. honestly, i think a lot of people forget how dirty the mcu has done its female characters now that we’re later in and they have projects with female leads. peggy’s a stitched up zombie of comics sharon lore, nat had to die before she got a solo project (and even then the movie mostly seemed to exist to set up yelena), and don’t even get me started on what they did to janet. they turned one of my absolute favourite comic characters of all time into an old woman with 3 minutes of screentime and replaced her with hope, who manages to embody all the opposite traits of the reasons why i loved janet so much in the first place. but we’re supposed to believe that it’s fixed now because oh, they’re doing a solo echo project?

  16. Sam’s project is already announced. We’re getting a captain America 4 with him and I imagine Bucky will be there too

  17. With the same writer and director in CA4 as TFATWS, I hope Bucky isn’t in it. He was SO sidelined in his own show. I mean he was in the title too. Now his story of redemption is done and they can’t go back. I was 100% for Sam getting the shield over Bucky and it was the show I was most looking forward to. But that show was a steaming mess and I’m not psyched for the film. It was just all over the place. And I’m not here for Bucky just being a sidekick. Or for Sam being treated like he’s Steve (being called cap and suddenly great with the shield and being super strong Ala the finale) and not his own person with his own tricks. I hope he integrates the shield into his Falcon fighting style rather than it being his primary.

  18. They sorta announced Cap 4 and it’s been radio silence since then. Bucky has been stuck in a supporting role despite having plenty of comic book material to adapt from. One would think that after Steve left he would get more attention but he was just shifted to being another Cap’s sidekick.

  19. A lot of people " feeling like " in this comments section, its ok nobody gonna put a gun on you to force watch it, you free to pick what you want to watch

  20. Personally I really, really, hope this project is a thing. As someone who wasn't a fan of immediately killing off characters who I liked in MoM, seeing more of Carter, BB, etc is a huge win for me.

  21. 1.) it’s perfectly okay for people to vocalize criticism and/or thoughts against any project. So don’t act like that all of a sudden isn’t acceptable.

  22. No, it's wasting the resources. Instead of this show, we'd rather get something more exciting or an officially announced show earlier.

  23. I don't want to sound like I dislike the character (I don't), but I don't really get why they're going so hard with Captain Carter. She's a decent starter idea for the concept of What If, and seeing her in MoM is a nice callback, but I don't think she needs a live action project for herself. Her being the face of What If is enough, and if we want to give Atwell a live action show, I think wrapping up Agent Carter would be a better idea.

  24. you are correct there is definitely no reason ti waste time on a movie for the character definitely should have stayed as a what if appearance and the lil cameo in MOM

  25. I wonder if they’ll just create their own universe for her or if it’s some sort of adaptation of her What If adventures or continuation of them. Her current comic run is basically unrelated to any of her live action appearances and focuses more on her confronting Britain’s shady history of imperialism.

  26. I feel like they might make a new universe. We saw what happened to 838 Carter and the what if version’s stories seemed to be the same as Steve’s but with her (aside from the Guardians of the Multiverse stuff)

  27. If Marvel wants to do secret Wars I think they need to start building up another universe. We have 616 but if they want us to care about the multiverse ending then there needs to at least be another universe we have people that we care about in.

  28. If this is true, I’m hoping they do something unique with the character’s story as I felt like with her What If episode, it felt like a repeat of First Avenger.

  29. On the one hand I feel like it’d be a cool way to expand the 838 universe but on the other hand they’d be quite limited with what they could do given what happens

  30. I don’t get why Disney is pushing Peggy as the new Cap so hard, when we already have a black man with an entirely unique origin in the role.

  31. I’m so surprised by many of you here not liking this. If true, this is one of the coolest rumored shows. Imagine a show not set in the MCU, but spins it and that can be its own thing. Imagine having a new Black Widow, new Falcon or even the Inhumans, all made by Marvel Studios. And the most important: more Hayley Atwell is never a bad thing.

  32. Exactly. Hell (although this would probably never happen) but they could even see if Sony would allow them to bring a new version of Spider-Man for the show if they showed her universe’s avengers and such.

  33. Couldn't be happier! I've had a special connection to Peggy since 2015, as I met my significant other because of our love for Carter and her TV series, and when I told her these news she got ecstastic!

