Joe's thoughts on Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. NDT was dismissive though. Like pointedly flippant and dismissive in an iamverysmart kind of way. Actually his entire brand at this point is iamverysmart. He’s a charlatan who stands in front of cool pictures of space and goes out of his way to say things he thinks come across as enlightened and contrarian. He’s not open minded or thinking critically at all. He’s performing and he’s an idiot.

  2. Huh? NGT portends to know how ET’s would think. Provided zero evidence himself. Ignores the mounting pile of evidence via video and hard data.

  3. Look man, NDT has let the fame go to his head that is very much true and he can be somewhat of a dick, But he's still a legit astrophysicist. So for this one I for one agree with NDT.. show me the hard evidence, show me the videos and photos that apparently exist and then we'll talk. I'm all for it... I'm not against it, i just wanna see more that's all.

  4. Yeah, and that’s the real thing here, is that Joe thinks he’s “mocking” people, when really he just has a clear standard of proof that idiots like Joe confuse as being somehow “anti-science”. Nah, it’s just anti- open ended “wondering about shit”, which is kinda where the scientific method stops for people like Joe. Joe looks at some kinda of rigor and just thinks it functions as insulting curious bros who need encouragement to engage with popular scientific topics.

  5. It’s funny how Joe fauns over the most obvious charlatans in the world, but NDT (who’s a legit scientist) is someone that he calls out

  6. It’s because NDT asks for stronger evidence before making claims, rogan seemed annoyed because he wouldn’t just make claims about aliens

  7. Not disagreeing, but why is he a POS? Just because he banned Pluto from being a planet and is extremely demeaning? Or is it something worse

  8. Exactly this. How Joe can straight up say "what is wrong with that guy" in regards to NDT while simping for straight up grifter conmen and cult leaders like jordan peterson or tim pool or whoever the fuck he is currently falling for, is just astounding.

  9. NDT is not really a legit scientist. He doesn't do research and I don't think he's published anything.

  10. It's because people are fucking morons and Joe has been devolving into a primal chump for the last few years so he doesn't get it

  11. This argument from Joe is just... shortsighted when compared to Nieil. I think Neil at least has peered through the veil of how interstellar species would behave. I mean, if they wanted to observe us they could, but they would have likely seen countless other worlds with advancing biologies at various stages of development. Many of the principles guiding evolution likely exist in the same systems these intelligent creatures and they would have had countless millenia. The differences in our understanding of the world would be immeasurable and the amount that we "had to offer" is probably very limited as these species have had a chance to understand biological principles in their own corner of the galaxy. All of the low hanging fruit to learn here would have already been picked, the "value" extraterrestrials have with studying us is probably insignificant.

  12. What's gonna be curious if the difference between this thread and the recent one calling out JBP where the defense is 'omg yeah he's a mess now but HE WAS RIGHT ONCE LETS NO DISCOUNT HIS IDEAS' are people gonna leap to the same defense for qualified physicist NdGT?

  13. All these new people not even remembering the first time NDT was on and everyone being excited and then let down because he came across as a smug dickhead.

  14. Seems like you’re not remembering because it wasn’t until NDT’s 2nd or 3rd visit that he came off like a dick. First visit was praised by fans

  15. How would he know the bald fuck kept interrupting him midway through any explanation to ask more questions that weren't even relevant to his answers.

  16. Joe is such a dumbass sometimes. Yes, occasionally a few scientists will study ants and slugs here and there but the vast majority of humans couldn’t give two shits and will happily demolish entire colonies to put in a new patio.

  17. So looks like Joe Rogan is trying to cancel NDT now? Why would you talk shit about solid guests? NDT is a brilliant thinker and extremely logical. Joe is a regarded monkey at this point.

  18. NDT thinks he's above everyone else, classic narcissist, always thinking he right based on conjecture.

  19. I would say that from Neil's perspective, life in the Universe is so vast there are millions and millions of possibilities for it. With the known limitations of space travel while would an advanced society care about us in particular? If we were picked for observation it would pure coincidence and not a mandate that all planets be explored once reaching the nuclear age.

