I don't know if anyone has already pointed it out, but here's a comparison of the Meteor Man/The Stranger and The Man in the Moon/Tillion from The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. Looks kinda similar, right?

  1. Doesn't it matter more how Meteor Man is one character or another, rather than just whether they are? I'm fine with him being anyone as long as they sell it to me, and have a good reason for why he showed up in a meteor with no memory. And I'm sure they have one, or else why do it in the first place?

  2. Imagine if it IS Gandalf. Ian McKellen's Gandalf is maybe the most iconic and beloved character in cinema history. No pressure, lad!

  3. Also, Gandalf (as an Istar) arrives in the Third Age, and people will be (rightly) upset at a needless change like that.

  4. Don’t be a hater. It’ll only make you feel bad. Besides it sounds like it’s every Harfoot. Not just the men.

  5. Every harfoot, including the matriarch, is gonna be wrong if that's the case. This comment just reeks of neckbeard

  6. To be honest, out of everything I have seen, Nori Brandyfoot is so far my favorite thing about this show, so I am compelled to defend her.

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