Ice Cube

  1. In hindsight, meeting with Trump on behalf of all black people, and promising to deliver the black vote for 8 billion dollars during the election in 2020 was not very "Ice Cube".

  2. I saw this post on another site and the top comment was something about her using her kid for internet clout cuz he don't even no who ice cube is.

  3. I mean, people are bringing little kids to Travis Scott concerts so I guess exposing kids to this kind of music early is cool in some circles.

  4. He didn't support Trump. He said he was willing to work with Trump if he wanted to help black communities. In fact he told people they shouldn't vote.

  5. Sad part about people of colour, immigrants, minorities in general, supporting Trump is that whole political party will sell them out first. The GOP doesn't give a fuck about anyone but white christian republicans loyal to trump.

  6. Ice Cube has a long history of anti-Semitism going back to at least 1991 song "No Vaseline" that uses racial and anti-Semitism slurs. It continues to this day with his support of the nation of islam and louis farrakhan and anti-Semitism posts on twitter. Some explicit and some dog whistles. He's also anti-vaxx and really into conspiracy theories which explains why he worked with Trump. The guy is a piece of work.

  7. It's also ice cube. He's not a role model for a small child. He was an explicit rapper from the 80s with very graphic music, graphic movies, not to mention recent events

  8. He’s probably a picture of a picture of a screenshot pulled off of a post that was sent in an email and forwarded by grandma.

  9. He is a great guy (from what I know of him)I knew a man who went to high school with him and he said he was always really funny.

  10. And now that’s a loyal fan I bet he’ll never lose, it truly doesn’t take much to have someone idolize you forever, mainly by not touching children.

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