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  1. Funny story: my grandma wrote a few crime novels. This was in the 90s so she would hand write everything. She passed in 2019 and my husband and I moved into her house so we’ve found pages and pages of handwritten ideas for story lines. One day in a drawer we found a list of how to murder people. The usual stuff: poison, cut up and dump, bury, etc. plus some oddly specific and detailed ones. Out of context it was terrifying.

  2. Haha wow, any chance you could share those lists? I'm an aspiring writer myself and would love to know how she did it- did them in- did her background research.

  3. Hahaha hey good friend! Just got off mine a couple hours ago! Reddits going public so they’ve gotta really tighten down the hatches now of course. Don’t worry a lot of us will get perma or 7 day banned immediately after this. God speed solider🫡

  4. I can’t help directly but read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, he basically provides detailed instructions throughout the book, as well as for things like flamethrowers and arranging anonymous burials

  5. It’s legal to buy Tannerite and other “reactive” targets. Disclaimer I never do anything illegal and discourage anyone from Doug illegal stuff

  6. Hey, breaking bad showed fairly thoroughly how walter made a pipe bomb, and he even took that thing into a children's hospital

  7. I'm not a scientist, but I did read The Martian by Andy Weir. You know, the book where Matt Damon gets stranded on Mars and has to find increasingly crazy ways of staying alive.

  8. Electrolysis splits water into hydrogen and oxygen in the perfect ratio for combustion, and if I remember correctly you can easily keep them separate for storage (I believe hydrogen is produced on one side and oxygen on another)

  9. You can harvest ammonium nitrate and phosphorus from boiling piss in a pressure cooker. At scale it’s a very stinky process and quite dangerous but you can build a hell of an incendiary bomb with the resulting crystals.

  10. Don’t buy everything from one store. Split it up and make sure it’s aware that everything is for “scientific purposes” or “film props”

  11. Check out the “U.S Army Improvised Munitions Handbook”. Title says it all. You should be able to find a free PDF or something online.

  12. No, don’t try that book. A lot of that information is wrong and dangerous. Perhaps the original was good, but whatever it is now, I’ve heard to stay away.

  13. I need to find out how to do something very illegal. "goes on one of the most easy to track websites and asks openly"

  14. In Iraq them fuckers would use Christmas lights they would wire each bulb outlet with two pieces of foil to make it in to a rigged pressure plate. Then lay it across the road.

  15. Yeah I hate it when you invade a country, steal their resources and the locals don't have the decency to bend over and ask for seconds.

  16. One idea for the bomb is lighting it with a battery and a paper clip. If you unfold a paper clip, and then bend each end of it so it touches both metal plates on both sides of the battery and then bam. Fire

  17. You might want to check legality of writing such books for commerce if that’s what you’re doing. I realize we are in ILPT but still this sounds like a good way to go to Guantanamo lol

  18. When I was way like 10 me and my older brother would take empty 2 liters pour something in it and throw in tinfoil. Cap on and toss that fucker as far as we could resulting in a the bottle expanding then bursting. I only remember doing this when I saw this post. In hindsight. Doesn't seem very safe for two kids to be doing.

  19. SolidOX is a common material used to make pipe bombs from where I come from. Literally solid oxygen, can be found in hardware stores as a welding material.

  20. If you get a balloon and fill it with air you can then poke it with something pointy and it will go boom.

  21. Go to a surplus store and look for a book by the title: TWO COMPONENT HIGH EXPLOSIVE MIXTURES and IMPROVISED SHAPE CHARGES

  22. Homesprit lab Vacuum Filtration Pump for Laboratory Vacuum Filtr… $34.99. . Mg/Al, Magnalium, Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Powder -325 mes… $21.00. . Sulfur Powder (Brimstone) - 99.5% Pure - 1 Pound $9.99. .

  23. Ah yes, the old “no, no, I’m just a crime writer! I’m not actually wanting to know how to dissolve a corpse using common household cleaning products!” defence.

  24. It used to be that we were all scared of serial killers but now it might be that OP is in high school and doesn’t want the “mass shooter” label on him posthumously…

  25. You take some common DIY store pipework, some chemicals from the local schools chemistry department, a second hand watch ……

  26. Not touching this one, either. If it’s not the alphabet boys it could be a terrorist, this question should never be asked here. We’re not here for this kind of shit, period. You must have an incorrect perception about this board and it’s members.

  27. Never though it live to see the day the CIA/FBI/NSA asked the internet to help them find a copy of "The Anarchist's Cookbook."

