An Upset McDonald's Customer Calls 911 Over Cold Fries and Is Arrested After Police Discover He’s Wanted for Murder

  1. I thought that the cop will start running using his arms before realizing that he just felt... Too much movies I guess...

  2. So much satisfaction from the officer getting duped and hugging pavement to the runner getting tased and kissing pavement while singing opera.

  3. The only hope for this country is in the fact that while crime rates skyrocket, the criminals are not getting smarter, it’s the opposite.

  4. He’s as stupid as all of the other murderers on this planet. His brain is reserved for his selfishness and cunning. Not for not getting caught. Happens all the time.

  5. Screaming from slamming into the pavement after being electrocuted and the cop things "put your hands out" AND "do not move are the right things to say"

  6. Lol what exactly should the cop have said in that scenerio? What would have been the right thing to say instead?

  7. I would be deeply disappointed in humanity if I actually need to explain this but he wants him to move his hands out, and to not attempt to get up or escape.

  8. "If you listen close you can hear the humans desperate cries for help as he gets detain and taken away buy the much more equipped predator"

  9. Law enforcement should be like athletes who after 30 should just start coaching or go play in the minor league security

  10. Really you wasted a 911 call for some damn cold fries when you could have just asked for some more really and your dumb ass know you had committed a damn murder you shouldn't have called them for s*** stupid

  11. I feel bad for your keyboard. I can tell towards the end of this rant you was slamming the fuck outta them keys boi.

  12. Tasers have a ridiculously large margin of error. They require both prongs to impact - and factors such as clothing, distance, usage of narcotics etc can negate the effects of tasers and render them useless. In most departments cops are not allowed to utilize a taser without another officer providing lethal cover (the short effective range of a taser requires officers to get dangerously close - see the 21 foot rule). I am not a cop, I just find that with all the shit going on with police I figured I’d try to understand the legal and policy-side of why police behave the way they do - this isn’t a criticism or meant with any Ill intent, just an explanation.

  13. I've got a secret for you (dont' tell the rest of Reddit...shhhh). The VAST majority of times the police do use non-lethal options on an unarmed person. Like, 99.9% of the time.

  14. I know the guys guilty, but why’s the police officer yelling “HANDS OUT” when clearly the guy is getting full on taser and is having a spasm…?

  15. If these guys were in shape they could've caught him quick but instead they fall over from just attempting to run

  16. If you were ever in the military you would know but you can't find that out on National Geographic because that's as close as your ever going to get. DUH !

  17. Since he likes to murder people he should like cold things, because depending on outside temperatures and if the resting area has AC that will slow decomposition , but just to let you, I'm former military, deceased bodies get very gamey and once that smell enters your sinuses it seems like you'll never get rid of that memory smell, nough said.

  18. Pointing out how out of shape a cop is...soooo original. You have a guy who just called the cops over cold french fries and all you can do is degrade the officers? I bet you're the funniest guy in your summer school.

  19. The man the cop was chasing got tased, and the suspect was the one shrieking. He was wanted for murder, and stupidly called the cops because his fries were cold.

  20. And then looked him up... and uncovered, previously unknown to them (some might say 'discovered'), that he was wanted for murder

  21. That’s the town I live in!! He was In Kennesaw, they were calling for the Cobb county cops , which is county we are in! Haha I was like what am I seeing that correct that the McDonald’s by my house!! That where I worked as a teenager as my first job.

  22. did this dumbass forget that irl there aint no gta logic where the police forget everything about you as soon as they call off the pursuit.

  23. I could never understand why the say put your hands up or out, before or after they say don’t move. Especially while getting tazzed.

  24. These cops look really bad at their job. The guy with the camera runs like a little puppy. The criminal, however, seems to be even worse at being a criminal.

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