Woman converts a shed into a home for her brother with autism

  1. Yeah this was really heartwarming till I was hit with the sinking realization that this dude has his shit way more together than I do, then it just feels depressing…

  2. I hope they got the insulation sorted out though. Sheds aren't designed with hella livability in mind. Could get pretty hot/cold and tax the shit out of any HVAC.

  3. There's something so beautiful about someone gaining more autonomy who didn't have it, in any form. Must feel so freeing when you have an environment that allows you to be independent but with the structure that keeps you comfortable as well.

  4. that's Precious the myna bird, and she is a rescue. The cat on the sofa is a 3 legged kitty, another adopted pet. They also have a deaf piglet and a blind cat!

  5. That kid has more personal discipline in one week than I have had in my entire life. Props to Sis and the family.

  6. Honestly it's the structure. I spent a good portion of my life on adhd meds. When I learned to handle without meds I found having rigid timelines and lots of structure helps with the executive dysfunction more than anything else. I am much older now but I still find myself literally walking in circles trying to figure out what to do if I don't have it planned out.

  7. I wonder how much of this is Instagram vs. reality. Even the fridge looked photogenic and organized. Maybe this family knows something mine doesn’t but raising a special needs child is RARELY this fun and photogenic but it’s still worth every second of it.

  8. My dream was to Build a Tiny home in our backyard for our daughter with autism. Unfortunately our HOA doesn’t allow that. Luckily, our house has two wings to it so she Has her own side.

  9. I would check state zoning laws and see if an ADU is actually “illegal” in your state. In my state of CA most municipalities are not following zoning laws created to provide more housing because of NIMBY attitudes. But they are breaking the law and the state is starting to crack down on it because of housing scarcity. AFAIK housing associations cannot override state law. Might be worth the fight if it helps others to do the same.

  10. Thats Awesome, Amazing Sister. Congrats to Chris and others with Autism & Aspergers. I'm an Aspie, Proud of it too but l Love My Autism Family..

  11. Completely agree. Plenty of families could certainly use this as a service to set up their homes or individual living which is friendly to people on the spectrum.

  12. I wanted to build a guest cottage in my backyard (for when my mother-in-law comes to visit), but they don't allow ADU's where I live. My best friend goes, build a shed, turn it into a cottage, and then when the city comes, tell them: this is just how I store my furniture...in a bedroom-type fashion.

  13. I've known a couple of people who've just bought a large camper and rigged up shore power and plumbing to it. It's not an additional structure, legally.

  14. I too have an autistic/MR little brother who is great at math since age 6, and can play any song if he hears it. My parents helped strengthen this by sending him to music school. He can read music and do some things for himself but needs direction on most and could never live on his own. Dad (88) currently in hospital, mom passed right before Covid and he’s staying with me. I think this is great and OP is an inspiration. The folks at our local tavern love him and watch over him also. He’s 57 and getting older is going to need more help with tasks. I’m Planning and thank you for this.

  15. This is absolutely incredible. Way to give him a whole world of independence and self resilience! More of this content please

  16. I work with a family that did this backwards. They built out an apartment over their garage so the parents could move in there and their two aging disabled kids took over the house. That way the kids didn't have to move and transition into a new place, everyone had their own space, and a caregiver or nurse can stay in the master bedroom of the house as needed. It also made things easier with end of life planning.

  17. This is a great example of an ADU! Lots of people just see them as tiny houses to rent, but they're great for giving someone who have trouble living on thier but don't need full time care thier own space.

  18. I know you're not the person who made the video, but I'll toss this suggestion out there in case they see it, or if anyone else is making similar videos:

  19. 2 types of comments here: those happy for the dude, and those who are being crushed by capitalism who can't help but envy him because they're able-bodied and still not able to afford what he now has.

  20. That’s cool as hell. What sucks is the city will probably be like “We’re gonna need to raise your taxes. Your useable floor space just increased.”

  21. I feel like very time I see a video about autism it's always about people on the lower end of the spectrum and never the high end. I suppose because the high end is more what people would consider "normal"

  22. Im not autistic, im just an idiot but thankfully i have a very loving older sister that would always be there for me if i needed help. Just in the last 3 years we have lost both our parents and we dont have a big extended family. My sister is all i have left and her family. Im 35 and i know my sister will always be there if i call. Love!

  23. this is amazing ❤️ setting him up to live independently, yet still have family right there if he needs them. love all the care that went into his new home.

  24. Giving him autonomy, his own space, schedules.. man, they really went all out to structure for his needs. What wonderful people who know their brother.

  25. As the father of a severely autistic boy, this really made me emotional. My biggest fear is when I die, who will look after him, and will they treat him lovingly instead of as a burden. I try not to think about too much because it makes me breakdown. Seeing this awesome little house is a great way to get his independence going. But even then he's 12 with the mentality of a 3 year old.

  26. I’m a mom to autistic kids and definitely feel this. Whenever I get overwhelmed by the fear, I try to remember that I’m giving them a strong foundation of unconditional love, support and creating as many happy memories together as possible. These will last when I am gone.

  27. It's a hell of a lot better than dropping him off at a group home. Sadly there are some parents that have to do that with their adult kid because of the stress and they can't take care of their child anymore. As long as the now autistic adult is in a safe environment, then sometimes that needs to happen.

  28. As the aging father of an adult child with autism this makes me smile but at the same time breakdown in complete fear for the future when I'm gone.

  29. The sad thing is most cities wouldn’t allow this sort of thing. We housing solutions that fit all people, not just the well off “normal” person.

  30. Kids got his life together better than me. Damn I’m happy for him, and his family kicks all the ass in the world for helping him to succeed!

  31. That's actually really cool, give him and his family some independence from each other while still being close enough if emergencies occur

  32. Looks like it's on her property. I like to think I would do the same thing if I had money and a family member who needs it

  33. Honestly when I saw this I was super worried it would just be a situation where the sister acts as a maid and a cook despite him having his own place but I’m happy to see it’s not and he’s cooking for himself

  34. I love when she said she replaced herself with Alexa. She's probably so relieved that he is sticking to his routines. Man, I love everything about this. His independence is worth more than anything in this world!

  35. There is nothing I would live to do more than to do something like that for my very bipolar daughter before I die.

  36. Finally. Sharing a solution for someone with autism without turning it into inspiration porn! As an autistic person, this really makes me happy

  37. Damn that’s an amazing little home. Looks like the guy has it made in there. Very well organized and set up for him. Definitely a 20/10

  38. Great family..... this is how life is supposed to be lived.... and well done Chris, respect Brother.... also that salad looookin gooood !!!!

  39. I mean that's dope but they didn't convert a shed, they tore everything down, used the foundation and added more. They just built the man a house lol

  40. Perfect content for /humans being bros/ because the featured human is a bro. Better than an unrelated stranger rescuing a mouse or whatever.

  41. This brought tears to my eyes, many people dismiss the real struggle of having autism. This definitely helpful idea to many families.

  42. I’m autistic and this would make my life if I got a place like this. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to experience independence living and I feel like such a failure for that sometimes.

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