[IWantOut] 21M Ukraine -> US

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from the info in your link, it seems like they would need someone in the US to offer them financial support before they could even apply for this. So... That's a bit of a fuzzy definition of welcome in the context of refugees...

  2. I know you want to go to the states and not Canada. But Canada gives great option for immigration for Ukrainian citizens, enabling you to stay for a few years. A few years means that you’ll be allowed eventually to stay in Canada for ever (source: myself, I just became a citizen, and I’m from the EU). If crossing the border is an issue, I don’t think Canada immigration program is going away any time soon. Then from Canada it will be far easier to go to the states.

  3. Do you have good grades in undergrad? Can you get strong recommendation letters from your professors/research advisors? If so, you might be able to get assistantships that will cover tuition expenses and give you a stipend to cover living costs. Apply to Master of Science programs and in the SOPs talk about (in addition to other things) your prior research experience (however miniscule) and on areas of research at the school that interest you.

  4. Unfortunately I had almost no interest in studying until the last year of uni, and ended up having something equal to 2.7 gpa (if our systems can be compared at all). Even though I don't expect any miracles to happen with such results, I would like to figure out what can be done

  5. Best to get a job at a tech company that sponsors visas? Study up on interview questions or do side projects if you don’t have any. My company didn’t ask about my GPA at all.

  6. At the moment are you not hamstrung by the inability of men 18-60 to leave Ukraine? (or are you planning now for after the war is over?)

  7. Word of advice from someone who looked into the process and actively pursuing it, the US immigration system is VERY challenging in its current state. Unless you

  8. Check out the app “Tribefy”. There’s a big UA community there all over EU & some in the US and the question of US Immigration has been touched upon plenty of times

  9. To get a job. It will take me a couple of years before I'll save up enough to get a decent degree in the US and it sounds like it's not worth it

  10. I guess the only advantage of coming to Mexico is that it's relativery easier to get a citizenship there, but honestly I would prefer to get canadian citizenship, also Canada has a huge ukrainian diaspora

  11. Did you seriously say that to someone trying to flee a country that's been invaded and is currently in the middle of a horrific war? Get off reddit and go outside..

  12. I'm not leaving my country and won't do that until the conscription is over. I just want to have a clearer picture of what my future options are

  13. Imagine saying this to someone trying to flee a literal war zone, especially when you live in a country where homeless shanty villages are the norm.

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