Hasn't Australia become independent since 1942 ?

  1. Australia's Head of State is the Queen of Australia, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Under the Australian Constitution, executive power is exercised by the Governor‑General as the Queen's representative. The Governor-General is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister of Australia. The Prime Minister is Head of Government.

  2. Should bear in mind though that the Queen would quite gladly relinquish herself of the responsibility if asked by the prime minister as she has done with lots of other former colonies.

  3. In case this is a genuine question- it’s a sign in support of Black Lives Matter, which dumb Australians have co-opted ignorantly purely because they are black/aboriginal

  4. Each finger on their own is weak but combined in a fist symbolizes those same fingers combined are more powerful than before.

  5. I'm seeing a trend that many young Millennial politicians, regardless of country, are making statements of rebellion & descent... just for the sake of populism that have nothing to do with, ya know, being a politician. And they keep doing it because there is no repercussions and makes them popular on social media.

  6. All this on the basis that she’s acting in the interest of her people. Sigh. To quote an Eastwood film “They’re not your people you arrogant egocentric son of a bitch”.

  7. Absolutely. Happy to take money for the role, refuses to do that which the role requires of her, and somehow isn't called out on it. She's a hypocrite, and is unlikely to be aware of it

  8. Odds are this is nothing but attention seeking nonsense, and she’s either going to make a fool of herself, or promote legislation actively makes Australia worse.

  9. While I don’t agree with making comments like that, I do have to admit that I’ve noticed a pattern that women do tend to be more easily indoctrinated in many political movements and stronger supporters of ideology.

  10. Yeah, seriously. I don't understand why people are angry at the statement. It is both objectively true (England has had colonies while the current Queen has held the throne), and good to say (because fuck monarchies). It is disturbing the number of people in this thread who are on the side of Monarchy, here.

  11. You mean should they be happy they were massacred by the thousands, removed from their lands and culture and dumped to the edge of society?

  12. In Australia and Canada you still have to swear oaths of loyalty to queen Elizabeth who is "symbolically" the head of state

  13. Part of it is her hypocrisy; one of the conditions of being a member of parliament in Australia is swearing an oath of allegiance to the country and to the Queen. She had this outburst in the middle of the oath, which frankly should invalidate her as a member of parliament; clearly she doesn't mean the words she's saying

  14. Here in Australia, anyone who has a claim to aboriginal identity is accepted as indigenous. There is no full, half, or part. If you are, you are. There's good reason too, government policy attempted to breed out aboriginals by removing children from their families and forcing them to live in white schools and families.

  15. So fair question here. The Queen is quite old. Did the UK officially still have colonies when she took over?

  16. Yes, she was coronated in 1952. Malaysian independence was in 1963, Honk Kong (sort of independence) was I think 1997. Quite a few other commonwealth countries also gained independence in the 50's and 60's.

  17. Everything is done for shock value these days. People want to get noticed. They don’t do it the hard way by proving themselves and working hard to get recognition, they do something shocking then whine about the attention they receive.

  18. She had to recite the oath correctly after her pointless stunt. She changed nothing and will change nothing. Just a clown and a fool.

  19. A lot of Australians on reddit (so majority left-leaning) admit that this is a dumb ploy. The Greens are a joke in this country and how anyone can unironically vote them is beyond me. They're performative hypocrites who present themselves as a serious progressive party, only to allow their members to pull off shit like this which makes them look like a massive joke.

  20. As an Australian I’m deeply embarrassed that this person is in parliament. Thorpe is a complete intellectual light weight, she reveals herself every time she opens her mouth. Australia is the most successful democracy on the planet, sure there are bad things in our past that we’re not proud of, but to talk of overthrowing the “colonisers” is to take a very ahistorical view of Australia. Let’s not forget, Thorpe has no problem collecting her $200,000+ paycheque within a democratic system she is openly hostile to!

  21. I'm guessing most societies have to give a shot to the AOCs of the world, so they can see how mental toddlers represent these last 2 generations. Problem is, it's like giving the car keys to that same toddler. But most parents have survived them. The world is bound for at least a decade of Chucky cheese's adventures. Unless the adults keep hold of the rudder.

  22. Australia became its own country in 1901. The effect of the queen has dwindled to nothing, not only here but even in England. Having said that, the vast majority of people don’t care about the queen at all. I’m a staunch republican (which has different connotations here in Australia). Having said that the issue here is that this person is hugely toxic and called the queen a coloniser which is objectively false. She flies on private planes with private armed security all on the Australian taxpayer. She is part of the greens party which is has grown in power since they formed a coalition with one of the two majors. This is bad because although the majority of Aussie’s think the Greens are fckheads, the small very vocal minority of leftists applaud this crap. The reason I bring this up is to highlight that they do not represent our country, and they are a stain on our society.

