Let’s Settle This

  1. Once at hannaford there was a visibly ill woman sitting in the pharmacy with her husband. After a few minutes she pulled out a plastic bag, puked in it, then walked off into the produce department with the bag.

  2. Wow. And the only thing I ever found at a Hannaford pharmacy was an old man's iPhone that we got a Dunkin' gift card and some flowers for finding.

  3. Is it even a contest? Hannaford is cleaner, better stocked, far more variety and much cheaper on nearly all products. Not to mention their store brands blow Shaw's out of the water, quality and taste wise.

  4. For whatever reason, the south Portland shaws has a great organic food section/selection and a lot of non meat/non dairy foods that I haven’t been able to find a hannafords in the area.

  5. I will add the only thing Shaw's has going for it is that they offer plastic bags still, whereas Hannaford just has garbage paper bags that tear if you look at them wrong.

  6. On a related note: you know that woman that stabbed another woman at the Saco Shaw's in one of the frozen food aisles several years back?

  7. I dont know how Shaw's is still open. The few times I have been forced to settle on Shaw's, it has been empty. I literally shopped a few times at Shaw's when COVID began to avoid people...

  8. Yet checking out takes just as long because there’s only ever one or two registers open… which is probably part of the reason they’re still open. Seems like about 5 people work there despite it being a full sized grocery store.

  9. It’s mostly the elderly and coupon fanatics who shop at Shaws, and I swear to Christ they’re the only people keeping that damn store open

  10. I’ve kinda always assumed it’s a big Los Pollos Hermanos money laundering situation. Like somehow if we got rid of all the Shaws’ we would immediately notice that fentanyl wasn’t a problem anymore

  11. I’m a Hannaford fan. I love the rewards, Clynk, their in house brands, etc. My only complaint is that my local one covers up its produce wayyyy before they close and I’m always a late shopper.

  12. We don’t care if you grab potatoes after we cover it up. The only reason that’s there is because, supposedly, potatoes go bad faster if they’re exposed to light. As long as you tuck the potatoes back in, it’s completely fine. Probs just a overeager “service leader” wanting to get out earlier, lol.

  13. Ooh I love that; we occasionally find dirty diapers left in carts outside too. Like, y’know people put their food there, right?

  14. Voted Shaws only because my son has food allergies, and Shaws carries a huge selection of things he can have and even puts tags saying what it's free of. Hannaford doesn't carry many options at all. This is based on my opinion of my town

  15. I agree, AND they have really great digital and 3 days specials. Certain Items only Shaws carries, certain items only Hannaford carries.

  16. Shaws does have a great selection of dietary specific items. Guessing that’s their play because they can’t compete in other areas.

  17. Alright, I’m clearly in the minority, but y’all even stepped foot in the Auburn Hannaford? Even the remodel kept the 40 years worth of spring street stank on it.

  18. I will always love Hannaford more… but whoever runs the produce section at shaws in Falmouth needs a raise cause it blows all the other stores out of the water

  19. As a vegetarian I would rather go to shaws(north conway shaws) because all of the non produce products that I buy are consolidated in 3 aisle compared to hannaford where I have to go into every aisle to get all the stuff I want. However I no longer work in North Conway and work in Portland now so I've settled for the waterboro hannaford but still don't like it as much as I liked shaws. I could be in and out when going to shaws which I miss.

  20. this. I wish Hannaford never moved all of the dietary and organic aisles into the rest of them. I SPECIFICALLY, do not like to hunt for things, or waste time in every aisle.

  21. Market Basket. Both Hannaford and Shaws have increased their prices horrendously. We have stopped buying steak at either because there is always a hidden strip of gristle running through it and no matter what the cut it is tough. I’ve had chicken from Hannafords smell awful days before the use by date. Produce selections are also subpar.

  22. There is no shaws around me but I went to the one in Sanford a few times when I lived there. It was idk, like it felt dirty in there. The lighting was dark and made it depressing looking in there.

  23. Mostly I go to Shaw’s, because it’s closer. The one in Wiscasset has an amazing clearance section. And it big and clean, and has a good selection of vegetarian food. I’ll go to Hannaford in Gardiner on the weekends in the oh-heck-no-I-am-NOT-dealing-with-route-1 months, but I prefer the Wiscasset Shaws. My only choices really except for Goggins IGA.

