Unnecessary traffic

  1. Are you talking about that hill by UCR between Canyon Crest and Box Springs? If so it’s probably because trucks have a hard time going uphill and slows down traffic behind them causing more lane changes in traffic. And going downhill, people tend to gain speed and hit the breaks to slow down; also UCR and the 60 freeway approaches so more people changing lanes to exit or get on that freeway, which usually causes a bit of traffic

  2. That explanation sounds reasonable, but can you explain why the same thing happens on the 91W between La Sierra and McKinley? No changes in lanes, just a curve in the road. I think OP might be onto something.

  3. UCR is right there + a bunch of people have moved to MoVal, which is also in that direction. Also Redlands is in that direction.

  4. I wake up and wonder the SAME thing. Like people are basically stopping on their brakes for fun. I be expecting some kind of accident or something but when I get through the traffic, it’s NOTHING?!

  5. It makes me think people like to waste their money on brake pad changes often, one could drive down that hill without gassing or braking.

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