Are there any methods to make your acid trip more intense?

  1. Running in the woods at night sounds 50/50 amazing and on the other hand I feel I'd forget why I was running and then think something was chasing me haha

  2. Or just potentiate the LSD using racetams. That's the only real answer to this. Weed will make the trip weirder, but it doesnt make the LSD any stronger, same with meditation etc.

  3. This is what I would have said lol I’ve got some micro dots waiting for the right time to use them. No idea what dose but I’ve done a reagent test that came up purple so flight path is clear for take off. 🚀

  4. every single comeup if u aren’t blasting an entire gram of exotic in a nice, fresh, clean bong then you’re missing out on the most chaotic entry into psychedelia imaginable. beware tho i’ve done this and it changed weed for me forever

  5. Smoking weed always makes me have really bad trips. Not sure why. I could be having the best trip ever and then smoke weed and I get stuck in horrible thought loops and it goes downhill very quickly.

  6. Careful tho, that shit is something else combined. Me I whited out on it, opposite of blackout. I knew a guy who was on three tabs and took a fat nitro, he passed out for twenty minutes while I freaked out. When he woke up he told me he had some kinda lucid ass dream or hallucination that he was a ping pong ball getting slapped around by two hims, some other shit. Take it light if you do it

  7. My first ever trip was I was a kid I felt nothing at all until I did some nitrous.(also my first time for that as well) and shit sparked the craziest trip of my life.

  8. On one tab, pot is magical. It really pushes the experience beyond what you’d imagine for just 100 micrograms. If you’re usually anxious with pot tho I’d advise against it. A more natural approach is just to meditate, if you’re able to anyways.

  9. Also ketamine… but be careful with that one shit can get weird real fast haha. You won’t die but you might feel like you will

  10. Absolutely get outside and get your heart pumping. Bike ride, stand up paddle, hike. Once you exercise for an hour or so stop and let the wave engulf you.

  11. Nicotine doesnt really do anything. Whenever i smoke a cig tripping it just makws me feel like shit and wish i didnt do it

  12. Orange juice is a myth. It does have placebo if you believe it though lol. That said citrus fruits does calm you down but enhancing I doubt it does anything.

  13. For me It's vitamins. Just take daily vitamins everyday. The vitamins that enhance my trips are Alpha lipoic acid acetyl L-carnitine HCL, COQ10, 5htp, grape seed extract, green tea extract, vitamin C, magnesium, and it doesn't hurt to take melatonin at the end of trips. I also love taking different types of medicinal mushrooms with my LSD as well such as lions mane or cordyceps. Make sure you have a fresh tolerance and don't re dose once you've macro-dosed.

  14. Why avoid alcohol? I drink all the time when I'm tripping (not excessively) and it just gives you a different feeling and even makes it more fun imo

  15. Any stimulant could increase intensity but also anxiety. Yes some say weed, as a daily smoker, even if I take a break, it boost it not really much, depends if you are smoking regularly or not.

  16. Some dxm. At lower doses 100-200mg you won’t really feel it but it will definitely potentiate the acid.

  17. I’ve always found alcohol to be a very helpful lubricant during trips. And you can’t get drunk while tripping, sth about the acid just metabolises the alcohol too quickly. Not that I’m recommending you try to get blackout drunk, im not. I’m just saying you can sip beer all day and don’t have to worry about your true focus turning into just some day drinking. Also, it’s not great for your brain to be mixing these, but knowing never stopped me from casually drinking thru a trip

  18. Here a little technique I use and everybody can do this. There’s this app called Lumenate and it’s insane. This isn’t even an advert 😂 but it really does work. It’s a meditation app which flashes a series of flashing lights onto your closed eyes and you have very intense closed eye visuals and when you open your eyes you feel soooo high and relaxed and you start tripping tons. I personally like to open and close my eyes during this experience!

  19. Orange juice! Supposed to bring on the colors. Course it’s was 30+ years ago for me. That and smoking the ganja!

  20. Dunno why people always recommend fasting, I done that because people recommended it and regretted it badly, the whole trip I could not stop thinking that I was hungry as fuck and it just ruined it for me, ended up eating during the trip, something which I don’t really like doing while high unless it’s fruit and ya was just a mess. Would not recommend at all

  21. After the peak subsides, smoke a little weed and it’ll get you back up to a cruising altitude. Just be careful, don’t do too much too close to the peak, as it can be very intense.

  22. Fast the day before, eat fruit the day of. Orange juice, vitamins c, good sativa weed, and variety of music. Try having sex while tripping if you haven't yet. Take an extra tab. That's how.

  23. Ripping carts and Bong rips are a good way but they can be way too much. I would only do that on a low dose trip. Just taking small hits off of a j or a blunt is typically a safe and minimal risk way to blast off again.

  24. Getting obliterated on alcohol before popping a tab and then smoking weed profusely throughout the trip always gave me a different kind of trip. I remember one time in college we were coming back from a party and my buddy dropped a strip and a half in the cat water and me and 4 friends popped three tabs each before they lost all the magic and it was a wild fucking night/early morning.

  25. Take a hit of some good ol hash. I usually take some hits after the peak ends to start what I call a ‘second’ peak

  26. I’m not a big fan of it, nor is it always safe or a good idea, but mixing small amounts of disassociatives like ketamine or N20 can make it very intense and weird. Weed can also potentiate some of the effects. A lot of people I know like N20 because it only lasts a few mins so if they don’t like it it’s no big deal.

  27. People keep saying they should boof it, can you boof a tab? Like I guess it makes sense I’ve just never thought about it lol

  28. I took probably 6 tabs in not sure cuz the guy who sold me the sheet is not perforated so it’s hard to measure so I just cutted 3 big tabs xd and I cannot sleep it has been more than 23hrs and I have a cold en

  29. The only real answer is to potentiate the LSD with something like Racetams. Sure, weed will make the trip weirder, but it doesnt make the LSDs stronger.

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