  20. There are many who believe that these things (UFO, UAP) are actually not from other worlds and didn't cross some mass distance to get here, They're are just beings who operate at a higher dimension. Interdimensional beings if you will, which honestly would explain a lot.

  21. Are you self aware enough to realize everything you wrote is also a conspiracy theory, just from the other side?

  22. This piece of shit wants to talk about consistency? Hoe goes hard on scientists, pals around with white nationalists, and just loves being transphobic in general. Swears on a stack of alpha brain that he's apolitical, thinks President Brandon is unfit for office, but Trump's just silly and misunderstood, and also no one should be president but also Death Santa 2024 baby!

  23. You think America is better off now then when trump was in office? Do you go to grocery stores or gas stations? Fuck Joe Biden.

  24. I find it so fascinating how so many people get worked up because Joe has a different opinion compared to them. How are you in real life? You only have friends who you agree with?

  25. He can sit behind his microphone and criticize whoever for whatever, but that’s just, like, his opinion man.

  26. NDT is pretty pompous when it comes to mocking peoples interest in the eclipse and other things like it. He's definitely less excited about getting people into science now then he used to be. Switched to mocking people who dont understand the cosmos the same way he does.

  27. They’d be interested, but they wouldn’t send any of their people here. Calling us ants in comparison to them is a little too much credit to us. We’d barely be amoeba to them. Bacteria are more useful to us than we are to them. They’d sic a few million robots on our planet, have them disguised as trees, ants, other animals, us, and just wait a few hundred thousand years.

  28. I like Neil, even though he can't be a dick at times. His enthusiasm has gotten a lot of people into science. Even people I know personally. Neil might not be in the top of his field, or even a working scientist anymore, but he's still a lot smarter than most people. But being smart doesn't mean you can ever be wrong. The thought that aliens wouldn't want to study us is mind blowing for a scientist to think. There's literally nothing a scientist won't study, big, small, fuck even theoretical dimensions we can only imagine. Intelligence breeds curiosity. We may be a really fucked up species, but we're anything but boring. Hell they would make a reality show out of us just for sheer entertainment alone. Trey Parker and Matt Stone might of gotten it right on South Park.

  29. I think NDT is way more likely to be correct that (a) these blobs on navy pilot cameras are nothing but bs and (b) if there are aliens with physics breaking/bending powers to visit everyone in the universe, we may in fact be pretty boring/basic to them compared to other shit they’ve seen. One in a million of the “chimps With nukes” they come across.

  30. I think it's just as ridiculous to emphatically claim it isn't aliens as it is to emphatically claim that it is.

  31. NDT is a TV presenter like Attenborough or Bill Nye. He's not an authority on anything he just presents whatever he's given. Sometimes establishment scientists are wrong and act like total dicks because they're becoming increasingly irrelevant and pushed aside by a younger generation and better technology. NDT is a grumpy old guy who's fame is fading. His scientific opinions on what is important is irrelevant especially when he's not open to any of the current evidence.

  32. Bc there’s probably something at the micro level like DNA that is more Interesting to them. Not the millions of species that DNA has evolved into, but DNA itself. The real brains of the entire operation

  33. Imagine being so out of touch with reality that you think you’re smarter or more logical than a world renowned physicist. Joe Rogan has become so full of shit

  34. The intelligence gap between Joe and Tyson is like that of an alien and a human. He's not speaking to an identity that is tangentially distant but horrifically terrestrial, close to his experience. Tyson is surrounded by apes being amazed by the moon and the sun being in alignment must be troubling. He shared their excitement once, when he was maybe 10 years old. But his vision has simply gone beyond trivial marvelings of a youth. He's annoyed that he has to wait for everyone to catch up or just fears a reality that We will never mature. I'm not suggesting that Tyson is extraordinary either. That's the saddest bit. Just a stones throw away from playing with the wheel as opposed to still thinking the wheel is all there is.

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