  34. Idk how I feel about this it seems to me that marvel studios is picking shows and projects with characters that barely have any source material for a stand alone or ones that don’t seem that necessary.

  35. It might just be me, but the fact that there isn't much to go off is exciting to me, I think that kinda means they have more potential to be creative and add new lore to these side characters. House of Harkness is one of my most anticipated disney plus shows tbh

  36. More than likely they’re doing this so they can basically do whatever they want with these characters without making the Internet mad. People can’t complain if there’s no dense source material for them to complain about lmao

  37. I don't think people are focusing on what this would mean. This project would be the first to have a non 616 protagonist (Loki is a variant off of universe 616 I think).

  38. do a cap corps project I don’t get the point of pushing her into a solo project considering the GA just got adjusted to sam’s captain america

  39. Maybe because you hear different individuals express themselves under different topics. I think if you went through their comment history, you'd find that they are consistent with their opinions. Both sides.

  40. Look, if Marvel can make good shows at the current pace (which will include these standalone shows), then I'll watch it. However, if they keep pumping out 5 mediocre shows and 1 quality show, that won't be worthwhile whether it's standalone or not. The reason I am concerned about this increasing quality is that this could lead to decreasing quality of the shows, which let's be honest haven't been very good to begin with...except Loki and MK to some extent. Also superhero fatigue is a thing

  41. I agree with most of this thread! I thought she Captain Carter was great in MoM and am interested to see what she does next in What If but a full series or movie… I’m not really interested just because we have all the captain America stuff with the same power set and gimmick. Idk how they’d differentiate this from what we’ve already seen so many times.

  42. I know Evans has no interest in returning but I would much rather see a Steve and Peggy Man From UNCLE spy thriller than a Captain Carter project.

  43. I love the character, so I am interested in this. I’d be curious to count up appearances in the MCU and see which character has the most at this point between Agent/Captain Carter, Agent Coulson and Nick Fury?

  44. I'd be cool with this if they're able to tie Agent Carter in somehow so that this can be a quasi-Season 3 of that show.

  45. I’d be more interested in this If captain carter felt more distinct from Steve. I don’t wanna sound like those anti-SJW idiots, but she is kind of just female Steve and it’s really boring.

  46. Everytime a new rumored show is posted about, and eventually announced, there's a wave of "nobody asked for this" and "they are going to overextend themselves" in this same sub where folks are clamoring for content if we have to wait more than four weeks between Marvel properties.

  47. I strongly suspect as the next two Mission Impossible movies are being released, more Hayley Atwell is going to grow more. Plus, Hayley Atwell always seems to be a good team player for Marvel. She gets paid, but she'll appear up in this Marvel movie and that Marvel movie for just a quick scene. I think that goes a long way in her working relationship with Marvel.

  48. I think Hayley Atwell is great and I really liked seeing her as Peggy in MoM and would happily see more of her on screen

  49. i'm starting to get really irritated now.... 😅 i'm tired of these "just because" shows being put out.

  50. I mean, I wouldn't say they are wrong, most of phase 4 I really wouldn't say is as good as it could be and I would say they are starting to pump out too much content. Even the best stuff in phase 4 I really wouldn't say is as good as most seem to think it is. Would rather get 2 to 3 films a year that are genuinely great and have more resources put into them then like 4 films and 6 to 7 shows a year that are ehh or just good at best and feel like they are made in a factory.

  51. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I would really dig a Captain Carter series. Maybe even more than some of the characters that ARE getting a tv show.

  52. Okay nothing against Peggy, but who wants this? Just because they now have a medium, they don't need to put of TV series for every character. Captain Carter is interesting take on Captain America, but let her be limited. I wish the narrative moves a little bit forward towards the end goal. Not these series about characters which may not have such a strong support in moving the over arch forward.

  53. Everyone is saying the MCU is doing too much, the MCU has peaked the MCU shouldn't make content about lesser known characters or side pieces. Personally I'm stoked for a Captain Carter project. Give her a series! Maybe it won't be 838 Carter but a different universe, it'll pretty much be exactly what MCU-anti's want! A non-connected MCU marvel project!

  54. I think the reason marvel is milking peggy so much because she might be playing a huge part in the future of the mcu possibly secret wars.

  55. I love that people think that "it's too much", and "none cares about this" (coincidentally always when the news is about a show starring a woman or a person of color, go figure).

