HolUp what ??

  1. Yeah imagine thinking you look attractive at all like this. Go on gay tinder and you’ll se dozens of these guys. It sucks bad.

  2. As a Korean, I feel like this guy is going to be remembered in our history as a creepypasta, told from generation to generation as a child molester.

  3. Every year or so I see pictures of him and every year he looks more and more like a middle aged woman demanding to speak to the manager

  4. The average world size erect it's 13.58cm (5.35 inch) and South Korea average size seen to be 13.16cm (5.18 inch). Well, so Korean don't have small pp, has a average pp.

  5. No he looks like momo but blonde, Voldemort doesn’t have a nose nor does he have hair wich would be stupid if this guy was cosplaying him, but on the other hand he is just stupid so he may be cosplaying as Voldemort

  6. for people who don’t know oli london — first of all, you’re lucky. second, he’s trying to become jimin from bts. he’s absolutely obsessed. he literally married his cardboard cutout of jimin... everybody hates oli london.... rightfully so. he makes everyone uncomfortable, especially jimin.

  7. What a piece of crap. He doesn't look Korean at all. He looks like Dr. Seuss smoked all the crack and wandered into the surgery room.

  8. Well the guy he is trying to look like Jimin from BTS has some major anger issues and is trained in 4 types of martial arts. So he should actually get to meet his idol

  9. Yes mate, you cant say everyone of a certain race has a certain size dick! I worked with a big black lad from the Caribbean. He was a right unit but had a soft confessed average dick size. He said it was really hard when he went out and pulled a girl watching the disappointment when she realised he wasn't hung like some porn star. He was upset that if he was white they wouldn't have had those expectations!

  10. Sorry to say, but if you already don’t obviously look Korean (because you’re not) how is a penis reduction going to affirm that you are?

  11. This is what our looks like when I kinda try to customize my character before saying fuck it and using the default shaved head guy.

  12. Well im going to liquor store to get some 151 to black out the portion of my brain that had to read this. Anyone need anything?

  13. He could look more korean with a trip to any super market or chemist.... No surgery needed , hair dye and take the contacts out or put some in.

  14. I still can't comprehend how he doesn't think it's racist. Bruh, you CAN'T identify as another race! Rachel Dolezal fooled everyone for a while, but it's still not right and racist AF. Blatantly fetishizing

  15. I hate this “influencer” nonsense. What the fuck are they influencing? How to make better decision? Because they are a walking bad decision.

  16. He looks less like a Korean and more like the cursed lovechild of Voldemort and an albino who is trying to get revenge from the boy who lived.

  17. He is the definition of racist and cultural appropriation. Can't believe I actually used cultural appropriation but it's true. Yikes

  18. This person doesn’t look Korean, doesn’t look Japanese, doesn’t look Chinese, doesn’t freaking look Asian!!! Looks like a weird white dude that has had too much plastic surgery and now has a weird, plastic, fake looking face.

  19. Why won't the internet let me forget that this non gendered term exists? I don't want to be aware of this asshole

  20. As a korean, i think any people with different racial or cultural background can be korean if they live here, learn our culture and language, and be a member of korean society. Them getting plastic surgery to make their eyes 'chinky', dying their hair black will never ever make them korean. It's an offensive insult honestly. It's like a mean middle schooler calls an asian classmate and say "hey look! I'm you!" as they make chinky eyes hand gesture.

  21. As an member of the asian community, we do not accept that man as our own , with great respect we would like to pass him back to the caucasians

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