I’m kind of surprised that Finn with a lightsaber is only playable for a short period of time. I honestly thought he would have been a full on unlockable character like Rey (Starkiller base)

  1. yeah, i really don't get why they didn't make him unlockable. It's not like he wouldn't fit the hero class, as there's hero characters that only have a melee weapon already, and Bail Organa doesn't even have a weapon.

  2. It’s weird that there is 300+ characters but still feels like we are missing plenty of obvious ones that people want

  3. Another thing I love about LEGO TFA is that Lightsaber Finn is a permanent unlock instead of only being usable in story mode. They really need to add Lightsaber Finn from TFA and Finn (Jedi Padawan) from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special to the game.

  4. I really love Lego TFA, I put off buying it for years and caved in and bought it in October and it was so much fun. I wish Skywalker Saga was a little bit more like it to be honest,

  5. I have a similar issue with the fact that there's no non Jedi version of lightsaber Luke. Like, it's ridiculous that at the start of ESB he's just a full jedi character and they even have you use the force as part of the story before he's even gone to dagobah.

  6. Yeah you can even switch replace him with another character and switch back and the lightsaber would still be there (it's a shame that it's not full unlockable character)

  7. I would rather have Finn be the protagonist of the sequels tbh. Rey was boring as hell and Finn actually had a good premise for a story since he was a Stormtrooper that could have been a Jedi. My man Finn got robbed

  8. why does it have to be just one of them? could’ve just made them more equal, there’s no reason to completely erase Rey, she’s a beloved character too.

  9. two factors to remember here: for one, Finn was trained as a stormtrooper, and as we see in TFA that must include training with melee weapons. and secondly, Kylo was shot in the gut by Chewie’s bowcaster (a weapon we see literally launch stormtroopers on impact) only a few minutes earlier, so clearly he wasn’t at the top of his game. also, this is less important, but Kylo isn’t a sith, and hadn’t even completed his Jedi training when he ran away from Luke’s academy.

  10. A few points to note: Technically not a Sith; As others stated bowcasters are really strong; In Comics (cannon may vary) Finn was trained in hand-to-hand and staff like combat, 2199 fight though not film cannon (the definitive cannon) Finn is more likely then not to have had some formal sparring though he’s stated to do sanitation (film cannon) which doesn’t make sense why he was on Jaku so probably had some experience; Kylo was unbalanced and has inner conflict; While I agree most force users should beat Finn fairly easily at that point, he was force sensitive and the force may have guided him to such a point (kinda a cop out but the force does act in mysterious ways); Kylo was toying with Finn and that was an error; Lastly Finn might have had clarity of mind to defend Rey, though as shown he does lose to someone with more skill.

  11. In all reality what would be the point because the game treats it like a guy with a lightsaber instead of a guy with a lightsaber and a gun

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