Rogan discusses the pros and cons of using poverty as a motivator

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  1. Why the fuck do we have to be so "productive" all the time. It's not sustainable. It's the industrialization mindset. Breath the air, drink some water, grow a garden and chill out.

  2. It also just ignores the fact that people are self-realizing beings with motivations that can subvert or fit into the bigger picture inherently, that we don’t just have a blind drive toward “technological innovation” or whatever superficial horseshit he thinks our struggle and experience is worth. As a civilization, we all work to survive, make sense, and be fulfilled. Joe imagines he’s the world’s plant foreman - there to muse on hard work and struggle as if productivity is the only “output”that matters in the system of human experience.

  3. What's ironic too is that Joe doesn't do productive work, he just talks to people and podcasts. He's not writing code that provides people with useful services or is manufacturing anything with his bare hands. He's just fucking talking! Plus, he's a comedian who is not even good at that lol. So, for him to say we have to be productive is a bit rich.

  4. You don’t have to be productive but don’t expect the same rewards as those who are productive.

  5. Eventually there won’t even be a market for human productivity since it will be so inefficient compared to the alternatives.

  6. Because our entire economy, through Wall Street and the investor-class, is built upon the idea of "infinite growth." This ALSO means that the laborers themselves actually see very little of the rewards for that increased productivity. Where excess profits were once reinvested into the companies' employees, that money is now given to shareholders and executives instead.

  7. Productivity isn't just pushing buttons. It's adding value to the system. It's the definition of sustainable. You know what isn't sustainable? Paying someone $50,000 / year when they provide less than $50,000 in value back to the system.

  8. Then don't claim people have to contribute to society or talk about social contracts out the other side of your mouth. Other people are also not your slave, and you need to do more than just pretending you think that and saying it.

  9. The argument that poverty is a good motivator is the same as arguing that having a literal gun to your head is a good motivator. Fear of death and desperation does motivate people, but it is definitely not the best way, and it often causes more harm than good.

  10. It's easy to accuse Joe Rogan of hypocrisy but he's actually going to give away his $200,000,000+ fortune to charity so he can finally be motivated and become a good comedian.

  11. Exactly. If you work 5/2 you realistically can hone your craft at comedy 3-4 times a week FOR A FEW MINUTES. It takes an investment to move from work rails onto comedy rails, and if it doesn’t work out and you don’t have a safety net to fall back on to, you are fucked out of your job, have a work gap and lagging behind the ones who dedicated the time to the career.

  12. I don't know comedians, but Joe's point is definitely not true for writers. I'm scanning my book shelf of recently published writers, most of them are Ivy league educated from affluent beginnings.

  13. Certainly makes ya wonder how many Einstein-level geniuses have been lost to the world simply because of the situation into which they were born.

  14. I think you are only somewhat correct, people are not the same. Some people need that motivation and it helps them shiny. Some other people would just shut down basically. We don’t know what a single person truly needs in their life to make it great because it changes.

  15. Yes, Joe: there’s something about being poor that causes a hunger…. You can stop there. Literally.

  16. Damn Joe got so lame the last couple years. He lost all of his self awareness, doesn't feel like an ordinary guy anymore. I'll still watch when there's a guest I like, he can still be a great conversationalist but I never watch for -him- anymore.

  17. I'll be fair to Joe and say, though, that the guest of this episode is known for making videos on stoicism, and what he's saying here is more or less based on stoic ideals. Still, hearing this shit from a guy who made $100 million to fuck around on a microphone is awfully annoying. He worked hard, but he's also been tremendously lucky

  18. Dude spent a living avoiding a real fucking job... It's easy to work out like a maniac if that's what you want to do but not everyone has the means to live out their adolescent dreams... Dude is disconnected af...

  19. Tell em joe. If your mom is stressed out bc she doesnt know how to put food on the table, just remember that this trauma is priming you to become the next Jeff Bezos

  20. His claim to wealth and fame was Fear Factor where he yelled and watch people eating horse dong. While the participants could win $50,000 dollars. The last time he was ever poor was when he was a small child and his mom remarried. Find Opie and Anthony clips about Joe describing how much money he was making on Fear Factor. Nothing wrong with that, but he needs to stop talking like he started as simple coal miner.

  21. he started delivering news papers ... with a car … as a adult. i guess paper boy was a better paid job back in his day

  22. Wtf has joe produced? Ever? Yes he makes podcasts and commentates on ufc and all that fun shit but what has he ever MADE? I don’t get the feeling that when he says “How much less productive would we be?” that comedy albums are what he’s thinking about.

