Russell Brand Has Gone From Super Progressive To Joining Don Jr. And Other MAGA Heads On Rumble After Being Censored On YouTube

  1. “He makes me question my prescribed beliefs assigned by my voter registration, he makes me uncomfortable because thinking is hard, so he’s far-right now”

  2. I think Russell is poorly understood especially by those who are accustomed to categorize everything as "right-wing" or "left-wing". For some reason I like hearing him more as a guest on other people shows than his own show - I think a good interviewer can really bring the best out of him. A good example is his Joe Rogan episodes...

  3. He is still very progressive but he is also intelligent enough to engage in discussion and debate, and he considers correct points regardless of which "side" they come from.

  4. I agree. He's a smart guy, and his perspective is interesting. I like him, even tho I don't always agree with him.

  5. He’s had a few warnings about his content and recently had a video removed. But the headline is somewhat misleading. He announced his move to Rumble before he released a video that got censored by YouTube. At least as I understood it.

  6. For the record Russell was a television presenter whilst actively addicted to crack and heroin. He got clean, resumed his career in TV and radio before moving into movies and marrying Katy Perry. He has been sober for almost 20 years.

  7. I remember not liking him almost 20 years ago, it's almost like he's lived long enough to see himself turn from villian to hero.

  8. Sooner than later, all progressive talking heads realize their aren’t above the woke mob either. There is no rule of law or logic to mob mentality it’s a vicious sickness that devours all creative endeavors.

  9. If you speak your mind freely and not too afraid of what other people will say of you, you will be leaving the left and going right (as they say), I don't see any other possibility. There is no "give" anymore for whatever the left claim as truth.

  10. He's been on rumble for a long time, and I'm sure would disregard all comparisons to Don Jr or anyone else.

  11. That is a terrible mischaracterization of both Rumble and Russell Brand. rumble is a free speech platform. You seem to imply that is a bad thing, and further, the only way to run afoul of the censors is by being MAGA. There are a million ways to threaten their power and money, Donald Trump didn't invent being cancelled, he just pointed out it was happening.

  12. The Schilly-BillyEgoTripper needs a check up from the neck up, so full of do-dah, but hey loads of schills talking bollocks out there, thank goodness it's only a commercial, dear!! 🥳

  13. Russell is super interesting. He uses left wing populism I.e. criticising big private businesses screwing people over for profit, constantly sourcing jacobian a far left news org etc. but has a fairly right wing audience due to the anti vax content. Really is an interesting situation.

  14. If you call out the Deep Dark State on a weekly basis, they are going to come for you. Especially when you have 6 million subscribers to your channel.

  15. You mean the population with the most motivation to fight censorship? Ya, that seems reasonable.../s

  16. Turns out people tend to care more about censorship when it finally comes for then. Maybe you should care more about it BEFORE it gets to you.

  17. I thought he was anti-globalist; he seems to be really into the idea that communities structure and govern themselves

  18. Tell me you have never listened to a single moment of Russel Brand in your life without saying you have never listened to a single moment of Russel Brand.

  19. The 6 million subs on youtube to his channel and the other 50% of his viewers who aren't sub'd would say his voice carries some weight. Not sure that qualifies him as mattering, but for some it does.

  20. You all don't understand the cults these guys are a part of whether it's scientology or something else, they are crack addicts high on getting your attention.

  21. he's someone who saw that he could make some money being a "progressive" influencer & when he was called on in he decided that making money with folks on the right was more important. He's a grifter nothing else.

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