The Cyberpunk 2077 iceberg I've crafted from just taking notes during several playthroughs.

  1. Dived into bottom tier and this all seems not secret dark knowledge, but just conclusions from tiny details that are easy to miss.

  2. It really seemed like the whole "take over a body" feature of the relic was way more intentional than it appeared, seeing as it wasn't a fluke after that became Yori's punishment after grabbing dad from the personal crypt with Hanako. Just. As. Planned.

  3. not sure if people know this but you own a pdf copy of the tabletop game if you have it on pc, check your game files and its under bonus content - source book, fun one for ya

  4. Yep! And I went out and bought a copy of Red just to see what it said about 2077. I'm more of an Unknown Armies and Over The Edge style narativist DM, but very much a genre fangirl.

  5. "Never Fade Away" is also a story for the Cyberpunk table top game from the early 1990's. It's similar enough to the version we see in 2077. Lots of the Samurai song titles and at least some lyrics have been around since then.

  6. This one was really tricky for me, TBH. Because Johnny was being very poly about it. He was clearly with Alt, but he clearly also had serious feelings with Rogue. Ultimately, what happens to Rogue in the non-secret version of Totalimmortal, and Johnny's death poem, particularly is what made me feel like it was more Rouge, imo. But it could really be viewed either way, and I certainly am not Mike or the developers.

  7. Yep! I was so happy to hear them. Just the fact that Alt decides to reference them as you're walking the pyramid I think puts an interesting spin on her view of the events.

  8. If you fast travel away from River during The Hunt and come back, you'll find him dead on the ground because he stepped on a landmine and the mission fails, it's cool how the devs actually bothered to implement this, but it's really sad too because Randy also dies.

  9. OKay, most of this makes sense and Ive seen the details or implications that'd lead you there, But 2 things I have no idea what youre talking about: the chromanticore controversy, and the weird beeping.

  10. The Chromanticore Controversy was in the early days of the game's release, where some people spoke out against the fact that Chromanticore Soda Machines and Adverts featured with a woman with a fully activated Mr. Stud (hopefully a Ms. Stud model). Some of advertisements are pretty big and I recall seeing it all over. Cyberpunk is a weirdly overtly sexual game at times and on a very shallow level, I almost felt flattered for the depiction of a transwoman on presumably an in universe multinational advertisement campaign. Then I remembered it was a game, and even if it fits with the universe, its still sexual exploitation of a regressive stereotype. It was a mess. Most people forgot about it, and so had I till you spotted it and asked.

  11. Here's one: cyberpsychosis is made up in universe. If you take down each psycho non-lethally you can learn more about each case. Usually the rampage is due to rage or extreme pain, and they're lashing out. But because they're enhanced, the effect is much larger.

  12. Other possibility is that it might not be truly fictitious, but rather the label is inaccurately applied to some so-called "cyberpsychos". I'm not really sure though, but it is striking how different the PTSD / rage ones were compared to the direction that Lizzy Wizzy took at the end of her quest.

  13. Yeah, cyberpsychosis manifests mostly with pre-existing conditions, like that sniper with PTSD/depression, or other people going crazy due to emotional stress, like eviction and job loss. Almost all their cases are illnesses, known to us, just triggered or made worse by implants. And that's why i simultaneously believe and dont in authors claim "johny has mild cyberpsychosis" because yeah, he definitely does not have everything great in his head, but arm is such a minor change, that I don't believe it can lead to worsening the situation. Drugs and alcohol, in the other hand...

  14. FWIW, cyberpsycosis is actually a mechanic from the TTRPG, and had a chance to happen if you got too much chrome.

  15. Okay so Rogue lets Johnny down easy and it starts getting stressed that V only knows Johnny's version of events. The idea is that Johnny is possibly an unreliable narrator, either from his mind's own artistic license or from his time in mikoshi. Because of that, the idea is that maybe Johnny wasn't as good as he thought, and Rogue didn't like Johnny quite as much as he thought she did.

  16. Okay, so this was a notion that struck me during my first playthrough. I went streetkid from the start (I'd recommend nomad for the first playthrough) and I was at Wilson's shop in the megablock after beating the crap out of the punchbot, and I was reading the description of the quest description that's by Jackie, still thinking it's us against the world.

  17. You can get romance options with Judy and transfemme V (femme V with a penis), and Kerry and transmasc V (masc V with a vagina). Technically the bit that they "don't date trans people" isn't accurate. That said, I was a bit surprised when I found out that there wasn't a bisexual option or two.

