hey guys, I'm a gay Christian, HELP [Rant]

  1. Hey!! I’m a Christian lesbian! I’ve always thought of it like this: “saying you can’t be a Christian and LGBT+ is like saying you can’t be a Christian and a scientist”. You can live with both, just trust in God and continue your journey with Him. At the end of the day, nobody gets to determine your walk with God - it’s between you and the big guy upstairs.

  2. There are many different ways to interpret the bible. The bible does contain scripture condemning homosexuality. It also includes scripture condemning tattoos, eating certain meat, etc. Not all christians avoid eating pork and shellfish. Should all christians have to avoid being gay?

  3. When I brought this idea up to my christian roommate, he argued that the rules christians don't follow are from the old testament, which he claims christians are exempt from. (In his mind, those rules only applied to jews before Jesus and the new testament). In contrast, even though the new testament doesn't explicitly condemn homosexuality, it does describe it as shameful.

  4. I’m also Christian and the question about homosexuality has bugging me a lot. I decided to stop thinking about it, as I believe that people won’t go to hell because of that. even if it is a sin, people sin everyday so going to hell only because of your sexuality doesn’t make sense to me. I believe that the most important is believing in Jesus, accepting we flaw and loving others

  5. You can absolutely be both. It sucks that things are so hostile between the LGBTQ+ and Christian communities in general. I hope that will start to change :(

  6. I am not Christian, but I did go to a Christian private school that was quite homophobic and transphobic which led to me struggling for a long time. Fun fact, the Bible actually doesn't speak out against homosexuality or being trans. The Bible has been translated and changed multiple times to meet agendas. For instance, hell wasn't a thing until the Second Awakening when the church needed more followers so they used it as a scare tactic. The Bible verse that says man shall not lay with man, actually translated from the original version is man shall not lay with boy and is referring to pedophilia and not homosexuality. Plus, if God created everything, doesn't that mean he created homosexuality and transgender people? God didn't just create day and night, he created dawn and dusk according to the Bible, so there's more in betweens that he has made. Plus, so long as you're a good person at heart and doing your best, I believe that you are on the right track. You are a good person, and no one should be able to tell you that you can't be two things at once. I know there are lots of other resources out there on the internet showing examples of how homosexuality isn't considered a sin in the Bible. You are a good person, and no matter what anyone tells you, your sexuality and religion won't change that. It might not be easy, but I believe you can be both and still be great person and go to Heaven.

  7. I'm also a gay Christian. The Bible says nothing against us. All the verses homophobic Christians use are taken out of context.

  8. I’m a gay Christian, and you are perfectly fine the way you are. Don’t believe anything that Other Christians particularly American evangelicals tell you. I could go on a theological rant about how the Bible isn’t actually homophobic but I’ll save you from that. Just know you are just as God intended you to be.

  9. You can be both. I lost my religion shortly after I figured out because it made me go “damn, why do I believe what I believe?” And I realized I only really was a Christian because my parents were. Point is that you can be a gay Christian, it’s just that christians are pretty conservative and gay people aren’t. Idk you do you though

  10. That "ally of the oppressors" talk is gatekeeping bullshit. Religion and spirituality is a personal endeavor, you can be a Christian and still be gay, you don't have to choose. Anyone who opposes you on either side needs to STFU.

  11. Read the Bible and form ur own opinions, being gay was the catalyst that helped me to stop being catholic. Once I deconstructed my faith I realized I was only catholic because everyone told me to be, I read the Bible hated it btw and decided that I can’t support nor be a follower of Christianity.

  12. You can be gay and Christian! I grew up being forced to go to several churches and the only teachings I absorbed were that we should all love and respect each other. Unfortunately there are also many anti-Christian members of the lgbt+ community, but that’s mostly due to anger with the hateful Christians. In the end, no one can tell you what you should feel or believe, it’s entirely up to you how you decide to practice your religion and who you love.

  13. I can't give much advice because I am and was never in this situation but remember you can be a person of faith and be LGBTQ+ the anti-theism (against religion like all religion) in the community is really unfortunate

  14. that’s definitely not true, the part about having to choose. im gonna sound like im digressing but bear with me. i was raised in a pretty religious household, but i chose to be atheist pretty early on as a kid, then i found out i’m lgbt, remained a firm atheist for a while, and recently only started to seek out the Christian God because i began to truly get the essence of what i was taught when i was younger and realised it made a lot of sense in my heart. to me the only thing you could do — and it’s gonna sound really like the cliche, passive advice you’d get out of a recent convert, but it’s the only actual thing — is to know yourself. being gay has nothing to do with being christian, and vice versa. i think if you revisit the actual heart of Christianity, you’d see that you have nothing to justify at all. lol i feel ridiculous saying this, and in such a holier than thou tone too, but honest.

  15. Jesus was always on the side of people rejected by society. He wouldn't judge you. Follow your heart and be a Christian, be a gay, be whatever you like!

  16. I remember there was a reddit post recently (which I can't find anymore sadly) that adressed this. Ot mentioned how, sure, there are some passages that hint that gay people aren't acceptable, but that there are also passages which say women who went through divorce should be stoned (and not the drugs kind). We don't stone women for obvious reasons, so why should we shun gay people?

