After 7 months and 13,000 km, still very satisfied with Tucson N Line Hybrid 260hp FWD. Not a single issue with it. Everything works fine and fuel consumption is good (long time avg 5,3l/100km).

  1. Only wish the electric motor was slightly larger, so the car could stay in electric more often. I see the Tucson as a stepping stone to my next being pure electric. Liking the Toyota bz4x at the moment.

  2. Wow. I initially saw the NLine in white and really disliked it, I loved the black accenting around the wheel wells with the white paint. Now seeing this in a darker color I really like it

  3. I really wished Hyundai sold the n line hybrid in the us.looks so amazing..i have the SEL and averaging 38 mpg combine mostly hwg. Little complaints but a nice car

  4. Ordered my 265 PHEV n-line in Shadow grey with the 2 tone roof (black) way back in January. Estimated as September now for delivery. At this rate the car will have gone through a facelift by the time it arrives.

  5. After 7 months and 27,500+ km not very satisfied fuel average has never been lower then 6.3 for me. I told service and they said let us know after 50,000 km. If im not wrong certain things don't cover under warranty after 50,000km 🤷🏻‍♂️

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