Name a Juice song and I'll tell you when it was recorded

  1. Neither haha, just have a strange memory when it comes to remembering historical dates. There's people out there who'd know more than me about recordings etc and people who've spent 10 years+ the average salary just buying mp3 files from hackers

  2. March-May 2018.. Very hard one. Based off the lyrics and the WOD era sound to the song, my best guess would be May 2018

  3. Wow I’m impressed by how well you can recall these dates. I’ll like to know what was the last song juice recorded ?

  4. Wishing Well, Robbery, Lucid Dreams (I know they were surprisingly recorded close together and I want to know which was first)

  5. Lmao that’s crazy how they were all recorded in similar times, but released almost exactly a year apart. Kinda cool because I associate these songs with greatly different periods in my life and yet they were made around the same period

  6. Porridge 2/27/18 Used To (released) 1/8/18 Electric Chair: possibly 2/25/18 but that is just an educated guess

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