  18. More of a reference to the earlier playthroughs where even if you had a transfem V, in the romance scene with Judy, it doesn't render your V's broadsword, and I was mad that they ruined the best part of my transfemme nomad V playthrough. I do believe it was patched in .4 or .5, but at the time I was steamed. Could do with getting scratched off the list. Good catch though, I appreciate it.

  19. You don't need the secret ending for Alt to absorb both Johnny and Saburo; any ending other than the Arasaka siding ending where Saburo takes his son's body and V leaves Johnny with Alt. In this situation, Alt vacuums up all of Mikoshi's data, including Saburo Arasaka while also leaving with Johnny's engram.

  20. Does this have anything about the supposed serial killer cop, or perhaps a serial killer disguised as a cop? It's really hard to find any information about this because searches always end up referencing the River Ward missions about his kidnapped nephew.

  21. Idk if it is confirmed, but people call V cyberpsycho all the time on the streets, you run over a few chooms and you are suddenly a cyberpsycho...

  22. ...a lot of folks in the comments don't understand how conspiracy theories work. They keep assuming the whole idea of the iceberg is to have only 100% developer confirmed facts or something.

  23. The one in the bottom of the iceberg where Judy and Kerry don't date trans, I am assuming you are referring to if the body and voice don't match up. I don't know if the game factors in the privates as well, but I distinctly remember having a female V with female voice and giving her male genitals and still being able to hit it off with Judy.

  24. Yep, but the first time I tried it, it didn't render her girl dick. I don't think it even rendered a pussy, I think it just rendered the neuchacho form. Just polygon legs and not much else.

  25. On character creation, the voice gender option also states that this is the gender NPCs will treat you as. So this seems to be the deciding factor.

  26. Hah, I've been saying the stuff about the VDBs and Dex - so fucking meta it's insane and so much fun when you know it and can fuck their world up 🙏

  27. Literally nothing changes, you get shot by Dex. Same with if you don't punch the mirror, or if you don't even go into the bathroom. It's one of those choices that exist to allow you to roleplay a character and their emotional response.

  28. Nothing in-game implies it overtly, but in Witcher 3, Ciri implies that she visited Cyberpunk 2077 earth briefly while running from the Wild Hunt across realities (which means that there's gotta be because she crossed through).

  29. The only thing you see on screen at some point in the game is the Cyberpsycho Quest: Bloody Ritual. Its played off like a glitch, but she pulls magic. Maybe she was manipulating our brain in some way, but if you're doing this quest at night, and you're only weapon is black unicorn, you can kind of pretend your Geralt, which is kinda the point I think. Seemed just like an inside joke between you and the game.

  30. cut content from an earlier version of the game. She basically was going to be a romance option either instead of Panam and Judy, or instead of them somehow. I am not super familiar with it, but I think one of the iceberg videos on youtube does mention it.

  31. I don't, I did it on my secret ending playthrough and he calls V shit. And he does nothing to help you in the Arasaka ending except drive your car and say goodbye.

  32. What was Rogue never impressed about again? It's been a bit since the last play through... oh, and from what did you take that Johnny doesn't mind her selling out? I just recall him accusing her before they storm Arasaka.

  33. Where does Johnny say he's bi? I remember talking near that sign when he said "kerry did not interest me. He had a dick and no balls". I read it as lack of interest in men, but I may have missed a lot

  34. There's cut audio about kerry and johnny going to Dicky Twisters where johnny fondly remembers one of the male dancers in great detail.

  35. I guarantee you that "The Queen of The Highway" is not alcoholic. Drinking with friends occasionally does not make you alcoholic. Nevertheless, good work.

  36. It's not, it's very clearly a gun you purchased from Wilson. OP clearly doesn't have a good grasp on what actually happened over the course of the game and decided to just pull stuff out of her ass.

  37. No, but that would be really cool if it did. There was someone specific I had in mind that I had headcanon as trans for a certain reason beyond Claire. Fingers read as perhaps more about offending sensibilities but could just be about being pretty as best they can with the parts they can scrounge. Technically since everyone is dressed cyberpunk, everyone reads as part of the alphabet mafia.

  38. presumably because Judy will only date someone with female voice PLUS bodytype, whereas Panam will date someone with a male body type and a female voice. River also doesnt mind a male voice, whereas Kerry also wants the whole package. implying they dont date someone that has transitioned. but like someone below has said, you can customize genitals as well so its definitely a reach and a half

  39. We dont. The Witcher 3 game exists within the CP2077 game universe and the retro gaming magazine that mentions it uses a picture of Ciri on the cover of the magazine.

