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  1. Uhoh, someone should tell her that "noticing things" was determined to be hate speech in most western countries about 5 years ago.

  2. Very true. I just went through harassment training at work and one of the examples of harassment was “a white man comments to a colleague that only women and minorities are being promoted due to the company’s equity policies”.

  3. People our attitude is all wrong, we need to act entitled once again, not entertaining this, we need boundaries, humour doesnt cut it, sarcastic ‘acceptance’ of our ‘fate’ is still a lose, even if we disagree strongly. Attitude is where it’s at, we need our entitlement and our pride back. Lets reclaim the word pride.

  4. very well said!, realistic tho? not really, since you'll be national news in a week, and not in the positive way

  5. So you feel that this was intended as a reference to a song with very obscure lyrics as an attempt by adults to create in the minds of viewers -- primarily children -- the perception of parallel experience between those affected by the civil war and drag queens? That's some weapons grade bullshit.

  6. Yes but do we necessarily want to glorify the life of a soldier? If we do, it should be balanced out by some of the war poets, like Wilfred Owen:

  7. Just watched the full blues clues song and video. I would hate to have to explain to a 3 year old what a "pan" family is (I don't even know the answer tbh), or trans or non-binary family just because they watched their normal cartoon. I can see how this might be useful for a parent that wants to take their kid to a pride parade, and give them a little pride primer beforehand so they're not super confused. However... for most people, the ones that don't take their kids to pride parades, this really just seems like an dick move.

  8. I don't know what pride parades you're going to, but I've never seen one that was child-friendly. Literal gay strippers everywhere.

  9. I think this is the only non dog take on this thread lmao. The only thing "wrong" with this show episode is that it could be a tall order for parents to manage without being prepped

  10. I think this is the only non dog take on this thread lmao. The only thing "wrong" with this show episode is that it could be a tall order for parents to manage without being prepped

  11. I can't help but feel sorry for the people that can't see anything wrong with this Woke world, and even think we're the problem.

  12. leave gay marriage out of queer bullshit. normal gays have nothing to do with this and want nothing to do with it.

  13. Ah yes, the communists that secretly run our society. I thought Jordan Peterson was all about intellenctualism and critical thinking, not conspiricy theories.

  14. Sexual behavior, preference should be geared towards adults. If a polygamous relationship was being promoted I’d have the same stance. She right. But making a post changes nothing. Control your household and stop looking for attention from randoms

  15. I think making posts like these help people realize they are not the weird odd ones, just no one is talking lol so it’s a good thing

  16. Well she’s now a white nationalist racist! Wtf is right, why the fuck are they forcing it so hard! Do they think people won’t notice and so enough is enough?

  17. Of course it's being forced. Their goal is to break up the family unit and get control of your kids. They want to eliminate parental control all together. Its obvious.

  18. They won't let up. It's perverted and disgusting to present sex of any type to babies under 8. You're a groomer if you can't refrain from talking about sex to children. THE END.

  19. As one of those Christians that was opposed to Homo marriage from the start back in the 2000s, I saw this coming... from like 1000 miles away.

  20. Oh no. Children watches a pride video. The horror! If this was the slippery slope you were afraid of then I don't really care lol.

  21. I probably hate trigger warnings more than anybody but... FUCK, i dont want this shit on my timeline! Now, related searches will pop up

  22. There were meetings about this. Someone gave it the green light. On Nickelodeon. And despite the catchy tune and how the lyrics just roll off the tongue, I cant help think that J Goebbles woulda loved the internet.

  23. Tbf there is some crazy pyschos that make graphic content for kids on YouTube, and they know how the algorithm works so they get put on next video .... That's not a curated platform... Anyone who think that's can just put there kids in front of YouTube and let it rip for a while is too naive to be a responsible parent.

  24. Why does everything have to be about sexuality? I’m all for equality but I went to the supermarket and even a block of friggen cheese had a rainbow flag on it. How has this stuff permeated every single thing, representation is great, but this shit it getting excessive and ridiculous. I think the vast majority of people are sick of having woke shit rammed in their faces constantly

  25. Real talk. Why do i need to put in work, to fortify other random strangers self image? Surely that's their responsibility. When the pendulum swings the other way, (which history proves, always happens). The violence & backlash will become extreme! I in now way support this. And would fight with my full heart to defend my gay friend's. Not because there gay, but because they are friend's. And that's what friend's do! Homophobic violence is despicable but so is my liberties & freedom's being restricted & stripped. Allowing theirs to increase. They don't want equality & never have. They want inequality, with the bias on their side. EQUAL rights for all! Not just who u decide should be, "more equal!!!"

  26. Just like religion, start young and it'll be "normalized". How many times we've heard criticism of religion for brain washing little kids? It's the same concept here.

  27. It's much worse here. There's no moral equivalence between teaching children the morals of religions that led to the natural selection and success of the civilizations they informed, and corrupting children with an inherently dysfunctional social engineering experiment in oversexualized depravity. That's especially true in the trans propaganda case, which is brainwashing children into permanently ruining their development and even surgically mutilating themselves, with the full approval of a medical establishment that cynically profits from all the follow-up visits.

