Peterson at his best in a while

  1. And as he's trying to point out: the mass suffering that's going to be caused with the proposed solutions (that are heavily being pushed for, in a coordinated, totalitarian-like global effort) to urgently deal with something, arguable to as how urgent the issue is, is not complicated to understand either; the totalitarian aspect of it which brings to question whether 1) it's as urgent as claimed [referencing prediction models that are arguably not valid], 2) if this may in fact be part of their depopulation agenda, and 3) why isn't there an in-depth conversation of other ways to actually help people and transition to green faster without cutting the poorest off at the knees [which JP points out, why not help them directly instead of through helping them NOW vs helping them in an their imaginary future scenario - seemingly devoid of empathy for the mass-unnecessary suffering their plan cause]?

  2. I think his argument is more focused on the fact that climate policies will cost trillions of dollars and won't do much... Except indirectly kill millions of people all around the world - mostly in Africa. And that's what net zero ideologues know and mean when saying "we all have to bear a little weight for this crisis"

  3. And the truth is, in the long term helping get people out of desperate poverty WILL help the planet. But only if it is done intelligently. Merely plugging them into the for-profit global economic machine while it is still bent on a constant-growth and overconsumption-is-everything model will only make things worse. You need to do everything possible to help the poor get adequate education, health care, and basic needs met in order to rise out of poverty and desperate AND you need to slow down top-end overconsumption and externalized pollusion costs ASAP. If you do one without the other then you're still screwed.

  4. I think the point he's trying to make is that cutting back on burning fossil fuels hurts developing countries and people in poverty the most. Yes we should invest in energy efficient technology and lower our dependency on finite fossil fuels that damage the environment, but many cant afford to do that. They risk sacrificing a quality of life they are used to. No one seriously thinks global warming is a hoax. The argument isn't about "is the climate warming or is it not," its about what do we as a people do about it.

  5. The IPCC has tons of predictions, and has also changed them several times in the past couple decades (for the better, obviously, I don’t dispute that). With all their RCP scenarios they cover a very wide range of climate futures anyway, so it’s hard to bet your money against all of them.

  6. He would likely say that I know that you don’t know you’re right but I also know that I don’t know if I’m wrong, so I won’t take any (financial) position either way.

  7. I like to think that Jordan Peterson has just sold out. He realised that his fanbase was leaning right and he himself leaned into it to make more money.

  8. I think if he wanted to he could turn the other direction, become radically honest and open and become like a messiah figure with the number of young, confused right leaning men in the western world he'd be able to reach. Imagine if he had a discussion with an economist about Pigouvian taxes and how they make our economy more efficient. It would actually change the world.

  9. What's with his insults lol. I feel like he's going to slap me with a glove and then challenge me to a single shot pistol duel.

  10. What is a climate denier? This word has become useless as it is just an empty smear that means something else to each person. I would suggest to never use it again and use something with more precision.

  11. Ultracrepidarianism. He believes that because he is so smart, his assumptions will apply to anything he wishes them to apply to. He has ideas about how the world works and he doesn't need to actually understand a field in order to know that his philosophy will give him all the right answers.

  12. How come the actual Jordan Peterson videos don't get as much traction as rightwing memes or videos on this sub?

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