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  1. Guyssssss please read this!! Instragram has in their terms and conditions that third party apps are NOT allowed! They get better at detecting these apps all the time so even if it’s been fine for you so far does not mean it will continue to be. Having one of these apps can have your reach reduced, your account suspended, or worse, cause you to lose your account altogether. These apps are absolutely not worth the risk.

  2. Wait InstaGram can actually reduce your reach purely because you have a 3rd party that’s just keeping track of your analytics?!? That’s kinda petty.

  3. Not if you use the modded Instagram, has made life infinitely easier with finding who's following or not, was able to ban a lot of bots and know pretty much all the creator info you'd like with managing your account

  4. I tried couple of popular app. But my Instagram account got locked twice. Now I am scared and deleted those apps. So I am eager to know if there is some time tested app or another easy way to check that

  5. The apps are not allowed by insta so newer apps come out all the time but eventually insta always finds out and this can get your account banned

  6. Don’t use an app for this purpose you will get banned! There is a better solution for you! Instagram actually them self provides you with this data

  7. I've tried almost every unfollower app under the sun and it always eventually locks my account. I'm gonna try followmeter since someone else in the comments recommended it. Btw ur account gets shadowbanned when u use those apps.

  8. Dont use followmeter... my account got suspended because of it literally 3 days ago. I got it back, but its not worth the risk.

  9. Or focus those energy into creating content that provides value to others so they can’t help but follow you.

  10. This is a frustrating problem I thought I had solved. I found that people would follow me, so I follow them back, then they wait a couple days and unfollow me while I’m still following them. I got FollowMeter and it worked perfectly for a good while. It was so satisfying when someone thought they were increasing their numbers by getting me to follow and then unfollowing me and I unfollow them right back! Now FollowMeter is pretty much dead and none of the third party apps I try work. I’m now pretty much sick of both Instagram and Facebook I want to exit them both, but not being on them can mean lost creative opportunities.

  11. I used one before and it got me shadowbanned, I had to make a new account. I'd suggest to steer clear of any third-party apps.

  12. I think I’m shadowbanned right now. If I wait it out (after deleting the followers app) will I get un-shadowbanned? I really don’t want to create a whole new account.

  13. i don’t mess around with those apps anymore but instead i just screenshot and keep a log of who follows me and then check it eventually every few months or so i can see who has unfollowed or whatever so i can make sure i’m not following them back anymore

  14. You’re being rude but actually I agree with you. OP, follow who you want and don’t worry if they follow you back or not.

  15. How is this childish lol, why would someone want to keep following someone who unfollowed them

  16. Crazy how this is getting downvoted lol. I guess I use instagram differently than most people on this subreddit.

  17. You sound pathetic lol " I wanna see who doesn't follow me boo hoo hoo waaaa 😭" lol 😂😂😂 freaking loser. It's just instagram it's not that serious.

  18. Just search unfollower get any of the top apps from the App Store. I have many friends who have been using many different such apps for years with no problems. If you get banned or shadow banned you’re probably doing something weird. Also, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to use such apps and unfollowing people who don’t follow back. Bad follower to following ratios look bad.

  19. I know I'm taking the risk of being locked out or banned, but I've been using one popular app to see who Followed-then-Unfollowed game. I've been very lucky so far, but what I do is I unfollow the user on Instagram and NOT from the app itself. I only use the app to see who unfollowed.

  20. Followmeter i only have been threatened once by instagram when I signed into it and i don’t think they know I’m using the tracker anymore

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