[DeSantis] In Florida, we believe veterans have a wealth of knowledge and experience they can bring to the classroom, so we created a new program to help veterans become teachers. We stand by our veterans and want them in our classrooms.

  1. You know who makes a better teacher than a veteran? A classically trained educator. If you want vets in the classroom, offer to pay their educations and pay them a competitive wage. Go to all the soldiers in year 15 of their careers and offer them an early retirement with the full benefits that you get after year 20. Send them to college and let them become trained to do the job.

  2. Left wing teachers have decided they won't become of covid fear mongering. WTF is DeSantis supposed to do, use the police to force them back to the classroom?

  3. Same and as a veteran I wouldn't trust them to teach anything. The dudes with the 36 asvab and can't find a good paying jobs are the only ones that are going to resort to teaching since teaching pays like shit.

  4. I was in a Reserve Drill Sergeant unit years ago. We’d have training every other month about not fucking privates when on the trail.

  5. o ffs i didnt even consider that side of things! Well when your new teachers assault all of the little girls and they blame it on public education and demand homeschooling and private schools this is what the people of florida wanted.

  6. I'm really sick of the hero worship we give to veterans. I never wanted to send them to the middle east and make them martyrs for a lost cause so some contractors could get rich. How about we support the troops by not discriminating who is worthy of healthcare.

  7. what are the chances Desantis has actually ever had a conversation for more than 1 min with an actual Veteran. esp one under the age of 65.

  8. I hope veterans realize what they're doing here. Trying to use veterans to bust up teachers ability to negotiate. I've seen veterans communities pointing this out and I hope it catches on. Brutal thing to do to teachers and to veterans.

  9. Negotiate what? All of a sudden the conversation shifts from “vets won’t make good teachers” to money. The only reason teachers oppose this is because they want more money. It’s all about money. They have 9000 teacher positions open in Florida, what are those kids supposed to do?

  10. How long before we have cops forcing people outside during a school shooting and one of the vet teachers flipping their shit and going full Rambo to bust inside and save the kids? Like this is a real scenario the way things are going.

  11. Kinda interesting more vets aren’t socialists since they’re living an entirely state run lifestyle that’s a decent quality of life.

  12. If you are a socialist and everyone keeps calling DeSantis a nazi, I’d say you’re about half way there already.

  13. More teacher's unions busting in Florida. The union would gladly accept the vets if they meet the requirements to be fully licensed teachers.

  14. The bill passed unanimously in Florida's house/senate and it still has a requirement for the would be teacher to pass "Florida subject area examination", background check and actually get hired by a school. The real difference here is not to require a completed bachelor degree from vets, but they have to be working on one and be 60 credits in. Majority will probably be part time substitutes while they work on their bachelors. I don't get why this is a bad thing.

  15. California has some of the strongest unions in the us and has the worst education system. Unions don’t mean it’s good, especially without competition and this comes from a person whose father was a union electrician but they have completion with private companies and other h unions

  16. I'm trying really, really hard to understand what the fuck the right is trying to do. They overturn RvW, then it seemed like open season and they start banning LGBT literature, imposing 'Christian values' and dogmatic religious overtones whenever possible, the list goes on.

  17. I think the notion is that leadership and integrity are lacking. Not advocating for these decisions, just explaining their hypothesis.

  18. This is an obvious way of trying to get around teacher unions which is what republicans have wanted for decades. They believe vets are right wingers who will reject the union, thus eventually busting the union.

  19. Because teacher unions are hot garbage that protect shit teachers while making it harder and harder for new ones to get into the field.

  20. I know Florida has a shortage of teachers but do they have a surplus of veterans? Or, is this just a way for Ron the con to pay them a piss poor wage while virtue signaling that he’s helping vets.

  21. As a vet teaching isn’t a bad option if you have a degree in a relevant subject. Just 4 years service and 60 hours really isn’t enough but with a path to get what is needed (at no cost to the vet) would be just fine.

  22. So that's what you think of veterans huh? They are all PTSD riddled, depressed, anxious, uneducated, cigarette smoking alcohol drinking degenerates?

  23. "We'll put veterans in the low paying positions teachers are having to leave cause they can't afford to survive 🥰" wft man that's gross.

  24. Please keep in mind that these are veterans who have completed 1/2 of their bachelors degrees, want to become a teacher, and are willing to complete the rest of their teaching degree while working. They aren’t just gonna throw a bunch of random dudes in classrooms. Florida has about 170,000 teachers, and is short 9,000. So they are talking about a relatively small number of teachers who would be 1. interested 2. qualified, and 3. needed for this program. For the record, these types of programs already exist. In Michigan you can teach with a bachelors degree of any kind while working towards your teaching certificate.

  25. Veterans get their college paid for and a monthly stipend to live on now, thru don't need to work while getting their degree. Also, good luck being a full time teacher working 10 hour days and getting a degree, if they wanted that kind of life, they would have just stayed in the military.

  26. I don't even think you need to be in college, just 4 years of service, 60 credits with a 2.5 gpa, pass a subject exam and then you can get a five year temporary certificate.

  27. You don’t have to have experienced combat to be a vet. It’s not like they’re taken a bunch of battle hardened ex SEALs who fought in Fallujah and having them teach HS.