  56. I mean I do agree it's too much. I'm not watching everything and I'm aware I don't need to watch everything but I'd rather get like 3 films a year that are genuinely great and have enough resources put into them to make them as good as possible instead of like, 4 films and 6 to 7 shows a year that are either ehh or just simply good at best. I would have no issue with more content if it was all good quality but phase 4 I really wouldn't say has been that great in quality. Even the good stuff I wouldn't say is as great as most seem to think it is.

  57. So we’ll see Mister Fantastic in his movie, Prof X in the mutants project, Captain Marvel has a sequel coming and now even Agent Carter seems to be getting something.

  58. I’d rather them bring back agent Carter and have it focus on the foundation of S.H.E.I.L.D/her adventures as the director. I mean who’s to say that Howard didn’t make her a shield of her own? That would be an easy retcon since they haven’t explored that era of the MCU much

  59. Feels like they're a decade too-late tbh. I'd have LOVED a Captain Carter show after The First Avenger, but the first season of Agent Carter was great and showed that she doesn't need the serum to be badass, and at this point I've lost all interest in a "What If" situation.

  60. So now multiverse variants are going to get their own projects too? Meh. I get why they're doing it, they need constant content for disney+, but it's hard to get hyped lol

  61. I think Captain Carter's a fine character. I don't love her, but I don't hate her either, but this is a weird development—if true. She's perfectly fine in What If...?, and her cameo in MoM was cool, but I don't see the need for this show mainly because this feels like this would just be another part of the multiverse. Like, unless Captain Carter goes into Earth-616 and becomes a hero in the main timeline, I don't really see the need for her to have her own show.

  62. Im so confused, we have the opportunity to explore the 838 universe or the What if CC universe, and yall don't want it????

  63. Would much rather Agent Carter season 3 that finishes plotlines and retroactively makes the first two seasons true canon (which I personally do anyway)

  64. Everyone complaining about Agatha and Echo ... no idea why. Those feel like distinct characters with their own unique character and story potential. Is it just because they're relatively unknown? The MCU has been great at pulling out minor characters and giving them a glow-up and the spotlight. I don't see why Agatha or Echo especially should be unworthy of the Shang-Chi or Guardians of the Galaxy treatment.

  65. Peggy getting more appearances than any other character lol. Movies, TV show and animation . Really great for Hayley Atwell

  66. My main curiosity would be how they’d thread the needle between all the digs at British colonialism and the theft of cultural artefacts from the rest of the world, and a superhero with a Union Jack painted on a weapon made of material nicked from an African state.

  67. Everyone on here loves to complain about everything. If you don't want to watch the shows marvel makes just don't watch them and to say the shows are taking away from the movies I disagree greatly because I still look forward to the movies as much as I ever have

  68. Comics set outside the main Marvel timeline don’t tend to last very long. I imagine a similar issue for any movie spending extended amount of time outside of the main MCU.

  69. I don't see the point of this. The episode of What If was already bad enough because nothing really changed compared to First Avenger. It's just gonna be the same thing all over again. If they want her as a supporting member why not but if feels useless for her to have her own project.

  70. I'm absolutely sure about reading this comment section: The end of Marvel studios will be caused by its own fans. How sad.

  71. I can't believe this, but the MCU is genuinely starting to exhaust me. It's not even that I'm obsessed with it. It's just that there's always some random ass project. Every week it seems we get something. And most of it sucks. NWH was the only good project in this phase imo. They should calm down and make the projects feel more special.

  72. I’m pretty stoked for it. Haley Atwell is great and Captain Carter as a concept is great. They just haven’t been able to do anything interesting with her in What If or MoM.

  73. Hey if they can give Agatha, the babysitter for Reed and Sue's kids, a series, then why not Carter? At least Carter has actually had a couple of one shots and new ongoing. Would much rather have Jane Thor or America Chavez series or films than both Agatha and Carter combine. Why? Because both Jane and America have actually held ongoing series for quite some time, some of which are very good.

  74. I'm honestly more hyped for the Agatha show than this...I don't hate Peggy but what is the need for this? People were asking and questioning the existence of the Agatha show, but at least she's entertaining as hell. What's the appeal of a Peggy show?

  75. I think it’s a cool idea to have some live action multiverse shows - for one thing it would save time developing and introducing universes and their characters when they inevitably start incursion-ing in Secret Wars

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