  24. Hannys used to have the best buffalo chicken pasta salad, but it was back when they’d scoop it into containers. Nowadays I feel like it’s made at some central location and packaged off site. Doesn’t taste the same, tastes like it was made in a huge batch at a time.

  25. I decided to be adventurous and try Shaw’s in Ellsworth. They had Mexican Coke which made me gleeful… the red snapper I also gleefully purchased was badly de-boned and my best friend wound up in the ER with one stuck in her throat. $6000.00 later….

  26. Having been an employee of both, Hannaford treats their staff so much better than Shaw's. For example I used to bring carts in at Shaw's, and they forced us to wear pants unless it topped 90 degrees. At Hannaford, you are allowed to wear shorts (provided they're not athletic ones) regardless of the heat, and you can wear them inside, even if you're not doing carts. Also, the managers and fellow employees are so much nicer.

  27. As a former Hannaford employee I can agree to this, except for one store manager who "retired" those of us still left from when she was there or knew of her referred to her as "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"

  28. I had a couple different managers when I worked at Shaw’s and they all seemed to have a different shorts policy. One problem I felt with working for shaws was that the corporate offices were in the Midwest so everything pertaining to what we were and weren’t allowed to do made no sense for this state

  29. My mom tried to open one in Bangor and they are like whole foods, their market research includes median salary, unfortunately, unless their parameters change, it’s unlikely they will branch out.

  30. Shaws is always dingy and overpriced. I’ve never seen a ‘slammed’ Shaws. I will pick Hannaford every time. (Of course the real answer is Market Basket).

  31. Back in the day, I only shopped at Shaws. I think that’s when one of them got caught pouring bleach on their meat. Then I switched to Hanny’s because the prices are far better. Hannys has better looking produce and they offer local veggies.

  32. Hannaford by far. But I will say the answer might depend on where you’re from. In my area all of the Hannafords are far superior to the Shaws, but I’ve been to a few places where it’s the opposite, or both stores are pretty much the same.

  33. My wife went to Hannaford and got a birthday cake and it was priced wrong. She walked out of the store with a free cake and twice the price of said cake (almost 50$)

  34. If I have to choose, I’d choose Hannaford because their regular prices aren’t marked up as much so I know on a random trip going there is cheaper.

  35. Maybe I'm still getting used to Market Basket but... I find it hard to find things. Sometimes they have random "themed" displays (which I get,) but some items can ONLY be found on that one "BBQ display" and not in a place you would look for it.

  36. I’ve never been to one and there’s only two in the state. Seems to be popular with those who have access to it though. Maybe someday I’ll visit one. Until then, Hannaford or Shaws?

  37. I had the honor of being in a Hannaford's commercial back in 2002. I'm a loyalist now and forever and will never forget that they don't actually allow customers to handle the lobsters despite our producers creative vision 🤣

  38. Hannaford is great and all, but their application website will give you a virus. I tired applying today and I gave up because I was worried someone was going to steal my information

  39. I like Shaw's because it's the same parent company as Safeway, which I'm used to being from the west. The layout of the store and the selection are just much more familiar to me than Hannaford's. Shaw's also carries my favorite wine and Hanna's doesn't.

  40. Yes! I’m from the mid Atlantic and used to do all my shopping at Safeway as well. It just feels more homey and what I’m used to already.

  41. I totally get that. Albertsons, Safeway is the west. On the west side they do have better produce/meat. East, they’re ok. I like the deli selection with cheese and some meats.

  42. Having worked at Hannaford, being completely run ragged by standard practices and belittled by upper management, I can honestly say that I will never fucking shop at Shaw’s.

  43. The only good thing about Shaws is they aren’t busy (except the one in Falmouth). Otherwise the only reason I ever go to a Shaws is if I happen to be by one for some reason

  44. I worked at Shaw’s for 5 years. I’m fine with never setting foot in one again. Not impressed with their phone app (which hardly works) trying to suck me in with their sale items.

  45. If those are the only choices, Hannaford. Better prices, same or better quality on the house brands. Prices were better at Hannaford before Stop And Shop bought them from Delhaize.

