Please do not post spoilers for Joe’s live shows

  1. For anyone that has been to one of his shows, does he generally hang around for photos and autographs after the show? I have a copy of the bathroom book that I'd like to get signed, but don't want to bring it if he leaves immediately.

  2. Or just require a spoiler tag and let people experience what the show is like. I’d much rather see more posts on this sub than not.

  3. I still don't think filming bits of a stand-up special thats currently touring and still selling tickets should be encouraged. I'd personally prefer people put their phones away during shows, but obviously that can't really be helped all the time.

  4. Recording Joe’s show hurts him because he’s working on a set that he might eventually try to sell to a streaming site like Netflix. Having the jokes already out there means the punchline of those jokes gets spoiled. Why would a business want to purchase his comedy album or special if it’s already for free in various forms on that internet?

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