  17. Now, we can go in circles talking about how messed up Christianity is and how you have a choice yada yada, but I will offer you this:

  18. There is most definitely a middle ground, I tried to find a place for myself there for a while but it ended up doing more harm than good. I’m no longer religious, but many people have made it work. Take your time to figure it out. Don’t listen to the haters from either side. Pray to your god if you think that might help. Best of luck!

  19. I’m not christian but was raised on, but the bible does say “love thy neighbor”, Jesus died for our sins so if homosexuality is a sin it is forgiven, plus the possible mistranslation of the verse that “proves” homosexuality is against christianity where it is “man shall not lay with man” but instead “man shall not lay with boy” meaning that it was more about pedophilia than homosexuality

  20. I’m a Christian myself and I tell you with absolute certainty that you can be both. Jesus told a message of love and acceptance. I mean, so much of the gospel is people who would be seen as unclean or bad being loved and treated with kindness by Christ. And the passages that “condemn” homosexuality are either mistranslations or misinterpretations. Jesus loves all people so no, being gay doesn’t go against God. If anything their hate does. If God is love, and Satan is the opposite of God, wouldn’t that make Satan hate? And what they do is hate on people trying to love. It’s strange to me. And for the person who said that you are “an ally of the oppresses,” that just plain stupid. You’re faith in Christ doesn’t make you an ally of any of the crazy Christians out there. Finally, I was upset by the hostility between the LGBTQIA+ community and Christianity at first, but at some point I came to realize why. So many awful people do awful thing in the name of God. And so many of those things affect LGBTQIA+ people. So many have been kicked out of their homes or bullied or worse in the name of “God.” What I just remember, is that those awful people aren’t really following the teachings of Jesus. Hope this helps!

  21. Im no expert, but as a gay person myself, try and invest time in having a conversation with someone you know will accept you for who you are (e.g. your mum). If not send me a personal message and lets get to know each other 6241

  22. Heres my take. Being apart of the LGBTQIA+ community is not a choice. Something you cant control. Something people should understand. However being apart of any religion is a choice. I dont choose to be apart of any religion but I didint choose to be lgbt. I've came out to my parents and friends but not g parents yet. So really what I mean is you cant choose LGBT only religion therefore you shouldnt have to choose between one or the other the only one you can choose is religion (if you want ofc) also you CAN choose who you date but not orientation. If you have supportive friends you could come out to them first then guardians if comfortable or you dont have to come out at all. Ik this may have gone a bit off the rails but I just wanted to help with all I could so hope this helped :D

  23. The Bible says "love thy neighbour". There are no exceptions or caveats to this rule. The New Testament (the whole part about Jesus) explicitly rejects harsh punishment for sins and encourages forgiveness, because Jesus taught us to love one another. If the folks at your church don't love you for who you are, then they are not true Christians.

  24. According to the Christian beliefs, God created everyone in his image, right? And anything happening is "God's plan"? So tell them God literally made you this way. Following those above statements, God chose for you to be gay.

  25. I don't think you have to choose. You can be both gay and christian. Plus, AFAIK, the bible never mentions explicitly the gays. You can be christian and believe in God in your own way, doesn't have to be the same traditions they taught you.

  26. Idk what denomination you are, but if you're a prot, maybe check out what the CofE has to say about gay people? There's very little in the bible on lgbt people, but Jesus taught us to love one another without condition. Your family probably also wears mixed fabrics and eats shellfish, so....

  27. Shoot just typed up a huge thing and accidentally deleted it so I'ma just sum it up for you. God created everyone differently and myself looking back have always liked guys and girls romantically and sexually. I don't believe God intended for me to not find love in this world and that God created me the way I am, which is gay 😜. God loves all his children no matter what and if worse comes to worse and I end up being wrong I believe God will forgive my sins. But I don't believe this to be the case because why would God bring someone into this world not wanting to find love regardless of gender. So if someone tells you you can't be gay and Christian, they're wrong, I am, so you shouldn't worry about it either.

  28. Okay fuck both those Christians and fuck who ever told you your not allowed in the community you are welcome in by all of us here. And here’s the thing you should remind these people what it really means to be a Christian, forgiveness. In one day at a time, Lydia erased all her homophobic beliefs in just under a minute after her granddaughter told her she was a lesbian. An actual living priest had a meeting with a religious lesbian couple and reassured the Christian one than even though the other people claim they know that god doesn’t accept her, he knows he does. My point is if you decide to come out and it doesn’t go well remind your family that Christians by there own rule must accept other ways of life that don’t co-inside with their own. And let’s be honest has everyone made sure to go to church every Sunday, only lost their virginity after marriage or obeyed every single other commandment? Chances are not, and if so point that out and ask why you being gay is unforgivable, but you having me at 18 unmarried is.

  29. The word homosexual wasn't really ever in the Bible until the 40s it was used to replace the word pedophile let's begin to become so blended into the Christian mindset then now people are just blindly saying it without knowing the proper context

  30. The book Torn by Justin Lee might be a good resource for you. It's a story of a the author's life as he struggles through the same problems and questions. He has stayed a strong Christian and his arguments are strong and compelling.

  31. You can be both Christian and gay, there is nothing wrong with that. There are many accepting churches and communities of lgbtq christians. definitely a subreddit, but idr what it’s called

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