Let’s look down the muzzle to see if it’s clear 🥴

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  2. Well to be fair you clear the camber first then look down the barrel to look for obstructions. What she did there is not what we where taught or at least not what I was taught

  3. Iirc this was filmed in Canada and their training has you unload the firearm, clear the chamber, then observe the clear chamber by looking down the barrel. I agree that the only time you should be looking down a barrel is when you have unloaded and dismantled the firearm but she is following her training at least.

  4. why can't you just observe the clear chamber by looking through the chamber? Thats the way us yanks do it.

  5. They didn't immediately stop her when she was looking down the muzzle to verify if it was safe. Good way to vacate your brains. You can open the damn thing up and look into the NOT KILL YOU side. I guess that's vice for ya, complete idiots, the lot of them...

  6. That’s because she’s doing a test. The firearm is not capable of firing which is why it has the orange stock and grip. Shes allowed to handle the firearm without being instructed to see her level of competence with the firearm

  7. You check the breech to make sure there’s no cartridge before checking the bore. Can’t check for a bore obstruction through the breech of a lever-action.

  8. In canada... where this was filmed... they training people to clear a long gun then check down the barrel to confirm it's cleared.

  9. The Canadian Firearms Course, the people who run the training required for the RCMP to issue a PAL or RPAL

  10. As someone who just finished my PAL course (Canadian Gun safety), the only reason we look down the barrel is to check for obstructions.

  11. Still stupid, you know why ? Because one day (and I'm absolutely sure this already happened) someone will check without the prior steps, and you know why ?

  12. The fact that they’re teaching you guys to stare down a barrel in the name of safery is genuinely fucking mind blowing to me. That takes a big old shit on 2/5 of the basic rules of firearm safety and has definitely lead to some tragedies.

  13. Most guns you cannot check if there are no obsttuctions unless you actually look down the barrel. there might be a partial obstruction and you will still see light if you just look through the chamber. Checking for obstructions is part of the gun safety course and test in Canada. Guns are made of plastic metal and wood, if you check to make sure its unloaded visually and physically its just wood metal and plastic, about as dangerous as a frying pan. Guns are a tool, learn about them, dont be afraid of them, be afraid of americans with no licence requirement for owning them.

  14. In Canada we are taught to do this to check for any obstruction or damage to the bore. Once you ensure there is no magazine or have a clear view of the feed path in the case of a non removable mag, and ensure there is no round seated in the chamber you can inspect the bore and there is absolutely nothing unsafe about it whatsoever if you do your due diligence beforehand.

  15. Not sure what she did wrong. In Canada (after making sure the firearm is unleaded) this is how you check if there is any bore obstructions so the gun doesn't explode when you fire it.

  16. That may have been the last step of PROVE in which you make sure there are no items lodged in the barrel. The first steps ensure that there are no bullets in the gun making it safe.

  17. Not at all dangerous until that one time you fuck it up and are looking at a bullet. Ever do something a million times but fuck it up once? (Grabbing the car keys, closing the fridge, tie a shoe lace, etc.).

  18. Regardless of the lack of immediate danger, the problem here is the act itself and the assumption that this behavior could continue when it’s not 100% safe and fool proofed. Hence, this fool from Vice.

  19. She would have been thrown out of hunter safety training anywhere I’ve been. Holy. The fact that anyone in the room thought that was ok is mind blowing. No pun intended. Serious hunter safety education has reduced weapon fatalities by accidental discharge by like 70% or something. This video is not safety training

  20. The shell/bullet flying when she loaded, does it mean it was loaded already when she looked down the barrel or was that the bullet she added that was ejected?

  21. Her: “Easier to pass than my driving test” Also her: looks down barrel, could’ve gotten killed irl

  22. I did a similar experiement with handing my friend my unloaded AR at the shooting range and told him to make it go bang. It was his first time handing one. It took him a couple minutes of tinkering (I was making sure it was done safely, barrel down range the whole time. He was great following saftey tips.) He eventually got the mag seated, charging handle pulled back "like they do in the movies", theeeen found the saftey. And pulled the trigger. I know the design is simple but i was still a little impressed and still proud of him.

  23. If it was "certainly a lot easier then her driving test" than holy shit I hope vice has a 24 hour DD for her ☠️

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