Indian POWs used as a live target practice by Japanese Soldiers during WW2 [360x712]

  1. It's insane how far the brainwashing went. Their own civilians were victims too just look at the mass suicide in Saipan.

  2. They killed 99.8% of their Chinese POWs. There were less than 100 officially recognised Chinese POWs who survived the war, out of an estimated 500K captured.

  3. I get what you're saying, but even "ruthless" doesn't quite cover it. "Bloodthirsty," "cruel," "depraved," etc.

  4. I genuinely can't believe how little people talk about all the horrible inhumane things that Japan did world War 2. Very few of them were ever given any sort of punishment either, and I think that includes their emperor.

  5. This.. Japanese government is trying to backslide on their historical truths lately. The experiment camps never happened, their aggression was exaggerated by ALL.. America had no reason to drop the bombs (way way way more would have died than what McAuthor said as he was hoping for a land invasion to further push his historical glory)..

  6. It’s just one of the truths of WWII that makes me mad every time Japan denounces human rights violations on the world stage. Yes, there are many deplorable human rights violations happening in China and in Ukraine by the Russians, but the nerve to act like Asia’s moral compass while straight up not recognising and even denying their own atrocities in WWII is just plain hypocrisy. I’m fully aware of whatabout-ism but this goes beyond that. It’s like China denouncing the treatment of Muslims in Sweden -oh wait.

  7. How do most Japanese feel about ww2? I’ve heard of what people in Germany feel but I’m interested in Japans view. Also poor India, so many of their people fought and died and I feel like you never hear about them:/

  8. Most of the current generation don’t even know about Japanese atrocities. The government changed history books and school text books to show that Japan was “helping” other nations during WW2. This is why other countries like South Korea and China are outraged.

  9. Shinzo Abe, former Japanese PM, stated that Japanese class-A war criminals were not criminals under Japanese law. For context, there is nothing worse than class A.

  10. Work for a major Japanese company. Their official company history just kinda skips from 1920s to 1950s with no mention of what they did during this time.

  11. Most young Japanese people don't even know they were literal allies with the Nazis. They know that Nazis were bad, but they don't know that they themselves during WW2 was bad. Show them the Swastika and they don't know too.

  12. Finally the slightest mention of Indians who suffered.. wow, that took a whole lot of scrolling. Everyone’s on about all the atrocities etc and all others who suffered except Indians! Quite shocking really. The Brit’s fucked the subcontinent, plundered every bit of it, and then fed them to the Japanese .. because they themselves didn’t have the balls to show up and fight..

  13. Propaganda is big in every country and they all hush up mention of any crimes they have committed, against their own populations and any colonial crimes they may have committed, but there is often a lot of focus on the crimes of other nations.

  14. This is not the first time. Ever since the dawn of Islam. Indian sub continent faced genocide from invaders just cause we are idolators ND polytheists

  15. Fuck these scumbags. All East Asian countries dealt with this bs. That’s why most older East Asian people hate the Japanese.

  16. Indians actually love the Japanese and vice versa. Because we didn’t suffer like most of the south East Asian countries and their downfall began as soon as they reached the Indian border.

  17. The Japanese army was the scum of the Earth. It is really amazing how quickly the U.S. government managed to de-radicalize sch a large part of the population of Japan in the pots war years, nukes or no nukes.

  18. Was Japan actually de-radicalized though? They still have shrines dedicated to war criminals that government officials visit to lay wreaths on.

  19. I went to one of those shrines, Yasukuni shrine back in 2012 when I was young. There was a war museum attached to it that allowed free entry to kids. It was interesting to see the history of Japan's military, but when I got to the World War II section... Holy fuck. It was just piles and piles of revisionist bullshit. Saying how Japan's conquest of Asia was in "self-defense against western imperialism" and how Unit 731 was involved in "diabetes and malaria research." I just walked out.

  20. I'm sorry, but this is an extremely misleading statement. Yasukuni shrine memorializes veterans, which happen to include war criminals. It has unfortunately become an extremely politicized shrine, but politicians visit it to pay respects to veterans, not celebrate war crimes.

  21. Fun fact. The India army in WW2 was the largest volunteer army in history, with 2.5 million recruits. Of these, 40% were Muslim despite being less than 20% of the population. Even more crazy, 10% were sikh, despite being 1.4% of the population.

  22. Muslims may be less than 20% of India's population today. But back in WW2 times, with undivided British India comprised territories like Bangladesh and Pakistan as well (which are today almost 100% Muslim through population exchanges during the Partition), and so together Muslims were more than a third of the total population, so 40% is fairly proportional to their population percentage.

  23. I think the British played loose with the term 'voluntary' there. Remeber that India was under British control, so it's not like they wanted to go fight a war which had nothing to do with them.

  24. Muslims were 20% in that time period or modern day. Modern day muslim population in india is low because all parts of india that were muslim majority were taken away from India

  25. My​ Thai​ great​ grand​father​ helped​ Asian​ POW​s​ escape​ labor​ camp​ in​ Kanchanaburi.​ Meanwhile my grandmother said one​ japanese​ military​ doctor​ was​ very kind​ to​ her​ because​ he​ probably missed his​ daughter.

