Junoswap LP dropped to 7.6% for JUNO/ATOM and 60% for JUNO/RAW... what happened?

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  1. Multisig needs to refill the rewards. This happens every other week. Give it a couple hours, mabey a day. APR will return.

  2. i definitely do not want it to stay that high but im not missing out on something i can take advantage of

  3. What's the point of providing liquidity for atom/Juno, if you can just stake Juno for much higher rewards? Even if you want to have exposure on atom, i think it's more profitable to stake both and get some airdrops.

  4. Junoswap rewards contracts are on a 2 week distribution system. For example, 1000 RAW will be sent to the LP rewards contract and that will be automatically distributed over 2 weeks to all bonded LP providers.

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