Spider-Man challenge

  1. That's a great point. I was just thinking, "I bet a lot of people could do this to a greater degree than they think is currently possible."

  2. I loved watching our coaches do stuff like this when I was a little athlete. It was like looking ahead at what I could achieve if I worked hard.

  3. It seems to me that the guys are the girls coaches or something. They're having fun together. People, the girls aren't dumb. Of course they know that the adults have more strength. But isn't it great to have role models?

  4. Every year at my elementary school the teachers would face off against the top 6th grader athletes in a volleyball match while the whole school watched and it was always epic.

  5. Yep probably a summer camp! And they let all the campers go first and then the instructors get to have a bit of fun too. Love this

  6. I remember doing competitive stuff like this in sports when I was in elementary and middle school and it was always cool to see how you did compared to everyone else and then was amazing to watch the coaches do a lot better.

  7. Yeah but be careful with her. I feel like if she suddenly gets flooded with gamma rays that jump would immediately turn into a "Hulk, SMASH!"

  8. It definitely took me way longer than it should have to realize the same 2 men were repeatedly going to try and top what they did in the rounds before.. I just kept being amazed that there were always more people, like it never ended.

  9. I literally didn't know until the 3rd time I turned the sound on and heard the same names over and over

  10. Did not expect so many neckbeard comments on a bit of fun. Tell me you never did any physical activity without telling me...

  11. I wish i knew… They seem to think it’s girls being shown up by grown men when clearly it’s girls vs girls then the adult teachers vs each other

  12. That's literally every comments section of every video like this. Reddit is full of assholes, especially in the 'happy' subs, who make it their life's mission tocshit on anything that makes people happy and make sure they "give people a taste of reality." And people who just insist on looking at everything, including kittens and people having fun, in the worst possible light

  13. A beautiful display of sportsmanship and competitive achievement. This brought me back to my years in track and field. One of the better times of my younger years

  14. It's interesting that the same guys ended up going so much higher in later attempts, because they were only aiming to surpass the previous high score rather than get their best personal score.

  15. That was so much fun and so wholesome. It's rare when I'm actually rooting for everyone. :) Thank you, OP.

  16. It might have been a coincidence but at 1:13 you can see the winner push off from the fold between the two mats. Not sure how much leverage he got from that but might have provided a boost.

  17. I remember doing this as a kid in my neighborhood except we use to sharpen popsicles sticks on the concrete and then we'd run towards the tall tree and stab it as high as we could reach good ol days

  18. We did something similar, we had a rope swing over a river and would swing to the higher branches and stab a screwdriver into it then the next person had to get it back out

  19. I love how the two guys just kept starting farther and farther away the higher they jumped lol - fully expected one of them to go past the door.

  20. We had a basket on the side of the gym that was a foot out from the wall and I used to jump off the wall like this and do windmill dunks. I could dunk on a regular basket barely but could do some fun stuff propelling off the wall.

  21. This game teaches something very important if you think about it, it’s about having a clear target/goal. Almost everyone did better than the previous one, and the reason was that they knew where to aim and knew what height they wanted to achieve.

  22. I like how it looks like the staff said “damn those girls look they havin fun.” And joined in.

  23. It just so happened that Sandstorm played in my headphones as I watched this video — and it fit marvellously.

  24. It’s raulD33 on YouTube if anyone wants to watch more of these videos. It’s a cheer club and they do loads of cool challenge videos!

  25. I remember doing this with my friends and won, then one of them looked at me and said" you're the most unathletic, athletic person I know"

  26. 99% of the fun times I remember being a kid in "speelpleinwerking" (which is like community activities organised by the city for all kids to attend freely during the various holiday periods throughout the year) is when the leaders put on a show (and often made a fool of themselves willingly) by competing against each other in the games they had been trying to keep us entertained with.

  27. Didn’t realize what sub this was in but by the end of the video when I looked I realized I was smiling like an idiot the whole time! So wholesome. Wished that girl’s note stuck though! But next time for sure :)

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