Various food processing plants in the US have a burned down in the past six months

  1. manufactured food shortages. In October 2019, the WEF hosted a "Live Simulation Exercise to Prepare Public and Private Leaders for Pandemic Response" & you know what happened two months later. Last July, they hosted cyber-polygon & war-gamed cyber attacks & supply chain interruptions. Of course, they removed that page from their website, but you can find it in the archives.

  2. Also to be noted that the Russian Prime Minister is listed as a Guest of Honor. The only other Guest of Honor was the founder of WEF. Hilarious.

  3. I get why this seems like a problem, but there are 36,486 food processing plants in the us. So it’s not as bad as it appears.

  4. Kind of feels that way, perhaps “shutting down” the big main ones lead to a ripple effect, either that or simply fear mongering to get more people afraid.

  5. This is underrated. It’s going to be this. It’s sabotaging by an enemy that is on everyone’s mind at the current moment and saying they attacked and we need to retaliate

  6. Exactly. During the previous decades when there were few on-going supply chain issues, would these fires have made the national news?

  7. This exact same thing is happening in Russia right now with fertilizer and chemical plants. High value targets are just destroying themselves. It's all coincidental right??? /S

  8. Recent outbreak of avian flu had also decimated chicken farms. I expect mad cow to have a rise soon as well. With lack of fertilizer crops will suffer it's almost as if it is intentional.

  9. I’m sure the FBI will get right to the bottom of this as soon as they’re done trying to entrap more Americans in their next scheme

  10. It’s amazing that all these world leaders say that food shortages are coming and then things like this happen. It’s all funny

  11. This one here there is no damage to the plant being reported. The plane crashed 300 yards from the plant in the parking lot, it hit 4 semi-trucks that were unoccupied fortunately but the two onboard the small aircraft were killed.

  12. This 8s government or corporation controlled espionage. George Soros has been found to be funding many antiAmerican groups and is financing riots and hate crimes in the democrats name. This is a man that has a death warrant in Hungary for the war crimes he committed during WW2 working as a Nazi sympathizer

  13. Accidents or maybe some of these illegal immigrants being shipped around the country are actually terrorist who came here with the intent of causing such accidents. Funny how it’s all over the country just like all the migrants who are being shipped.

  14. If I am going to take a guess, this is a move to blame other countries to go to war. Theyre probably gonna try to claim that this is terrorism, but it is actually self-imposed in order to make big money. I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but with the garbage happening over the past 3 years, i wouldnt be surprised.

  15. Probably the best thing to happen to the food supply in the US. Go buy some veggies. It is a processing plant for your food. Think about it.

  16. Do people seriously not know how common industrial accidents are? They must’ve been trying to have a flour and wood shortage a few years ago when those facilities were popping off left and right. Fuck the simple answer let’s jump to a tangled web of conspiracy because I can’t justify something bad happening without a nefarious group pulling the strings. Bunch of bs designed to do exactly what it’s doing to you sheep.

  17. Fires are more and more common at work. I was a Team Lead at a plastics plant and there were 1 to 3 fires weekly when I started. I yelled fire one day because operator was playing on her phone and allowed a jam up to start a fire. I was given a verbal warning to act more professional. 2 more fire ensued that day, 1 resulting in a reportable injury. Nobody cares about the fires now because they dont want to be written up. 2 fires last month resulted in 2 machines being put out of commission. Poorly skilled workers playing on phone at companies that treat their supervisors like crap equates to more fires because we dont want to be written up.

  18. Let me ask y'all this - if you wanted to mess with food supply, and create artificial shortages, would you waste your efforts taking down a fucking potato chip factory? All that does is create a GLUT of unprocessed potatoes which will sell for less.

  19. Potatoes are the raw goods that are required to process the food into not only potato chips but into other industrial food use configurations for other types of foods made from or with potatoes. Just because you have potatoes on their own doesn't mean that somehow you'll have a shortage. What you'll have is no availability of those particular foods that are required or processed elsewhere. You clearly don't understand supply chain or manufacturing/processing issues and think that you can couch this as conspiratorial nonsense.

  20. And this plane crashed 300 yards from the facility and only burned a couple of trucks. OH THE HUMANITY!!

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