Can't get just robbed

  1. I would do the same thing...... going to jail would be worth giving the thieves a lesson that take 12months min to heal from........ blink blink snaps out of the day dream just in time to see the thieves drive away with my shit......

  2. I’ll do all diabolical shit to them like call satan to open the earth so i can dispose these 2 muffucers so satan can fill mayonnaise in every hole available

  3. Broke dudes leg for sure! Have you guys seen that Brazil made it legal to attack theifs? There is some good videos of thiefs getting absolutely wrecked!

  4. Someone call the fire department quick. They are going to have to hose down the wall before the blood dries or it is going to be hard to clean off later

  5. You threaten me with lethal intent. Fine. I will actively ram you and remind you that what you did was I polite. Enjoy drinking out of a stomach tube.

  6. I hope the driver of the car that was robbed yelled out TAMMIMG SPEED before they turned the steering wheel and hit the gas. I wonder what the driver's punishment was

  7. I am not here to watch ppl die on video, so I avoid when possible - I did get tricked by that video of the lady walking through the parking garage, and felt bad about it - but I watched this one twice.

  8. Honestly a really smart move on their part. Didn’t try to be a hero or do anything stupid when the thieves had the upper-hand. Waited just until they were most vulnerable to strike.

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