  26. So one of those really interesting sub-stories of WW2 war crimes is that, for all the brutality Japan inflicted on India, it was the Indian jurists who objected to the war crimes trial. Not because they thought Japan hadn't done it, but because the court was only trying the losers of the war and they viewed that as a perversion of justice. At a minimum,

  27. Sheer numbers-wise Nazis were worse, and killed more people. But if the atrocities Japan committed were to the numbers/scale that the Nazis were doing, then absolutely Japan would be noticeably worse. China as well. Both those countries got up to some horrendous things during the war that were just unconscionably evil.

  28. I can’t remember the name, but a Nazi leader / general type was sent over to Japan to build relations, and he sent Hitler a message about how extreme they were and how they should stop them.

  29. They did the same thing to the Chinese as well. You all should check out Hardcore History on Spotify. Listen to “Supernova in the East”.

  30. Because chinese and other asians are not blonde and white no one talks about Holocaust in asia . Still japan is yet to condemn it

  31. The Japanese army and leaders were immensely cruel and brutal during that period. People should read about their actions and atrocities.

  32. I don't think people realize how susceptible countries are to violent madness and how vigilant you have to be.

  33. The modern Indian nats myth on INA being on right side fighting for freedom against the Brits seem to misunderstand how atrocious the Japanese were and how they were just fighting for another much worse imperial power.

  34. Well the Japanese were a more distant people tho. The Brits actively colonized India. So it is reasonable why Indians would view the Brits as worse than the Japs. Stands to reason that they could be useful in kicking the Brits out.

  35. Not only that, but by a handful of accounts from Burma, Indian soldiers fighting for the British often considered the ones fighting for the Japanese to be traitors.

  36. INA was absolutely on right side, Bose gave freedom to lakhs of Indian soldier who were kept as a war prisoner, there were no way Anyone could have saved so many Indians from Japan atrocity and Bose used those(Indian) Soldiers in a right way to help in liberating India.

  37. Funnily enough I came across this just after listening to Dan Carlin’s Supernova in the East podcast about this very thing. It gives a great insight into what historical and cultural conditions caused the Japanese to behave like this.

  38. My Pakistani grandfather fought against the Japanese in Burma during WW2, he would describe Japanese soldiers as the most inhumane people he had come across.

  39. To escape this atrocities many indian soldiers switched sides from British to japan God bless indian soldiers first faced atrocities from Brits then from these japannese , got crushed from both sides

  40. There were also quite a few Indians who joined Japan out of a desire to fight the colonizing British, which in many ways you can't blame them for.

  41. Every time someone says the U.S. went too far with dropping atomic bombs, I keep to educate them on all the horrific things the Japanese did even before attacking Pearl Harbor.

  42. Insane that people actually defend these monsters, ‘oh but we dropped those WMD’s’ ‘oh we could’ve just invaded and caused far more destruction and civilian deaths it would’ve been better’ the mental gymnastics of these people is beyond me.

  43. Japanese troops were routinely "blooded" as part of their training process. As long as they had prisoners to kill they'd practice shooting them, bayoneting them, or beheading them with katanas. They were the only nation to have this practice. Even the Nazis didn't go around having their new recruits stab prisoners.

  44. Listen to Dan carlin's Podcast on the Rising Sun. Very complex history of Japan. Starting with US Commadore Perry landing on their shores in the late 1800s. They suddenly realized they were helpless against imperialism. They then decided to join the other world powers, France, UK, etc.. in their own imperialist expansion. Combine rapid industrialization and racism with old timey Bushido codes and this is what you got. Fascinating stuff

  45. Japs were Brutal, inhuman military unit in the history . Though we can not rationalize the reason for killing thousands of innocent civilians using nukes in Japan (WWII) , but can’t seem to think any other way to bring the imperialistic Japanese army to their knees . They just didn’t seem to know when to give up!

  46. The anti-Japanese rhetoric on Reddit is astounding. It is important not to blame modern Japanese citizens for the crimes of the past, especially if they had nothing to do with this. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

  47. If I took you into a room with 5 Russian civilian families in bondage, and gave you no weapons, and said if you killed them the Ukrainian war would be over, would you be able to do it?

  48. I read that during WW2 (including the invasion of China), Japanese soldiers killed more civilians per soldier than any other combatant. They cut a swath of death through Asia.

  49. They also used Australian soldiers as live bayonet practice for their youngest soldiers. In New Guinea they would tie a soldier against a tree and get their new soldiers to practice stabbing a person while they were still alive.

  50. Right because of Japanese Army, just killed 300,000 innocent Japanese and create more than 3 million future kids to have disabilities, glad you nuked, right?.