  23. Jp and his fans like to portray almost every progressive leaning movement or attitude as mindlessly rebelling against everything and sowing chaos. But I mean they could've at least bothered to do a little research on the Commonwealth and how the Australian government works. As a red blooded American myself though, I will always get behind "fuck the Queen". As a side note, doesn't the Queen have the direct power to dissolve the Aussie parliament and call a snap election? Or does that run indirectly through the Governor General?

  24. It is loosely, as this person is part of the party that actively wants to socialise Australia, force people to pay for extra taxes or go to jail, force corporations out of the country, are trying to radicalise the youth, pro-government funded gender transitions for children and pro forcing religious schools to accept gay people etc. This party is the group that JP constantly warns us about, they know it and they continue on anyways with a smirk

  25. Interestingly enough, she could have been photographed sniffing her own farts and the pictures would have been identical

  26. And before that, it used to be a British overseas penal colony. So far, the current wardens there are the woke tinpot tyrants from the Land Down Under instead of fair Britannia.

  27. Why are people mad at the statement? It is objectively true, and her being sworn into Parliament does not contradict the statement.

  28. Horrible colonization. She so comfy in her life she has to make up new problems. Any problems she thinks she has aren't cuz of the queen.

  29. Thorpe says the entire Australian government is illegitimate because it was set up by Europeans without the permission of the Aboriginals. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  30. Yet she's part of it, is happy to take the salary and benefits, and also happy to (eventually) swear an oath correctly to the Queen... go figure

  31. this is what wokism does to a person.. dulls their mind to the point where they dont understand the history of the country they represent

  32. Isn't as someone living is Australia she the colonizer? I guess if you consider that the queen is german that qualifies? 🤔

  33. Another AOC social media clout chasing attention hoe pretending to be a politician. This POS was laughing during her swearing in when she inserted her own BS lines into it.

  34. Unpopular opinion likely but I truly think this sort of empty and shallow behaviour needs to be punished more severely, either as a ban from any form of political office or influence, or even a criminal record. To me it’s harmful to society and is a dereliction of duties as an elected official. You’re satisfying the simple minded while not actually working towards any tangible change, and they’re never held accountable for it. It could almost be criminal neglect in my eyes, as by engaging in this stunt behaviour, they can continue on doing very little while remaining popular in the eyes of the public. Just creating the illusion of doing the work while doing very little.

  35. You think someone who was raised in a former colony who is asked to say an oath to the Queen should be criminally prosecuted for calling her a colonizer? What is your objection to her statement? Is it that her ancestors were colonizers but Elizabeth is not? Why is her statement at all controversial? Isn't establishing colonies all over the world the most notable achievement of the British monarchy?

  36. The amount of people dumping in these comments on this woman because she’s not a simp for the British royal is quite concerning.

  37. This WHITE woman does this as she colonizes the famous "fight the power" first in the air used by BLACK civil rights leaders in the mid 1900s...

  38. How is nobody noticing her indigenous jewelry? If you’re an indigenous person in Australia, would you not view the Queen a colonizer?

  39. She's not though; her policies, and those of her party are more for the benefit of inner city people, not other Aborigines. There are real issues with substance abuse and domestic violence amongst Aboriginal commin Australia, but this woman is more interested in self benefit, being perpetually outraged, and acting like a university student union member.

  40. I think what she did was dumb and sort of pointless since the queen has no real power and didn't colonise Australia, but saying someone has to be "full aborigine" to have a say on indigenous issues is extremely ignorant to how indigenous Australians were treated.

  41. Coreect me if I'm wrong here, but hasn't practically all of decolonisation of the British empire taken place under the rule if the queen in question?

  42. The good news is that even the people she claims to represent (Indigenous communities of Australia) really don't like her. She's probably just going to be a one-term senator.

  43. England settled in Australia. England sent all of their criminals, aka, ruffians, there, to Australia, as a prisoner. Australia is an English prison, and what the world sees today, is the result after so many centuries from England continuely sending criminals, aka, ruffians, there. Trust me. Open up a very OLD history book and read about it!

  44. I wouldn't go down that line of questioning, as the Aboriginal Australian population has gone through a century of horrors called The Stolen Generations that the British colonials who perpetrated it described as "breeding out the colour". It lasted until the 1970s.

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