  23. Listen to his words, he equates entertainment with productivity. He sees himself and comedians as some of the great pillars of society. It's how he's able to spew that shit about others not wanting to work and produce like he does and become millionaires themselves.

  24. Interesting thing is at least an actor or musician supports hundreds if not thousands of jobs. Studios, labels, etc.

  25. He created one of the biggest media empires of all time, he's also building what will be the best comedy club in the world... Joe has done more then most people ever will

  26. he desperately wants to, but then those hard times would make such a great man he'd end up even richer than before, and then he'd be even weaker.

  27. “Imaaaaaagine if I had a job? That would really cut down on my productivity in bitching about people who haven’t made my exact, glorious life choices.”

  28. It would be fascinating if he just tried to work one for a couples of months. And not like, spending a few hours in Taco Bell cracking jokes then going out for $12 lagers and steaks around the corner. Like standing all day on his feet, working and paying the rent with his earnings, etc. But it still wouldn't ring true because he'd always know he had a parachute to fall back on.

  29. Joe should work a construction job again for a week in 112 degree weather and see how he makes out. He can try to make believe he's in his sauna.

  30. Survivorship bias. Sure poverty can build character and greatness for some, but for others who may just be less lucky they never stood a chance.

  31. I mean its just objectively bullshit, if you look at the outcomes for people based on their socio-economic background, being born into a poor family is literally one of the worst things in terms of your earning potential, your education, your health, your life expectancy.

  32. This is the perfect example of that saying money changes people. I’ve watched Joe go from being a compassionate understanding person to a rich soulless pull yourself up by your bootstraps prick.

  33. And this is why anyone that makes millions of dollars a year needs to be taxed hard. Rich people are so disconnected from normal society they are actively trying to destroy us now

  34. Joe looks at a certain swath of the population and their experience as if they’re sitting around waiting for a handout and a lecture about “doing difficult things” from a shitty comedian. Ah, if only life could just be boiled down to who works hard enough and who doesn’t. This guy is a complete dipshit. He soothes himself with stories about how great he is. I guess that’s what you do when you’re out of touch with reality. You start looking at people like they’re begging for your money outside a gas station, and you get to decide how people would behave if you handed them money from your greatness and brawn.

  35. You realize you can just not listen to him instead of throwing child like tantrums about muh rich people. He dude got rich and his perspective shifted, you are delusional if you think you wouldn't do the same thing if someone offered you 100m to do whatever meaningless job you have.

  36. Desperation and motivation and not the same thing??? At least onnit got to keep making monkey head kettle bells with the $2.5 million they got for free you fool. He is so disconnected from reality now smh

  37. There are also a lot of great people who had great backgrounds and just had that innate drive to do something and it had absolutely nothing to do with poverty or them needing to figure out a way to succeed

  38. I recall him telling a story years ago about how when he first moved to LA, Disney gave him a development deal for a show that only ended up having a pilot episode, but he got to keep the money. He said since his bills were taken care of with that Disney money, he could use all that spare time to work on his standup comedy and MMA training. It’s mind boggling that he has such a double standard when it comes to other people having similar circumstances, especially considering he couldn’t cut it at a day job

  39. His "less losers" narrtive kills me. Once we are all successful Joe, who will pick up the trash? Who's gonna drive the uber? Who's gonna clean the pool?

  40. “If you give them free money”. Boy, he’s kind of out of his depth on this one…. “FREE” money, Joe? Really?

  41. He's right though. When people hit a certain baseline of living many just coast or give up. Work is part of life. People are poor for a reason. You people speak like being born into a family is the end all and there is no way out. That's a fucking lie. I've done it. I know others that have done it. The world isn't fair or balanced or equal. There will never not be a poor class, there are always people more well off or smarter or harder workers.

  42. I mean, his main income used to be from onnit right? Onnit took 2.38mil in PPP money. Literally most people he knows/work with took 200 times the "free money" any of us "poors" did. Ya, rogan co-owns Onnit. Onnit took 2.38mil in PPP. Joe has directly taken more "free money" than anyone you've ever met from the government.

  43. Tommy Bunz certainly didn’t grow up poor; he is a great (to this Mommy) comedian. This was definitely an example of out of touch Toe

  44. poverty keeps people from greatness, not motivate people, because you tend to have to make decisions based on desperation and short term gain rather than long term goals

  45. Typical leftist victim woe is me I can't do anything about my situation mentality. Abe Lincoln was destitute, his house had no floor and yet he overcame. If there's a will there's a way. I'm a millennial btw who was poor and bullied as a kid now making 150K with my own home.