  28. Instead of paying teachers more, we will take an already disenfranchised and downtrodden sub-set of society, and upgrade them to slave wages to fill the teacher void

  29. Funny how all these self proclaimed vets are on this thread commenting how it’s a terrible plan bc of how shitty and pedo vets are… soooo you guys are the only normal no pedos??? Projection, it’s what the left does.

  30. Because a random veteran (or their spouse) with no background in teaching can watch two classes worth of lessons then go work as a teacher. That’s not great.

  31. Because teachers are highly trained professionals and we're putting untrained people in to teach. You don't want your doctor or dentist to have no training right? Same thing here.

  32. This headline was bait to see how on earth the left would abuse the military on this one and boom, sure enough they chomped. Those of us on the right see things like this that are all around positive and we always get curious thinking hmmmm wonder what problem the left will have with THIS! What mental gymnastics will they perform this time… it never fails, they always have a problem. This post is case and point.

  33. This isn't all around positive though? Lmao what a fucking cope, "mental gymnastics" when you're the one trying to spin this shit as a good thing. Delusional.

  34. Republicans already don't care about that. As a matter of fact they want public schools to be dangerous places so they can argue that the system is the real issue and then push charter schools on us all

  35. You seem, when you can't read whats written on the barn, what's written on the barn doesn't matter.

  36. Is it just me or will this all but guarantee armed teachers...... Seems like that is more so the real intent here and not so much giving a helping hand to vets...

  37. I am a veteran and as such, know many, many other veterans. This is some dumb ass shit if I’ve ever heard it.

  38. If all veterans become left leaning, I bet Ron will cancel the program and blame our great vets for going woke the man into a cartoon character.

  39. To echo many other vets in here this is a bad idea. America’s Dong aka Florida seems to want to give Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas a run for their money at being last in the country

  40. all right kids, here’s your assignment, clean an m-16, improvise an explosive device and I want 500 words on Khe Sanh before Friday, one more word about paw patrol and we’re watching every god damn episode of Rat Patrol during recess…4th grade ain’t for pussies.

  41. This is gonna end up shit. I respect vets but get em on public works or something like that. Having dudes with all that trauma around kids is gonna end badly.

  42. Why would unqualified veterans want to become teachers, especially considering how they treat teachers in Florida.

  43. Leadership does translate to the classroom. Especially in coaching too. Best times ever were when I had a vet coach. Taught me something I didn't want to learn. That I could break past what I thought I could do simply by willing myself to do it.

  44. Let's give them another job that pays absolute shit. I'm all with helping the vets, but damn, there's gotta be better options then this. I used to hang with military guys a lot, and as much fun as they are to drink with, I don't think they're to "kid friendly".

  45. Ron is so detached from reality. Hey Ron PAY TEACHERS MORE. Scumbag. I live in fl and this man doesn’t give two shits about teachers. Source? My mom is a teacher who makes less than a starting teacher. Want to know a fun fact if the county she works for decides they need a teacher at a school hours away. She’ll be forced to go there or fired. He adds no rules to aid teachers. He’s a scumbag and I hope he loses to Nikki Fried who is pro gun and pro weed. Meanwhile Ron “doesn’t like the smell” so refuses to consider rec weed a possibility in fla. Older out of touch white man.

  46. Another f’d up idea by DeSantis. I love and respect veterans, but they are not educators. Have no education and experience in teaching. It takes years of training plus internship to be a beginning teacher. I feel so sorry for the people of Florida, especially young people who are now DeSantis’s political pawn

  47. This is like someone turning a retarded Facebook meme into policy “how about instead of paying liberal teachers more money, we give the money to the veterans and let them teach!”

  48. So as a son of 2 teachers in florida I’ve had to hear a lot about this when I go to visit them. From what they’ve told me, the school districts get extra funding from hiring vets, they are not required to have a degree to teach and are being paid less than entry for standard teachers. As I said this is just from my parents perspective and I haven’t looked into it myself but if it’s true it’s just a money grab. Which is terrible. There’s a huge teacher vacancy in our county as well as many others in florida due to the low pay they give teachers and the cost of living here. They’ve said their is a budget deficit for teachers which is odd since we’ve seen a huge influx of people moving here and the property taxes from the amount of houses being purchased (at the highest home values we have seen) should have raised plenty of money for schools but it’s being used elsewhere apparently. Florida used to have a great school system, at least in my county but it’s beginning to decline and I think this trend into allowing people without formal education to teach is going to make that continue.

  49. Ok let’s be honest here. They just want a class babysitter who’s scary enough to keep the kids quiet for 8 hours a day.

  50. I know this isn't every veteran, but the idea that just because you serve you have the temperament to deal with smart mouthed kids is hilarious.. it's super hilarious if you happen to know a fair number of veterans. Lot of good dudes, but not going to respond how the school would like when Kyle start mouthing off to him in class.

  51. Problem and solution. An obviously wretched interpretation of the problem and thinly veiled malevolent attempt at a solution at best.

  52. Watering down the qualifications it takes to teach after a bunch of teachers quit because the state didn't give a fuck about them in the first place is sad.

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