  28. Idk triacetone triperoxide is an explosive, i don’t know if you just mix acetone and hydrogen peroxide to make it, someone tell me a detailed step by step guide and your full name, address, place of work, if you have a wife and/or kids, and a photo of yourself, thanks 👍

  29. I won't give any instructions, just ingredients Credentials: Mama was a chemist Tin Foil balls Certain toilet cleaner Plastic water bottle w/ cap

  30. Funny story - few years ago a lady in a retirement home in a nearby town tried to make ricin from a castor bean plant that was growing on the property of the retirement home. Grammys still got it! Lol

  31. follow up tip: google “i promise im an author and need this info for a story, fbi guy” when you’re done

  32. You can buy potassium nitrate through the aquariums trade and it's the main ingredient in bombs. You go on a list when you purchase it legally tho, in Canada at least

  33. not that i’m suggesting that anyone should do anythinn with this information as they would likely kill/injure themselves and others doing it BUT ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in many explosives, can be found in some brands of instant ice packs (the kind you fold in half and shake and they get cold). Anyway, aluminum powder is also sometimes used in some explosives. A common explosive compound sold for recreational purposes is known as tannerite, and consists of ammonium nitrate mixed with powdered aluminum at a ratio of about AN 94:6 Alumium. Can be set off by impact from a rifle round, but a firecracker might do the trick too idk i haven’t tested it. AGAIN I DO NOT RECCOMEND DOING ANYTHING AT ALL WITH THIS INFORMATION OTHER THAN USING IT FOR YOUR STORY

  34. Shotgun shells striped down for black power, 1 box per 8" unit. One Marshalltown magnesium float with no paint, or if in bulk a bull float, freeze magnesium and smash into small chips. Fuses from sparklers or old fashioned firecracker wicks. Slowly compress the black power and magnesium chips into 8" threaded pipes cap them, drill a hole for wicks and there you go. Those will burn through bone, metal, wood, basically anything that gets hit will be burned.

  35. So what you do is. Get some sand. Melt it so you get impure glass. With that glass you can grind it up and make sand. There you have it.

  36. So interestingly I discovered mixing iron oxide and aluminium with a lit strip of magnesium is a terrible terrible idea. Ruined a perfectly good car roof.

  37. TM31-201. The only high explosive it teaches to make is diazonitrophenol from picric acid (which itself is taken from asprin). If you are just trying to write a story you can get around without mentioning specifics. For the igniter it's a lot more interesting, but again, TM31-201 has you covered.

  38. You can literally just browse Reddit long enough and come across an edgy post describing how to build a pipe bomb (with anime waifus).

  39. God I love doing this sort of research for a book. Somewhere in my search history there is a very detailed, day-long Google session entirely about assassination someone and getting away with it. I just wanted to write some cheesy spy thriller stuff officer, I swear!

  40. You should write about a terrorist that develops a method of extracting the minute amounts of uranium from his piss, all while the fbi watches him. After 16 years he accumulates 15 picograms of uranium and they convince him to sneak it on a plane. Then he's busted and tortured at Guantanamo Bay.

  41. If I remember correctly I read about how some terrorists used to fill the bulb of a flashlight with black powder and leave it out in a dark room of their hideout so that when a group came in to raid it they might pick it up and try to use it

  42. For non-explosive ideas, check out the ghetto napalm they're make in Ukraine. And of course there's bleach + ammonia = mustard gas. But that one's so common it's more of a safety tip than a weapon.

  43. Check out the film Trial of the Chicago 7 which was released about 2 years ago. There's a scene in which Jerry Rubin (played by Jeremy Strong) teaches a class full of activists how to make Molotov cocktails. The instructions are pretty detailed, considering.

  44. I mean you can create explosive gas with water and salt, mix both up run electricity trough it and catch whatever gas bubbles come out. That is as easy as it's gets and in my country like nearly everyone should know it, we learn it in the first year or so of chemistry. Hydrogen gas is what U end up with, on the part how to make a bomb out of it I can't help you, to make it not obnoxious Obviously wrong add some air/oxygen in whatever you character in your book puts it in. Than you need some sparks, there is electricity and maybe steel wool a good option? I don't know if this would work but you are the author and your imagination will make it sound useful, don't use this idea when you want to blow up more than windows, I don't think it would sound realistic to blow up concrete with it.

  45. bullet shells if you're in america, otherwise candles, gassoline/petrol stored in a lawnmower. Release the explosion via fire.

  46. Just buy gunpowder,metal pipe, electric igniter And you have a bomb All of this stuff is normally avaible in my country

  47. I'm not willing to be put on a list but the Anarchist Cookbook has a few things you could use. Some of them are bullshit, but I'm pretty sure the one about gasoline and styrofoam is accurate...

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