Development plan approved for Congress Street block with hotel, condos and shops

  1. All housing built improves the supply situation. I know we supposedly hate the condo people or whatever but we are at such a deficit. We need to build.

  2. Sadly there is still demand for more hotel rooms. And the market will opt to fill that demand rather than the much more acute demand for housing every time. For some reason.

  3. I may be making a leap here but do more hotel rooms not end up decreasing demand for Airbnb/vrbo rentals and thus decrease demand from investors for housing that could otherwise be someone’s full time residence?

  4. Well, they've got condos. The question, though, is if those condos are actually gonna be affordable or if they're gonna be for the richest people to ever rich. The article doesn't state anything about affordable housing for people on, say, Section 8, but it doesn't list prices either, for obvious reasons.

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