  46. My grandfather is dyslexic and everytime he goes into hannaford with a list my grandmother wrote down, and he will find a worker and they’ll go through the whole store with him and help him get every item. And he really can’t read or write. He never learned how to. The fact that and worker there will literally shop with him the whole time is why I love it there. Plus we don’t even have a shaws where I live 😂 rural Maine.

  47. I would have voted for Market Basket! The Hannaford in my town is nice, and has been improved, but the MB is worth going out of the way for.

  48. Bath Shaw’s is so so so bad lol. My brother has gotten food poisoning from the fish there repeatedly, the fish just generally looks gross (grey salmon! Green tuna! Yum!), the produce looks scary…one time we almost got a mayonnaise that was a year and a half expired. It was a good thing I checked the date 🤢

  49. Shaws smells bad, its like a C-Store you walk in and everything smells like feet. You might still get something, but you want it wrapped in plastic and sealed.

  50. In sopo the shaws is both bigger and nicer than the hannaford, in Falmouth the shaws is bigger and nicer than the yarmouth hannaford.

  51. Used to work at the Hanover st hannaford in Manchester. Lots of scary people. Used to be this old woman that would pace up and down the other side of the parking lot every Friday night for hours.

  52. My neighbah, growing up, was a manager for Shaw’s. He was an insufferable constant prick. Fat stupid racist. Did I mention stupid? And fat? Oh yeah, and racist.

  53. Shaws deli gave me my sliced cheese which promptly came apart at the seams and fell out into the cart. I waited my turn and told said deli person that the bag split and the cheese fell out. She asked if I wanted a new bag. Yes, And some new cheese. We had an eye to eye showdown. I said I’m not leaving here with cart cheese. She resliced, bagged it up, slapped it on the counter and walked away. Thanks cart cheese lady! DB

  54. I split my purchases between them. Shaws doesn't have the best prices on everything, but they have the best sale prices and rewards. They also tend to have the better prices and selection on dairy and meat.

  55. Shaw's is in my neighborhood and before a recent-ish remodel it was the exact same Shaw's my mother used to take me to starting in the 1970s. Nostalgia vibes. Ducking now: I do most of my groceries at Sam's and Walmart. And I can't stand this term "Hanny's." Grew up here, never heard it called that until I got Reddit 5 months ago. Then again, I'm so old I'm still calling it Shop'n'Save.

  56. Shaws is not what it used to be. Was a time when they were the number 1 competitor to Stop & Shop, but then management changed.

  57. The only rhong that bothers me is cunts standing in the middle of the aisle talking to each other. And Shaws has less of that. Go talk in the parking lot instead of standing in the aisle and talk to your neighbor or ill run your ass over

  58. Once I bought Bubba Burgers from Shaws. We grilled them, bit into them. They tasted….funny. I looked at the expiration date. It was 11-2016. This was in 2019 🤮

  59. Much better sushi, if Shaws ever has it. Produce much better. You can find some random good sales at shaws but in general always Hannaford. The real question is market basket vs Hannaford

  60. This thread again? this gets asked every 3 - 4 months. If your local Shaw's is one of the ones that's been recently remodeled in the last few years then it blows hannaford's out of the water ( that's why so many people are mentioning the Falmouth store). Shaw's bakery is also much better than hannaford's in every way. Floral department is also all done in house.

  61. Hannaford is always better but Shaws has the right prices most of the time. Walmart all the way, unless I want more name brands then I’ll go to Hannaford. Always over there!

  62. Shaws stores vary so much. I always found the Scarborough one on Payne Rd had fresh and diverse produce and a great selection of food overall. Trash Shaws at Westgate Portland has always been terrible. At times it stinks of rotting produce & you have to check dates on everything because things are often expired. Hannaford is more convenient, reliably nicer and less likely to require a refund.

  63. Every shaws I’ve been to has that “smell” that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s like something has been in the fridge too long combined with off gassing plastic. I only go to shaws if I’m running late for a cookout and need to buy chips and beer/seltzer and it’s the only store on the way.

  64. In Brunswick/cooks corner its a toss up but he decider is produce ...shaw's simply outclasses hannaford's on this front ...not even close.

