YouTube shorts are getting out of hand…

  1. I've seen cringe videos in my shorts feed sure but you're just straight up getting porn , what's up with your subscriptions and viewing history my guy?

  2. I got almost all of them and my YouTube history is clean. After a while I feel like YouTube just try to put everything you haven’t seen yet in your feed. Also those are spams shorts so there are multiple copies of the same shorts, so YouTube think you haven’t already seen it 20 times before(like the last one and one that isn’t in this video; the girl in the gym with a 18+ logo)

  3. It is not about the viewing history.For example I've seen many animal p#rn but I am sure I am not interested in animals and neither searched anything about it.It is about the video's tags,if you watch a video which has roblox tag,youtube will try to show videos that has roblox tag.So if an animal p#rn video has Shorts tag(like many video)it doesn't matter what you watch or what you like,youtube will show it to you.(Sorry for my bad english,not my main language)

  4. I get these all the fucking time. Dislike, report as terrorism, click do not recommend channel, and they keep fucking popping up. All I do on YouTube is browse shorts, listen to music, and watch science channels ffs.

  5. "YoU KnoW iTs BAsEd oFf yOuR hIsTory RIGHT??!" Stfu, on a clean pc reset with no accounts logged in I had similar recommendations. The problem is that it exists on youtube stop tryna deflect.

  6. I know right. I saw on Youtube Shorts: some porn, a dude who is decapitating a goat, and some other shit and Youtube is more concerned for a F word or a N word.

  7. Who tf thought it was a good idea to put horse sex on youtube shorts!? I genuinely wanna know what they were thinking when they recored the video then uploaded it.

  8. But hey, YouTube take your money away from your video if you say fuck, because of the young audience…. And hey, if you make content specifically for young audience, you get demonetized and get features taken away from your videos.

  9. I’ve reported channels completely dedicated to this with no review from YT they’re still up I assume. Haven’t scrolled thru one recently though.

  10. im actually wonderinf why tf this shows up at ur yt. all the videos are based on an algorithm so wtf have u watched that this shows up i've never seen this shit on my yt

  11. the video is fake... YouTube doesn't put their logo on videos, just open shorts on mobile and you will see that all the icons are different

  12. That's what I thought too. I seen like 5 videos straight on some fucked up shit like a goat being decapitated and some pretty suggestive behavior. I click report, thumbs down and don't recommend. All have been taken down

  13. It’s your algorithm appealing to you, you must watch beastiality and porn on yt only if that’s what your getting. I get pretty close to what i get on TikTok

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