Trigger his bhakts.

  1. Feeling horny with my two wives Ab talak talak talak bolakar 2 aur launga Fir hui hui hui hui hui hui Feeling proud to be a Muslim

  2. Reform reform reform. Iski gamd me dam nai h, koi economic reform laana or implement karna. Agar itna hi nationalist h toh karke dikhae farm laws implement. Nai kar paayega kyuki ye chutiya darpok h. Iske bas ki nai h kuch karna.

  3. You know country is fucked when you have to put a disclaimer everytimr you say something bad about Modi. Infosys bhi anti national bana di bsdwalo ne.

  4. if this guy becomes prime minister once again im moving my whole family to somewhere better. heck ill go to africa and give them some water

  5. (Unironically telling this) Dude at least private stuff are much better than that of our governments. And all the governmental facilities with incredibly low quality are made by our own salary which we give away in the form of income tax.

  6. Govt's job is not to provide jobs. It is to enact policies that will stimulate job growth. You may say that some departments should not be run for profit. I agree with that. Even in those cases, the govt should fund private businesses using grants and such. Never run any business itself.

  7. mosha bhi toh chahiye sabko. If I were to die due to covid then my wish would be to have my funeral ritual in ganga regardless of what state I am.

  8. Hey stop triggering him guys He is honoured person Just give a respect to person who is making india a better place to live in Trigger this type of people who trigger such a noble person Great respect Mr Modi

  9. Earlier it was like No modi means no hindu no sikh no christian but after seeing Afghanistan it is also be no good muslims

  10. People who mock him that he doesn't have a school or college degree should look at him. Then they should look at his bhakts who actually have a college degree and yet dumber than him.

  11. He can't overcome the legacy of Nehru, in his 7 birth lifetime. Because Nehru was the first and he is some X, y, z PM of India.

  12. Ye aaya katua apne asli iraade leke.....yahan bhosdiwale saare ignore krenge. Madarchod Modi ke naam pe Hindus ko target krenge phir retaliation hone par victim card leke randi rona krenge.

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