My cat phased.

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  1. this is normal, if you don't pay attention to cats right away they start breaking rules and laws to mess with you.

  2. I love cats, mine opens my room door when I’m sleeping, its broken so he knows that if he pushes hard enough it’ll open and he can come cuddle with m

  3. I JUST had a weird experienced like this the other day. Both of my cats went from my room to the hallway with the door closed. I know it was closed because they were meowing to get up and I literally said to my cat out loud “hold on bud”. Got up and they were already gone. Checked and door was still closed.

  4. Same here , I was watching tv and heard my cat to my left getting into shit like rustling a bag and jumping onto a heater…I sorta look over and see her up there and just said ayyyyy YO get down…then she calmly just walks in from another room on my right ??? I was so confused because I swear I heard her and saw a cat shape out of the corner of my eye… unless it was a ghost she phased into the other room when she saw I was noticing her about to eat a plastic bag yet again

  5. Ahh they are lazy cats. If they do stuff like that in front of you then the jig is up because why would you get up when you know they can get through themselves

  6. Cats are fluid. They can access portals, and I think Alice in Wonderland was right on with the Cheshire Cat because I fully believe they can become invisible. I've looked all over for my cat on more then one occasion and start to get worried he got outside, hes an indoor cat, just to turn around and find him in plain view some where I had looked several times looking at me like he's been there the whole time.

  7. My cat does that all the time. We always get nervous that she got out, and look everywhere, then she appears in the exact place we've already looked.

  8. I’m always super careful going out into our back garden for a smoke. Inch out the door to make sure our indoor cats don’t get out. I went out one night and sure as hell (never hallucinated in my life) see our cat run out from behind a bush in our garden. I go up to the closed door and tell my wife: “the cat got out, can you come help me get him back in.” She says: “No he didn’t he’s right here.”

  9. It's that 9 livez bullshit, they living in all 11 dimensions while we're stuck in 3. Seriously though if you're actually serious about it this, it's gnarly as fuck. I wasn't expecting you to visibly watch it walk through a closed door haha Glitch

  10. I had a cat that did this and never could make sense of it but I saw a post somewhere here on Reddit about teleporting cats being a thing and it referenced several others posts. Definitely look into it, super interesting despite being a big mystery.

  11. Cats are familiars. They can do all sorts of things. Like have 9 lives and walk through doors. Why do you think they are the animal associated with witches?

  12. Is it possible the cat went under the door? It might sound crazy but I witnessed one of our cats doing it once when I was young. We had pretty standard bedroom doors as far as I remember but I think the space between the floor and the bottom of the door was just big enough. I think cats are similar to rats in the sense that they can squish their bodies to force themselves through narrow spaces. Plus, the floor was carpet which probably made it easier and that cat had a tendency of being kind of insane.

  13. That is crazy! But also awesome at the same time. Cats are weird creatures. There's got to be a reason they are symbolised as witches familiars and sacred in Egypt.

  14. The Egyptians believed Cats were spiritual protectors. Dogs were physical protectors. Cats keep dark entities away. Dogs can physically see, attack, or be effected by them

  15. i guess she just walked right through as if it didn’t even exist. she just walked through with absolutely no distortion or anything like that. it’s as if the two things just suddenly went through each other. best i can describe it is i guess a hologram???

  16. Mine notices so many things too. She sits on my side of the bed and stares next to me or behind me sometimes and I know she’s seeing another dimension. Just the way she is so interested and the stare is so intense. I call her my psychic kitty, she’s the first cat I’ve ever really connected with, it’s so awesome.

  17. Yep. It's fucking weird. Every cat owner I know has mentioned weird teleportation skills at some point. But to me, it seems to be happening more often right now. And loads of other glitchy things. Objects going missing then some of them reappearing where they were supposed to be the whole time. Doubles of things. Actual memories of very real things we did/have done in the past, completely erased from the memories of everyone and others memories I know nothing about. Family members walking past one way, but being in a different room altogether.

  18. I have noticed things like this lately too. There were two events that happened that I had memories of having taken place already.

  19. Could it be that you heard her meowing behind the door and your brain filled up the information as if she was in your room? In essence you hallucinated her being in your room. Brains can do stuff like that even in healthy individuals.

  20. If a clowder of cats come to discipline your cat (and murder you in your sleep)for breaking security, try to find a way to let us know. They seem to have rules against letting see us it.

  21. I'll try to get it patched tomorrow, that's what happens when you run too many assets client side... People start noticing weird shit. I told Joe, but noooo, we had to do it his way!

  22. Can you describe more how she looked like when she is walking through the door? Did she walked through like door wasn’t there or was she visible while doing it?

  23. Everybody knows cats can shift. They go to the Inbetween and exit wherever they want. Now if the Watch finds out you saw it... that would be trouble.

  24. Read Robert Heinlein's novel, "The Cat Who Walked Thru Walls". The idea that cats are not as bound by the laws of physics as we are is not an uncommon one.

  25. I assume your door is made of wood. I have seen this with cats with wood doors but never with aluminum, metal or screen doors. Cats have natural souls moreso than other domesticated animals. They have a psychosexual relationship to and with wood of all kinds, but the strongest with hard-woods, pine, balsa, teak, and oak. For this to happen in front of your eyes you must have created a very comfortable environment for your cat. If this does continue you may want to assist your cat with their feline urges. This is a sexually regressive issue between the cat and the hard-wood. Many of my clients provide assisted feline stimulation procedures as cats walking through doors is a private family issue that should be dealt with swiftly. Let me know if I can assist with evaluating your cats sexual tension. My clients generally send their cats to my facility and get them back in about 30 days. Due to our unique therapy the cats tend to not trust men after therapy and also cannot be in the same room as eggplant shaped objects. This is a meager tradeoff.

  26. What is the main symptom you counsel in cats? Is it glitches like this or just all things metaphysical w/ cats? Where did you learn this stuff? Is it in occult books?

  27. Yeah, the yawn and twitch of the head seems to activate the teleport/phasing skill. Not sure how, but its one consistent thing you read about in other reports of this.

  28. i’m gonna be honest here, i don’t know what i saw. i’m really tired from the 3 day drive, and maybe the heat is getting to me.

  29. I had a similar story but I wasn't lucky enough to see what happened first hand! A few months ago I was just sitting in our spare bedroom working at my desk, and I start hearing relentless cat meows that are getting louder and louder. I went out to the living room and discovered my dog and one of my two cats sitting at the patio window staring. I pulled the blinds back and somehow one of my cats had literally teleported from the living room to the patio? Nobody had been in or out for hours and I know she was inside recently as I'd just fed her! I swear these cats know something we do not lol.

  30. This just reminded me of a similar thing that happened to me and my cat once in the middle of the night. He woke me up with an not so unusual loud miau in front of my rooms door, when I opened it I saw that he had brought a mouse that was still alive (i think). Anyways I remember pushing him softly in the next room in the floor, and CLOSING the door so that he could not interfere with me catching the now free mouse. The moment I turned my attention to the mouse and away from the door I hear mechanical clack clack and the door swung back open, freeing my cat. You see, since then I‘m convinced that my cat either learned to open doors on his own or I must have been tripping about closing the door in my excitement

  31. Is it physically possible for your cat to exit the room without you opening the door? And are you sure the door was closed?

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