  46. Think about it Joe, if I’m making 120k/year in Southern California and I have a family, that extra 50k isn’t going to allow me to quit my job and continue living the way I do.

  47. Poverty never motivated me since I don’t give a fuck about being rich or wanting some dumb overpriced car or “needing” to spend 5,000 to fly to some shithole country as “vacation”.

  48. The problem is that Joe does these stupid fucking rhetorical thought experiments where he analyses these things in a totally subjective and biased way and leads himself to a predetermined logical conclusion.

  49. “If skills sold truth be told I’d probably be lyrically talib kweli. Truthfully I wanna rhyme like common sense, but I did 5 mil I ain’t been rhyming like common since” - Jay Z

  50. So let's underpay people so they are forced to "produce" more? So do these producers never get to reap the benefits of their work lest they become unmotivated because that's what it sounds like. Also why is production the end goal here? In his hypothetical we are producing enough to pay everyone 50k a year, how much fucking more productive do we need to be?

  51. so he says he doesn't want people to live in poverty, but at the same time poverty can be a major motivator.. oh wow what a hot take. that's some crazy shit right there.

  52. If you’re triggered by this, this podcast isn’t for you. Go listen to El Chapo Traphouse or some shit. He’s always been like this.

  53. This argument makes a good point that after the government pays for your basic needs, you will still have motivation to work for what you want, like a tv or a sports car.

  54. The rich don't give a shit about you and not just that, they actively want to make your life HARDER. Wake up folks, before it's too late.

  55. Stupid argument by Joe. You know what else poverty does? Completely ruins peoples lives and put them into a whole which they can never recover from and people turn to drugs/alcohol/death, etc. WAYYY more people have been destroyed by poverty than have been helped by it. Clearly Joe has never experienced poverty, oh wait that’s right he’s rich and has had money since he was 21 years old

  56. What exactly is Joe doing if he's not making "free money"? This clip is his job, it is all that it is, and he makes nine figures. Projection.

  57. I don’t think that any creative people get really good at creating because they are trying to get rich. You do it as a means of escape or enjoyment and if it’s good enough maybe someone notices.

  58. The level of cuckery the American system has done on American people is astonishing, the literally convinced people that basic right makes you weak.

  59. Fear of being a poor loser motivated me to stop being a junky and get a dam good paying job. As humans we need motivation .

  60. I've been doing construction for 20 years and I've noticed that the guys that have money in the bank and all their bills are paid are way more productive because they aren't worried about money. They are focused on doing a good job. Including myself. You work more for pride of accomplishment rather than hoping that you're going to have enough money to pay for gas or to make it to work next week or your bills paid on time or being able to feed your family

  61. I've always watched/listened to Rogan as though it were bros riffing on whatever comes to mind, for whatever interests them, whether clumsily thought out, masterful, funny or moronic. Like any long conversation with a mate. Never serious enough for me to get even remotely worked up about. Reading comments on here makes one realize how many people musn't be able to relate to that, instead looking to him or his platform for some form of guiding intellectual light in their lives. Sad, really.

  62. Guy’s career is an art, but he wants people to produce? He fell into TV and standup and like Cumia and Carolla he can’t see the “get a sitcom” model isn’t how a society is built.

  63. The people that have been inspired by Rogan are people like Brendan Schaub, Dave Rubin, Bret Weinstein, Eric Weinstein, Lex Fridman, Robert Malone. Bill Maher etc And seriously Rogan is inspired by CANDACE OWENS.

  64. This reminds me of a boxer I follow. Mikey Garcia. He and his brother Robert Garcia gave some money to a homeless guy. And Ellie Sechback said he's probably going to go buy booze. The Garcias said something like you can't always go through life like that. The guy may just buy booze but what about the people that won't.

  65. What he's taking about though is trauma. He's so scared of being poor that he's a multimillionaire and still running. Does he really think that innovation only comes from this trauma but that there's no counterbalance which includes being a sociopath and dominating other individuals and the market which actually stifles creativity. You think those hyper-intelligent hyper- motivated individuals wouldn't be able to improve the world if they had a better lifestyle? They can't be well adjusted people and employers? That they have to bust unions and lock employees inside to get us to space? That's some Ayn Rand shit right there

  66. Joe should live by this and force himself and his family to live in poverty to stay motivated, hungry, and forced to do great things.

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