  65. I work at Hannafords and the people there are literally the nicest employees I’ve ever seen. I mean a customer will drop or break something and we’ll just be like, “Oh let me go get you another one free of charge.” And even I’m like wtf why are we doing this, but that’s why I love Hannafords i guess

  66. Mother Hannaford is a legend. I have friends from the Midwest who still go on and on about it eight years after we stopped in there.

  67. I prefer Hannaford for 90% of things but Shaw's has every other grocery store beat out on their store brand frozen pizza. I literally go to Shaw's just for that pizza and nothing else. Especially when it's a 2 for $6 deal.

  68. Too many Hannafords in my opinion they need some serious competition like shaws used to. Market Basket; keep heading north please.

  69. The last time I shopped at a shaws some guy flipped me off as I walked in. I thought, "huh, ok phuq u 2" and grabbed the one item that made me go into shaws.

  70. Shaws in Brunswick has their in and out doors reversed.... monsters. Avoid shopping there when I can.

  71. Shaws isn’t anything special, but Hannys (Ellsw) is it’s own special shit show. I started working at the beginning of the pandemic, so rules and procedures were changing every 5 minutes, but they focused on changing the dress code to distract us. There’s SERIOUS communication issues, like not even the store manager knows what’s going on half the time, and when new policies arrive, they take MONTHS for everyone to know about. An associate has died from COVID, but people who get sick (positive tests) now are punished for calling out. There was sexual assault with associates in deli, and they just transferred the assaulter to Bar Harbor, and didn’t call the cops because it “would look bad”. HR is a joke and will blame your problems on you. Customers are privileged entitled babies who literally have complained to the manager that “there’s too many people stocking shelves who don’t get out of my way when I’m near and don’t even use my words”. Customers don’t even say “excuse me” in the aisles when walking near/past you, they just glare like you’re supposed to read their minds? Oh and they specifically hire people (elderly and naive) who they can take advantage of and pay less. It breaks my heart because Hannys is full of amazing humans who are worthy of being treated with respect and dignity, and this store doesn’t. I’ve seen literally dozens of people quit within the last year, and more coming.

  72. I never see anyone I know at Shaws and that is the only reason I need to continue to choose them over Hannaford.

  73. I like hannaford for their fresh stuff. Produce, meats, etc. But Shaws for like cooking staples. I'm GF and Shaws has way more gf options than hannaford does.

  74. I stopped shopping at Shaws back when you had to have the shaws card for the “10 for 10” sales, while those exact products regularly priced had been like .79 cents at Hannaford.

  75. I worked as a Shaw’s cashier as a teen. Once had to clean diarrhea off the bathroom wall and was right back to handling peoples groceries 5 minutes later

  76. Fuck shaws. Went with a group of 8 colleagues from out of state to Shaw’s in Falmouth, picked out $500 in groceries and beer to do a lobster boil at my place. The cashier insisted on checking everyone’s ID (we’re all in our 30s), one person didn’t have their wallet with them, so they refused to sell us the beer.

  77. State law says that an entire party has to have their ID checked and if one fails the alcohol sale can't go through. That's not a store thing, that's a Maine law thing.

  78. This happens sometimes, just ask to remove the beer from the transaction. You ruined your lobster boil because you really wanted to drink some beer?

  79. I use the Shaws app and go there pretty much only to get good sales (recently it was 38 cent mangos). I go to hannaford for the rest of my basic groceries and (when I can get there) Trader Joe’s for the best snacks and freezer meals.

  80. Hannafords is better cause you have more options and it's cheaper! I've lived next door to both and the employees are much nicer at Hannaford too! Shaws on Congress there is this women cashier who is extremely rude but after a few dealings with her I realized that's just how she is and I accepted it lol. It's been a while since I've been to either tho. I moved back to the the west coast at the beginning of the year where I'm originally from.

  81. Jeff Bughum. This guy owes all of the grocery stores in Southern Maine. He's a tough guy but likes medium-soft croutons. Summers are long and his breathing is suffering. Long-short disphentomalism disorder. Likely he will be able to join for dinner, but don't expect lunch 8 later. Keep an eye out. Okay.

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