Resolving ethernet to USB 3.0 connector issue with Sony Bravia TV (Android)

  1. It really depends on the chipset that is on the USB to ethernet adapter. Most run of the mill adapters you'll find on Amazon/Walmart may have an asix adapter that isn't widely supported.

  2. Thanks. I've actually tried the UE300 and I haven't been able to get it to work. Although, I have noticed, every time I re-connect the ethernet cable (without the adapter) to the TV, it takes hours for the TV to reconnect to my network. I'm wondering, like ethernet, if it takes several minutes, or even hours, for the TV to detect the new USB connection and connect?

  3. USB Ethernet adapters don’t need POE power, also that is a good way to fry the adapter or TV. What Ethernet adapters did you buy?

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