MONTERO the album out now on all streaming platforms!!

  1. Yeah, I just finished ONE OF ME I think so far out of the new stuff, that we haven’t seen before I like DEAD RIGHT NOW the most and SCOOP the least, but that’s only like 4 songs so far and SCOOP wasn’t even bad, so far all good

  2. Great record, super proud of Lil Nas X. I can't remember the last time a pop star of his caliber released such a vulnerable and open album, it left me with a strange kind of murky feeling sadness because a lot of the themes resonated with me, in love with it.

  3. I don’t think you need to address shit from when you were younger. If you made comments prior to your prefrontal cortex developing people need to understand you’re still developing as a person. Cancellation and talking about every bad thing you’ve ever said is ridiculous and it’s the one thing from this generation I’m not jumping on.

  4. Does he really need to apologize for things he said when he was a literal child? Idk, this seems like a weird thing to hung up on. He was 15-17...I think we can drop this.

  5. Songs are definitely too short (except AM I DREAMING, which went on a little too long but was a really great song) DON’T WANT IT definitely should have been longer

  6. I love lil nas x can't wait for the next album, keep it up but its okay to take a break since you just released a album. Whats next for lil nas x. My favorite songs dead right now , tales of domica, (what I want,this one is my favorite song now)I do want someone to cuddle me all night and for someone to love me :(

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