Dads before a thunderstorm

  1. You really can. But man, growing up in FL thunderstorms barely alter the routine when it's almost every single afternoon for months atraight. Has to be a real bad one for my dad to get riled up.

  2. My husband lost his sense of smell a LONG time ago. This happened over 20 years ago. Everytime I say something related to smell, he's shocked. Like I would say, "mmmm I can smell the rain." And he would respond "rain has a smell?!" Or it with grass or dirt. It boggles him. Trying to explain a smell to someone is different

  3. Same. I have always been a ‘weather-weenie’. I see the trees ‘with their leaves, begging for rain’, and you know a good storm is near.

  4. My wife’s favourite thing is reading the log in my Dads chat group. We all talk about weather radar maps constantly but no one ever agrees on what they say, pretty sure none of us actually know.

  5. Oh man… you just made me homesick for the east coast. Living out west now and it rarely rains. Nothing like watching the radar while waiting for the storm to come. Always builds up the anticipation.

  6. Reminds me of growing up and my parents watching the weather channel religiously. It was the worst if they turned it on just after the local....that meant we'd have to watch this godforsakin channel for at another 30-60 minutes until it comes back around. Good memories indeed 🤗

  7. This guy brought me into the 90’s. We were not charging shit but we were finding the flashlights and batteries lol!

  8. Fuck you I didn't see anything wrong with this then I forgot I'm not a kid anymore and we have phones.

  9. Lol flashlights and candles ready, bathtubs filled with water, grabbing a drink while the fridge is still powered. I moved away from storm country and now this made me feel weirdly nostalgic

  10. God dammit this made me tear up. My dad was like this too.. not so verbal, but you could tell he was in thunderstorm mode. He loved being out there watching the storm and talking with the neighbors about it. He would get me and my brother all wound up too about the storm and he just wanted us to watch it with him, so he could share a part of himself with us.

  11. I'm in the same boat. I have strong core memories sitting out on the porch watching the storms roll in from the west when I was a kid. So much so I got a tattoo to honor him and those memories

  12. my dad always used to wake me up and get me out of bed to sit on the porch and watch the storms, i was hoping to see someone else who did it too. thanks for sharing this <3

  13. I know how you feel, had to say goodbye to mine three months ago and I’d give anything I have to see him one more time.

  14. Yep, this is me right here. Get the radar going, tell everyone what's gonna happen, go set up outside to enjoy the show. Come back in as soon as I'm spooked.

  15. Except the lightning distance. You do seconds divided by five to get mileage (sound travels at about 1000 feet per second, about 5000 feet in a mile). So on a two second delay its less than half a mile away

  16. Omg this was my dad back in the day, he would have us all on the living room floor wrapped up in blankets with the lights off, while he peeked out the window and counted the seconds until the thunder clap lol

  17. Omg that's hilarious I like how he said Gods belly was rumbling then he comes out with cheezits in the next frame. Hmm someone's belly was rumbling. :)

  18. If we did this every time there was a thunderstorm, we wouldn’t get anything done half of most years. Our thunderstorm checklist mostly consists of bitching about people driving with their flashers on and waiting ten minutes for it to be clear again.

  19. Same. I had a girl at work whose home was hit by a tornado and they went into the basement. The tornado broke out all their basement windows and it flooded with heavy rain. They were in the basement with water up to their waists holding two kids. That was a new fear ~unlocked~ for me. We now have a tote on the top shelf with clothes and shoes just in case.

  20. I grew up terrified of storms. I learned all about them, studied them and began to understand the weather especially in my area. My family says I'm their radar. Lol. Tonight before a storm I walked outside, felt the air, looked at the clouds and lightning, smelled everything. Came in. Made my prediction then looked up NWS radar and warnings and I was spot on. 10 years or terror turned in to utter fascination after studying as much as I could. I love them now. Even saw a tornado once! I told my mom it's exact path... I think the fear gave me an inmate knowing too. Love this video. I have my kids put on shoes before tornados. All pets in safe place with us. Flashlights, weather radio. Hopefully I never have to live through one going right over top of me though! They have been close but not on top of my house, thank Heavens!!

  21. Bought a giant trampoline last year. Didn’t come with stakes. Didn’t order them yet. Kept moving the trampoline and tying it down every time it stormed.

  22. Yuuuuup. Our neighbors across the street never tied their trampoline down, and we eventually got a storm big enough to blow it straight into our house. I was sitting in the living room and heard this weird scraping noise outside… looked up at the front door and CRASH. Scared the bejeezus outta me… between the loud noise and the huge shadow walloping the window, I thought that one of our trees had fallen over.

  23. That’s me in my house. Lower the patio umbrellas, put everything away that can blow. Loudly ascertain that nobody plans to shower during the storm. Watch the radar, and listen for the weather radio to go off. We’ve had two tornadoes near us in the last ten years, and that’s two too many! We get hurricanes too, but it’s tornadoes I’m worried about.

  24. Is there some problem with being a well thought out manager of risk and safety when protecting your family!?

  25. Broh prepping for a storm like that is only smart. Cause it takes even big thunder storms from something that can cause worry to something you just sit back and enjoy.

  26. This was literally me and my Dad growing up. He'd get so excited, we would watch the clouds. I have always loved thunderstorms. They're so exciting. I miss my Dad.

  27. I grew up in the South, before air conditioning and when weather forecasts were as likely to be wrong as right. July and August afternoons you would pray for a storm to cut the heat some. My dad would say he could smell rain coming and he was often right.

  28. Close the windows, or mostly close them, that's all ya need to do buddy. Those kids toy, they need a wash anyway, so leave them to get rained on. I call those free car wash days.

  29. For anyone’s information, every 5 seconds is 1 mile from when lightning strikes and then you hear it. Since he counted two seconds, it’s only 0.4 miles away, so it’s dangerously really close

  30. After living in FL all my life when he says “i can smell it, u really can” the funny thing is when it’s thunder storming outside i’ve gotten so used to it i just sit there in my house like “yep another tuesday”

  31. I do this before every storm and good thing because one time we had a storm with 90 mph winds that would've blown everything away if i hadn't strapped it down or taken it inside

  32. I read first with no sound, then listened to it and said everything with the same inflection. But, I have no kids 😟

  33. The best is when your coming back from the lake and you can watch the storm brew then it down pours right as you finish putting everything away.

  34. I dont think 2 seconds equals 2 miles. Speed of sound is 1088 ft per second. Or basically a foot a millisecond. So 5280 ft should take roughly 5 seconds to traverse.

  35. My wife used to razz me about my storm prep…until Sandy came and the whole neighborhood was without power for 10 days. Oh, is that natural gas backup generator still the most expensive bird rest in town?

  36. I guess I missed this class in dad school cus usual when it starts raining I'm sitting on the couch and my daughter comes running and says it's raining daddy go roll the windows up on the car

  37. FYI, the distance per Mississippi between lightning and thunder is not 1 mile, as you may have been taught.

  38. Just before a thunderstorm last year a neighbor's trampoline blew away in a wind gust and carried away a kid who was playing outside on it. She died. So good on this dad for keeping his risk exposure down.

  39. I feel seen. I’m closing in on 40 and the older I get the more obsessed/anxious I get with rain storms. I pay for a fancy radar app. I’ve rushed out to clean my gutters just before a storm. I’ve put everything in the basement on risers. My kids think it’s hilarious. I like to think it’s because I’ve seen some shit. :)

  40. I have watched this TOO MANY TIMES in a row! “And it keeps getting funnier, EVERY single time I see it!” For some reason, the cheez-its took me out.

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