  51. But but Japanese are so porite!!!!! They never litter, disturb the wa, and live everyday with the omotenashi spirit. You just don’t understand their culture…

  52. In my early career, I was stationed in both Germany and then Japan. You talk with the locals some, and eventually the conversation would steer into why I was there. The Germans full-on acknowledge what they did in WWII, and have changed for it. Tales of their grandfathers' actions, and where they died. See the sanitized uniform (of nazi icons) in the attic of how a given person would have been at parade dress before dying in some bubba-grad in the East. My unit's presence was a holdover from decades of being there specifically to be tactical speedbumps along the Fulda Gap, collapsing as much as we could to buy the rest of NATO time to mobilize. We had sister units in the Bundeswehr we kept relations with, because interoperability was a NECESSITY for our intended purpose.

  53. Oh wait, can we debate the morality of using nuclear weapons after seeing this. You don’t see the Chinese or Koreans agonizing over using two nuclear bombs. If they had 100 nuclear bombs they would’ve used them all on Japan and if Japan had 100 nuclear bombs they would’ve used them on us. I’m glad Japan is a democracy now and has moved on but back in the 40s things were a lot different in a lot of places including Russia. These morons who bring up the morality of nuclear weapons are nauseating.

  54. Grandfather fought the Japanese in Singapore. He had so much hatred for the Japanese that you couldn't even mention the Country around him. They have never acknowledged the absolute disgusting atrocities their empire caused, and sometimes it feels like the world (except China) has just swepped it under the rug.

  55. In a way the hiroshima bombing helped japan save face, Had it not happrn japan would have been held much more accountable for their war crimes and may have had a worse legacy than nazi Germany. That being said in still against bombing civilians even if their government is evil.

  56. And people are mad that we bombed them. They were little short of being a terrorist organization capturing and enslaving other Asian nations. Their mistake was attacking Peral Harbor. Should have thought that one through.

  57. It’s interesting to me how enduring the myth of ‘honorable war’ is. Like everyone is so desperate to believe that there is a way to conduct the wholesale slaughter of other human beings according to some set of commonly understood rules that all participants generally try to adhere to.

  58. Whenever people say the atomic bombs weren't justified because the Japanese were victims just pull up a sideshow of literally everything they did in the war prior to getting the big bombs

  59. If you're an intellectual honest person; there's a two hour and a half hour lecture/documentary on YouTube by the channel "Shaun", called "Dropping the Bomb: Hiroshima and Nagasaki".

  60. Not funny you piece aofshit , you think they dropped the bombs away from schools and nursing homes ? It’s a terrible weapon that was used by criminals who knew exactly what they were dropping and probably had someone like yourself volunteer for it . Scum

  61. Japan's crimes got swept under the rug by the US administration because they wanted to quickly set up a puppet government that would fight communism. That's why you have fascist leaders like Shinzo Abe who refuse to acknowledge war crimes and panders to Nippon Kaigi scumbags.

  62. The amount of apoligism made by Americans for Japanese war crimes is not only equivalent to Holocaust denial, but also a spit in the face of the millions of victims of imperial Japan.

  63. I was thinking about this today. Most of my conservative friends in the US are extremely angry about the idea of schools teaching critical race theory (the concept that current life is influenced by historical racist events such as slavery). Yet, it’s my guess that these same friends are horrified that Japanese nationalists tend to downplay WW2 horrors and oppose teaching this history in Japanese schools. To me it seems like the same issue.

  64. I think what your friends don’t like (assuming they are white) is being told as part of CRT that they are in some way(s) not a good person because of what white people did before they were ever born. And if I was a Japanese person who didn’t commit any war atrocities, I would not be happy being told I was in some way(s) not a good person because of people like those shown in these photos.

  65. Pics like this are what should be presented to those folks that post that we were too rough with ending the war with Japan as we did. They conveniently forget pictures like this (like the Rape of Nanjing wasn't enough). Things like this didn't bother their civilian population, either. I've Japanese friends (I lived in Japan for a bit) that weren't bothered by such things as their government's past history. I haven't seen their history books but I'm betting much of it doesn't reflect the atrocities Japan committed during WW II.

  66. What the shit kind comment is this , just blatantly biased . Are you justifying nuking civilians ? Twice ? And what did the americans say about the 2 nukes , vietnam, iraq ... did they care ? Do they care now ? How’s vietnam their sin ? Unless you also justify those masacres

  67. They were but the US hid unit 731's activities because it would harm relations and the data was interesting.

  68. And people have the audacity to criticize Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If anything the US should have dropped a third and maybe a fourth fission bomb on the home islands. The Japanese never acknowledged their wrongdoings so that just goes to show the Americans should have been even more brutal in their strategic bombing campaign. I guess 6 million dead Japanese wasn't enough.

  69. The Americans never acknowledge their wrong doing either, so I guess Someone would be justified to nuke you guys four or five times as well huh?

  70. And people really believed the atom bombs were overkill yeah I agree 2 is a lot but 1 of the bombs definitely needed to be dropped

  71. Your reddit feed is what you make it. The fact that it shows up next to silly videos is a reflection of your choices. I wouldn't criticize someone else because a Holocaust picture showed up beside big titty bimbos in mine.

  72. Since you’re being downvoted to isolation, I thought I’d chime in because it’s interesting to me and we probably won’t have many other visitors. So!

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