My brother never goes on vacation because he worries about his pup. He finally trusted me with caring for her and these are the detailed instructions he sent.

  1. I really want each day of care to have a different set of instructions more intricate and ridiculous than the previous day.

  2. None of that is is ridiculous as a pet sitter I would appreciate instructions like this very much. The more details the better. Especially with a new client/friend.

  3. If by the 7th day if he's not required to do head stands while singing who let the dogs out while administering of the alchemical drops, I'll be sadly disappointed.

  4. In grad school, we had a group house. Girl friend of one had a bird "Bob" that she "allowed" us to watch while she went on vacation. She made a large paper poster of about 30 instructions each numbered 1-30. One my our snarky roommates scribbled in item "0": "Preheat oven to 350 degrees". We let the bird scamper around in the oven for pictures, printed them and posted it next to her "recipe" sheet.

  5. Please make sure to write detailed reports each day or a summary at the end! Our dog sitter wrote a lovely letter detailing the time they spent together. It was adorable as well as hilarious and was greatly appreciated.

  6. I assume you paid them? That’s a lot of effort for someone already doing a huge favor. Slightly different when it’s your job that relies on reviews and referrals

  7. My dog had to be on prednisone for a while. Just a head's up, they are always hungry and thirsty from it. Try not to give in too much.

  8. I had to be on prednisone for a while, and I totally get the thirstiness. Prednisone is by far the bitterest thing I have ever tasted. Even a small taste of it would make anybody want to do their best to wash it out.

  9. Pretty inconvenient for her brother to have the beast’s one meal of the day at lunchtime too. No wonder he never leaves the house.

  10. All healthy dogs that are not puppies are only supposed to eat once a day. It’s biologically present in every breed, it’s not just a Shiba thing. Also wanted to point out that feeding them lunch is probably the worst possible time you could do it- you’re basically telling the dog that it’s time to go to sleep in the middle of the day.

  11. My brother acts like he doesn’t like cats, but he had to watch mine one weekend and they’ve been best buds ever since. I like to think she broke him in and said “nope, you have to scratch my ass like that other loser” and he said “piss off, but yeah he is a loser”, so then the bond was created.

  12. PSA: We have added “make sure all the interior doors are open” and “lay eyes on each cat once per day.” To our list.

  13. That’s what my ex asks me to do for my daughters cat. I tell him I’m breaking in and hanging out with the little dude until my eyes are so watery I can’t see and I’m sneezing my head off. Good times.

  14. I occasionally pet-sit. The cat-only families provide detailed instructions like this. The families with both cats and dogs prioritize the dog and are like, yeah, just make sure the cat’s alive. It’s kind of sad.

  15. Friend of mine has 3 dogs 4 cats and iv watched all these pets 4 weeks at a time (the most time iv spent living at my friends house pet sitting while they were gone) and that whole month all I had to do was refill the cats auto feeder once 💀 the cats drunk from the sink tap so didn’t even have to worry about them running out of water.

  16. Hahaha so true. Just got home from a week away and asked my dad to check on them once to make sure they were alive and had water. 2/3 of the cats were very happy to see us when we got because she wanted to go outside, one because he wanted to be around people...the unhappy one also had to do with people.

  17. My MIL left for a week and I came over every day to hang out with the cat, before work (mind you, like 6 am) and after work

  18. Apparently not my cat, I can’t leave him for just a few hours out the house, and he mostly eats only when I’m home. It’s hard to also find someone or a family who can feed him twice a day

  19. I hope nobody actually takes their dog out this infrequently! Hoping more walkies are implied. That's how dogs get bladder problems as they get old. They have littler bladders than we do! I try to take my dog out every 3-4 hours and I get so nervous about forgetting or leaving for longer intervals

  20. I work from home and constantly let my two out all day, they usually only do their buisness first time in the am and last time pm.

  21. My dogs were the same when they got old. Once they were older than 7 yrs they didn’t want to play constantly so they only went out on a long morning and night walk to poop/pee. Every now and then they’d get excited and wrestle, so they’d drink extra and ask to go out in the yard to pee during the day, but mostly they’d sleep and be lazy.

  22. Sure you don't want a cookie instead? I mean a greenie is a doggie treat that's good for their teeth, but... you know what, all power to you, you clean your teeth how you want to.

  23. What dog is this that eats 3/4 of a cup of food, once a day, at noon - pees twice a day - and sleeps like 20 hours of the day??

  24. Yeah this is fucked. Dog gets no exercise and no interaction with the outside world. How are there so many comments encouraging this?

  25. It depends on the dog. We used to walk our dog 4 times a day. Now she is getting older we mostly walk her twice, she doesn't want to go more often. She also loves to sleep in. She easily stays in bed with us till noon.

  26. Pre-pandemic I used to travel for work and if possible took pup along. But if not, sent him to daycare 1/2 day and boarding. But every evening and morning I would call to ensure pup is happy, had a good time at daycare etc. now, no more travel and I am so happy. Pup is now my officemate!

  27. I watched my eight year old niece and the dog when my sister and her husband went to Vegas. The care instructions for the dog filled the page, food, medication, potty times, last line was my nieces name with one instruction: don’t let her die. Haha I guess they have faith in me!

  28. I would definitely send pictures of Kimchi exploring dog parks, people parks, at the police station, and at least one in Walmart. Kimchi needs to go adventuring.

  29. I’m sorry, but I need to see a photo of Kimchi cause if she’s referred to as The Beast….I can’t stop smiling 😂

  30. For anyone wondering, kimchi is fermented cabbage usually served with other things. Very popular is South Korea

  31. This is adorable, and while this dog is obviously spoiled these aren't overly demanding instructions. 10/10 would definitely babysit Kimchi (also bonus marks for awesome name)

  32. I'm pretty sure my brother would have only 1/4 of this much information to care for his 3 young children.

  33. Lol this is ridiculous. Maybe it's because it's coming from a cat owner, but my cats require food, water and that's that.

  34. Shouldn't the beast eat multiple times a day? Our vet and even our dog trainer advised on at least twice a day. Especially little puppies, they need more feeding moments. I don't know what age Kimchi is.

  35. A puppy that gets no walks, only food once a day, 1 pee break every 12 hours. I don't think people replying to this post knows what it's like to have a puppy.

  36. Aw, I love that! I have a dog with medical needs too and I worry about him too. His name is Trouble and he lives up to it lol

  37. where is the walk (s)? we always take our dogs for 3 walks a day, min 20 minutes otherwise they're too bored

  38. Firstly, how dare you put this up on the internet without a picture of the beast known as Kimchi?! You have not only disapointed me, but have angered the gods that reign over this world.

  39. This reminds me of a time i was asked to "feed" my dads dog while he was out of town. How hard could it be right? When i arrived at his house i found a similar list to this. Basically the food was all measured, heated to a certain temperature place in ergonomic bowls so as the dogs neck would be in proper posture to prevent neck strain. Had to give a certain kind of water from a jug. A specific amount of treats. Hell i spent more time feeding that dog for a week than i spent feeding myself for a month.

  40. I once left instructions for my FIL on how to care for my two dogs while I was away. He proceeded to ignore them and ended up throwing out his back when he decided he could walk them both at the same time past a neighborhood wild rabbit. Dogs were fine, FIL learned to listen.

  41. Pup has two wait 3 hours after waking to eat?? And only let out TWICE a day to use the bathroom?? Maybe I’m tripping but that seems awful

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