  28. Gay marriage isn't even legal in China. They're very conservative on stuff like this. Why would they want pride parades on American kids' shows?

  29. "I don't have any problem with the LGBT community." That was a lie. She's got a problem with her kids being told they exist.

  30. Exist how? You know it's not proven that LGBT exists as some kind of material state in the brain that completely directs every action of a person? It's just a narrative that's being promoted to suppress other opinions.

  31. My question is, what is exactly wrong about this being presented to a much younger audience? What are the implications of this?

  32. I guess everyone here thinks forcing your kids to go to church every sunday is also indoctrination?

  33. Thank god I didn’t let my kids watch any of those crap shows on YouTube that I see parents tend to do. When your forcing this crap on kids that I paid for and I made, now your stepping on peoples toes.

  34. Well, it's definitely weird to see a drag spectacle in a children show but as far as I've seen there wasn't anything sexual. In most drag shows they don't go much further than what you watch in your regular videoclip. So yeah, bizarre choice but not really alarming to me, similar to putting nicki minaj or beyonce in a non-sexual manner inside a children's show, definitely weird but harmless.

  35. I started steering my kid towards bugs bunny, Tom & Jerry, Animaniacs a long time ago. Every new cartoon’s characters are gender neutral , whiny af, and worst of all there is zero humor in the shows, probably because all jokes are considered “punching down”.

  36. Sensuality is about who do you want to sleep with. Gender is about what you have between your legs. As she says when did we start teaching this to little kids

  37. "If you have your children in a school, and they talk about equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, you take you children out of the class" - Jordan Peterson

  38. The problem isn't that it's LGBT related and therefore it's wrong to say "hey LGBT Community, youre doing this wrong". This is an educational flaw from the producers of the show. You don't shove ANY flags and ANY communities into kids faces. A 1 year old is unable to associate with communities, especially based on sexuality or identity. It wouldn't understand a "straight flag" even if it existed. If you want to teach diversity, then you would do it for a more appropriate age and equally represent straight and LGBT, instead of forcing for example only LGBT parents in a show. It makes LGBT seem outlandish if you make an episode like that with 20 flags wildly moving across the screen. How about a feminine character with a make voiceactor? Or if you have a show with different parents, how about having one or two non straight parents instead of forcing 20 very diverse parents with flags all over the place?

  39. Children's stories have always frequently featured moral lessons and advocated for certain virtues and against certain sins, a morality tale is probably the most common type of children's story that exists, and more passively reinforcing certain virtues just by giving them to the protagonists, or certain sins by giving them to antagonists, is even more common.

  40. Redefining morality does not dismiss the argument. In fact, I would say that doing so reinforces the argument to begin with.

  41. "Its being forced" is she forcing her child to watch the show? It's just depicting regular people as if the'yre regular people.. and that's the problem for her and many right-wing conservatives. They don't want them to be seen as regular people.

  42. I know you think you’re an intellectual and that you’re omnipotent, but you obviously don’t know how conservatives think. We don’t support this shit on kids shows just as much as we don’t support a graphic sex scene between straight people on the same show. There are times when kids have to learn about certain things and Drag Queens, LGBTQ+ stuff doesn’t come so soon in a youngsters life. They have to much to learn about without having to think about that at such a young age.

  43. I don't think there is "force" per se, there is probably a concern that "normal" content is becoming less and less available at the expense of this new stuff.

  44. Translation: "Don't show anything to my kid, even though I can turn it off, because I don't want to eventually have that conversation with them."

  45. What? There are a lot of thing parents SHOULDN’T talk to their kids about at certain ages. And kids watching Blues Clues shouldn’t even have to be concerned with sexuality at that age. But I guess you were probably watching children’s cartoons into your thirties anyway, right?

  46. it isnt a rainbow flag it is a pedo flag on the cake, the sexual fetish promoted by the person on the show, and the song they butchered was a song for veterans and those veterans would not have stood for these values.

  47. I had to turn the TV off when I saw sleeping beauty. I can’t believe they put that smut on the TV, to be shown to children no less. It made me so uncomfortable. I’m going to have to protect my kids from this. No TV, no internet, and certainly no public schools indoctrinating my kids. A heterosexual kiss.

  48. Uh. Come on. 1yr old unsupervised on adult account? I have kids, both logged on their accounts. When you put real age - your kids wont find any of that.

  49. The problem is that many of you think being lgbtq is inherently sexual. They are just people who exist. they sing songs, they have parades, they have families. Your kids arent going to grow up being anything they werent already going to be just because of a youtube video that has a parade with people singing, but it might make them more accepting. Much better than raising them to be intolerant bigots.

  50. It’s a singing cartoon of a fictional character, and people are upset 🤣. Did y’all not watch Aladdin , Ja’far was gay af. Only difference here is a rainbow flag showing.

  51. Neutral party here, what's the big deal with drag queens in kids shows? I feel like there is a simple nonsexual way to explain what's going on to a young kid. Much like love songs: there's depth but unless you're older and get the context it's just a simple message of "yeah that exists". Does knowing about a certain behaviour on a surface level mess with their development? Is it going to create a gateway for them to be exposed to sexual content before they are ready? Or what's the main issue?

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