  40. If I recall what I heard correctly, if you fail in getting the right barn for his mission to save his nephew, it leads to him getting mad at either a NCPD member or a criminal for making a sick joke about his nephew / the other victims. He attacks the guy and they ship him off to prison for it.

  41. When Johnny tells you to get out, and that Takemura is already condamned, you can just go back and save him. Of course, if you want to. He doesnt help you much anyway.

  42. Tabletop RPG reference and confusion if Cyberpunk Red is canon or not. In the original games, johnny strums his guitar with his right hand, and always keeps his gun in his left. Just like you see at the concerts. In the TTRPG every little bit of chrome gives you cyberpsychosis, which is why Adam Smasher is like, actually beyond human empathy. For Johnny, in conjunction with the smart gun system in his silverhand, the arm is like a demon or a monster, kinda like Guts from Berserk. The gun wants to be used, unleashed, and is what changed John the Soldier who plays guitar into Johnny Silverhand kinda. Also it means that he has a crazy hit accuracy, with already experimental ammo. Again, nothing is really hinted at that except that Johnny wears his old dog tags, who he refers to the person on them having died so he could exist. And so Johnny would die if he had to in order to make V exist. Also why he doesn't just go back to being Johnny, because he still has all of V's left over memories, and is trying to keep his promise to V.

  43. So Braindances are reality recordings, VDBers can pinpoint and relive memories, Mikoshi houses the virtual ghosts in a prison, and the Ghost City, the only safe place on the old net filled with free ghosts and spirits that wander it, created by Alt. The Digital Intelligence that is Alt just uses Alt's personalty because at some point, Alt stopped becoming a singular entity, and was composed of multiple networked intelligences. So if a ghost is the same as more processing power, the advantage of taking Mikoshi is absorbing all that personality data into her own, very much like the Relic itself, not to mention the simple resource of having that much key data and information. The ghost of every runner that ever tried to throw a brick at Arasaka's window like Johnny did.

  44. Where is Soulkiller? Why does Hanako ask if we brought Soulkiller? Why can V respond that they don't know each other very well? Maybe I asked the wrong question. Who is Soulkiller?

  45. Kerry and Judy don't date transfolk? I don't think that's true, since you can play as characters that can be perceived as trans. It's a bit of an odd thing, to know what "trans" means in the future where Soulkiller exists and cybernetics are as common as cars.

  46. This is a very shallow iceberg full of stuff that can be easily found while playing or that the game flat out tells you

  47. Well, it's a pretty straightforward game as well. I'm always up for more suggestions though! Especially if its a deep cut in terms of game knowledge. I mean, I felt bad even referencing Cyberpunk Red, even though it's supposed to be a tie-in prequel.

  48. Maybe I missed it but Ciri from the Witcher 3 visits Cyberpunk’s world. When you play the Witcher, you can ask her about one of the worlds she travelled to and she’s gonna say that they were “flying ships and people with metal in their heads”. I find this detail pretty interesting because it’s mentioned in a game released before Cyberpunk

  49. I'm disappointed they didn't make the love interests bi, as not only are they all canonically bi, it would also mean more choices instead of being given 1 guy/1 girl.

  50. I mean some people have sexual preferences it’s not on the game devs to cater to you if you want to romance as a lesbian on a straight female

  51. There’s so much of this that’s either basic in game knowledge and other half that is just blatantly not true and you’ve just made stuff up from over analysing or just simply lying lmao.. post should be marked as spam.

  52. I disagree on the basis that it's a meme and I did the best I could by taking things down as I played the game in MS paint after copying down a blank high-quality image of an iceberg meme.

  53. why is "claire is trans" on the iceberg at all? doesnt she straight up tell you while on the race missions? Also saving bricks life is also just possible, not a theory? i dont get it, is it just what you, OP, thought to be "creepy" or "hidden info" or "secrets" that get more "spicy" from top to bottom?

  54. I dont think you know she is trans until you finish her story. Might be the last part she mentions it. So if you didn't find the races interesting enough to complete, it would be a hidden detail.

  55. Normally, its trying to present layers of 'depth' of knowledge, but I mostly put easily observable things near the top, and either the more wild easter eggs and my own fan theories or references from other iceberg memes that have already been made. Also mildly makes it tongue in cheek way to casually post a bunch of fun facts, easter eggs, references, and some of my own wild jumps in logic.

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